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CS rankings: Fx on 2010 season's podium!

Napisał lecho, 17/12/2010 17:55

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Anyone who creates a ranking has to remember that you have to give bigger bonus for higher places in most important events. That's why I've decided to use three-level tournament ratio defining the category. Every ratio meant other number of base points given for the victory. The highest rank I was reserved for three championship events: Intel Extreme Masters IV, Electronic Sports World Cup and World Cyber Games. These are without a doubt the most prestigious tournaments of the year even if because of its qualifying system their entry list is sometimes a little bit below expectations.

Giving the II and III category I was looking after two major things: the prestige and tradition of a tournament plus it's range determined mostly by the attendees list. That's why, for example, summer edition of DreamHack, whose entry list was dominated by smaller domestic teams recieved "three" while much more international winter edition has category II. The Asian invites also have the higher category, except for IEM Shanghai with some random teams competing. KODE5 was a separate things though, despite its tradition, prestige and reasonable prize poll the tournament didn't gather world's top teams. That's why it recieves III.

1.IEM IV World Championship HannoverI
2.The Gathering 2010 HamarIII
3.Arbalet Cup Europe StockholmII
4.DreamHack Summer 2010 JönköpingIII
5.Electronic Sports World Cup 2010 ParisI
6.Arbalet Cup Dallas DallasIII
7.GameGune 2010 BilbaoIII
8.Global Challenge Shanghai ShanghaiIII
9.e-Stars Seoul 2010 SeoulII
10.ASUS Summer 2010 KievIII
11.MSI Beat IT! BeijingIII
12.World Cyber Games 2010 Los AngelesI
13.World Esports Masters HangzhouII
14.DreamHack Winter 2010 JönköpingI
15.KODE5 2010 MirafloresIII

Some might be confused with American and European IEM Championships and Samsung Euro Championship not included on the list. That's because I've decided that primary condition of counting an event into the ranking is a possibility to attend for worldwide teams. The main purpose of this ranking is showing 2010 season in global and including continental tournaments could blur this vision a little. I've also decided to ignore online competitions, as the "big boys" do their business on a LAN. Generally top sixteen places recieved points with an assumption that in the bigger tournaments this is the barrier of advancing to the playoffs.

Of course it is not always the case. But every ranking has to have its own glichets. The points were granted by multiplying the categories points poll with a percentage multiplier marking the place on which a team has finished the tournament. The following tables explain how these multipliers work:

Tournament categoryPoints poll
I150 points
II100 points
III80 points

1st place100% of points poll
2nd place90% of points poll
3rd place80% of points poll
4th place70% of points poll
5/6th place60% of points poll
5/8th place55% of points poll
7/8th place50% of points poll
9/10th place40% of points poll
9/12th place35% of points poll
9/16th place32,5% of points poll
11/12th place30% of points poll
13/16th place25% of points poll

Different tournaments used various systems (single/double elimination ladders, number of group stages etc.) and also classified teams in different ways so I had to stretch a bit. I think that the system is fair in general. The percentage differences may seem small, however there are as much as thirty points between 1st and 3rd place in first category tournament. I hope that the tables I've posted above will make it clear for everyone.


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