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CS rankings: Fx on 2010 season's podium!

Napisał lecho, 17/12/2010 17:55

We introduce world Counter-Strike ranking by Frag eXecutors!

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End of the year is a traditional time for all reviews, comments and predictions what is going to happen in the following season. It's also the best time to discuss who and why was the best in the one passing. We don't want to stay behind and that's why I come up with an idea to create a summary of best 2010 teams. This is how Frag eXecutors' Counter-Strike ranking had been made.

It includes all worldwide tournaments held inside 2010. The ranking system, conversion points and all of the ratios came from my own Quake ranking which I've developed few good years ago, also for Frag eXecutors. It proved to work fine and after few tweaks became the base for this new project. Now, let us get started. On the following pages you will find the rules, tournament list, full ranking and its variations plus a season review for ten best teams of the summary. Where did Frag eXecutors ended and if it was also our season? Find it out yourself!


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