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Pasha: "I want to win"

Napisał guandi, 19/02/2010 09:52

A quick interview with the new member of the Golden Five, Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbski. The former D-Link PGS player in his conversation with us says that the squad of Frag eXecutors has one goal - to win everything!

You've been an official member of Frag eXecutors for a few days now and you are playing with the most decorated gamers in Poland. Is this a type of promotion, reward, or just a confirmation of your skills?

I think that my transfer to Frag eXecutors was caused by all those factors you mentioned. For sure it is a confirmation of my skills, and thanks to them I received such a promotion and the chance to play with these players.

Me playing in this team is a confirmation of my skills - Jarek "pasha" Jarząbowski

You've been training together over a month, and you have a tournament together already behind you. How do you rate your current level of chemistry and teamwork during the game?

The level we currently present looks very good. We've done set-ups, and we've worked out a few nice strategies. I feel like I have already played with the guys for a few years.

In the team, you are replacing one of the most charasmatic and known players. Are you afraid of constant comparisons between you and Łukasz?

You know, it seems to me that even if we win one hundred matches in this squad, I would still be compared to LUq, and the discussion would still go on if this change had any sense to it. That is just the mentality of the Counter-Strike 1.6 scene, not only in Poland, but the world as well.

The background information behind the changes in the squad were provided by NEO, stating above all else, that you have a very similar style of play to Łukasz. I would like to however ask what you think is your most important difference from LUq during a match?

Just as Filip states - our style of play is very similar and I don't think there are any major differences between Łukasz and I. I don't know, maybe LUq is much louder in front of the monitor than I am?

This will be the first season for you where you will play for the highest achievements. Do you think you guys will be able to repeat the successes of the past few years?

I'm certain that we will win. Kraków wasn't built in one day. We need patience, and successes will come sooner or later. With each tournament we will have better form, and later the large successes.

You came to Fx from D-Link PGS. Not long ago, you had very kind words to say about this organization. Did you not have any problems with cancelling the contract you had with this organization?

No, I didn't have any problems. Everyone in D-Link PGS understood where I am going, the reason I am going, and why I have played for so long. Etan is understanding and I think he was even happy that I'm moving to such a known team. We said our goodbye's on good terms and everything between us is fine.

How was the information received by our friends from your former team about the transfer? Did you guys play together for a long time?

It's true we played together for a long time, and for this reason I think that together we wouldn't be able to gain any larger successes in our nation. Everyone of them in my place would have done the same. Previously in an interview I stated that, in Poland you play for the chance to join the team I will play for now.

I want to win everything possible! - Jarek 'pasha' Jarząbkowski

Your career has gained an amazing amount of momentum in the past few months - what are your goals currently?

I would like to win every tournament in which we will take part, just as all of my friends from the team. If this won't be possible, I would like to at least be able to always finish on the podium. It would be nice to become the MVP of a few tournaments. Pretty much - I want to win everything possible!

Other than playing with your team, you are also a member of the Polish National Team. What is more important, matches for your team, or matches for the national team?

I feel great with the national team. There aren't many differences between playing matches with my team and the national matches since we play with almost an identical roster. Twice we didn't play with TaZ, however in the squad we used drive, who is a player I know well and understand. However, I think team matches are more important to me than national team matches.

Translated by: Max "mki" Kieturakis

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#1 | goldway90 | 19/02/2010 15:03 quote

pasha is a great player and will be very efficient for the team


#2 | Silent' | 02/04/2010 19:03 quote

pasha great awp, success to you and to Fx


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