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TaZ: We are going to prove something!

Napisał guandi, 01/03/2010 10:32

With each team in Group A we have something to prove - says Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas in a discussion right before his departure to Germany for the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals.

You found out about the opportunity to attend IEM in the last minute. Tell me, have you been training more recently counting on such a turn of events, or did you begin preparing for this event only after the announcement the ESL made stating UMX being replaced by Frag eXecutors?

I think that everyone of us had some hope that Christmas will come early, but this did not change our practice regimen much. From the moment we have made changes in our squad, we have played systematically and this whole time we have been trying to improve our form. This is why it is not like we will go there unprepared. It would be very nice to represent a much higher level then at the EM European Finals a few weeks ago...

The news about you being invited to the World Finals came out on Thursday. Since then, have you been able to put something together with which you will surprise your opponents with?

We began improving all of the maps immediately after our last unfortunate event. We haven't been able to stick to our plan 100 percent, but we feel like we have a few tricks up our sleeve. A lot will depend on our form on March 2nd, 2010... at this level there is no room for mistakes.

We have a few tricks up our sleeve. - Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas

Because of your participation in IEM you withdrew in the last second from WES Masters Euro Cup. I'm sure the fans would like to know, how have you guys made the most of your time in this time period?

We increased the frequency of our trainings, and through not participating in the tournament we won't be showing our strategies. A lot of people think we did the wrong thing, and this tournament could have been a test where we could have checked our form, but playing scrims a few hours a day we are able to better say if we have chances to perform well. It looks good.

You have been placed into the group of death. I don't remember a stronger group in any tournament over the past few years. Does such a group motivate you more, or put unwanted stress on the team?

I do not focus on this much. Our mistake at the last even was our analysis with which teams we would easily win, and which teams would pose a threat, and this did not go the way we planned. For this reason there is no reason to focus on the other teams in our group, we just have to focus on winning every match. This group has motivated me personally and I'm happy that each match is going to be a very interesting match.

Could you give us a quick analysis of this group? Who will be the toughest team for you guys, and who are you not worried about at all?

Every team has equal chances to advance. Honestly speaking there is no weak opponent in our group that I can say we are not at all worried about. This group is nice because with each of these teams we have something to prove. oXmoze eliminated us in the barrage matches, mouz won with us at IEM and lately have been behaving badly, fnatic is a team with which we always have good close matches, and recently carn said he hasn't had sleepless nights before matches against us? so the motivation to sponsor him such nights is huge, mTw beat us at Arbalet Cup and are always happy when they get to play us, and well EG. At Arbalet Cup we talked about their matches and decided we don't have to worry about them and then they took us down to the ground. So as you see, with each team we have something to prove which will give us more motivation.

Your first three group matches could be a preview for a Grand Finals match...

I think that the group placings will only be clear after every single match has been played. It is too tough to say how the group will go especially given the fact that so much relies on a teams day to day form. The bo1 system makes every match as important as the other, and how difficult it will be will only be up to us.

You have been playing with Jarek (Pasha) for almost two months. Your last event together you definitely will not count towards your successful events. Since that time, have you fixed your chemistry with Pasha?

With each of these teams we have something to prove. - Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas

I think so. It wasn't easy for Jarek to adapt to our concept of the game. Jarek has his own style of play which we had to get to know better and try to adapt our strategies to be able to take advantage of him better. The answer to this question can only be answered after EM.

This is your first big tournament in the new team colors. After all these years of playing, do you feel any pressure with a debut?

I don't feel such pressure, only excitement before such a big event, and happiness that even though our weak performance at our latest events we will still get the chance to play at the Global Finals. There are tournaments to which you go to and think it's just another competition, and there are tournaments to which your eyes shine. This is one of those tournaments.

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#1 | neoljf | 03/03/2010 12:54 quote

I hope that you will keep moving ahead and strive for greater achievements for FX.


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