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CS rankings: Fx on 2010 season's podium!

Napisał lecho, 17/12/2010 17:55

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While making this ranking I've encountered one widely known obstacle. How a situation of teams transferring from organization to organization shall be threated? Do the points shall belong to the players or the names they play for? I've found a way to solve it: in the basic ranking the points stay with the players as long as the core of the team stays together after the transfer. But to make it clear I've also made a separate version of ranking with the points counted fully into the organization's accounts to see how it affected the top teams and their changes.

General ranking

1 Natus Vincere111026
2 fnatic10778,5
3 Frag eXecutors9701
4 mTw7613
5 SK Gaming8581,5
6 WeMade FOX8571
7 Lions9548
8 Evil Geniuses7464
9 mousesports5314,5
10 Meet Your Makers6262,5

\"\" Next...

It was expected to see Natus Vincere on top with a huge advantage! The Ukrainians won all the most important trophies and they don't need any rankings to be named as the best team of 2010. Next to them on the podium there are arch rivals - fnatic and Frag eXecutors. Only few tens of points separate us from the Swedes. Too bad for our sloppy start of the season. But in the second part our team and fnatic put the biggest pressure on Na'Vi. Danes of mTw just outside the podium but with quite huge gap, same as SK Gaming who barely managed to escape FOX-es. Lions are high in the ranks thanks to their good finish unlike Evil Geniuses, who kept losing the distance to their rivals compLexity. Ninth place for mousesports but I guess everyone thinks that it could be much, much higher without cyx's fatal accident. Russian Meet Your Makers completes the top ten after a decent, but not stunning season.

In all, 95 teams from 30 different countries scored points. Scandinavia had the strongest representation (twelve teams from Sweden, ten from Norway and three from Finland), but having two DreamHacks in a year surely affects that. Fx are single team with points for Poland as BenQ.DELTA failed to score during ESWC. The most important changes which had affected to this ranking was H2k's transfer to Lions and UNiTED's to Meet Your Makers, but also FireGamers move to compLexity and whole series of conversions on the French scene (F2F -> BURNING! -> eSahara, FairFrag -> wCrea -> Millenium, oXmoze -> Mojawi). And now time for team rranking.

Team ranking

1. Natus Vincere111026
2 fnatic10778,5
3 Frag eXecutors9701
4 mTw7613
5 SK Gaming8581,5
6 WeMade FOX8571
7 Evil Geniuses7464
8/ Lions7332,5
9/ compLexity5315,5
10 mousesports5314,5
11/ Meet Your Makers6289,5
12 H2k Gaming5279,5
27 UNiTED Russia3122

The top six stays the same, but deduction of H2k Gaming's points and adding the Danish teams score made Lions go down to eight. That's behind EG, as the new "Geniuses" managed to overtake the Swedish side! Also compLexity earns place on the top of the table. The Americans can be pleased with their Brazilian squad. Both mouz and MYM lose their places, but added both Meet Your Makers' scores make their gap to "mices" a lot smaller.

But we're not done yet. I've decided to use one more criterion - a ratio of points scored by a team to number of tournaments a certain team had attended. This can show us how efficient the teams are. However because of nature of this criterion this ranking is not quite representative.

Proportional ranking

1 Natus Vincere1193
2 compLexity293
3 mTw787
4 fnatic1077
5 Frag eXecutors977
6 SK Gaming872
7 TyLoo.raw172
Wild Ineters172
10 WeMade FOX771

The table is almost turned upside down. Although Na'Vi's position is secure (and it's another proof of their domination), compLexity has the same score per appearance! The Brazilians went to Europe twice (once as coL and the other one earlier with FireGamers) and both times performed well. It seems that Jason Lake had made a good move and now he needs to ensure his team's progress. But the biggest winner of "proportional ranking" is mTw, which jumps to third place. We're still sitting behind fnatic, but on sixth and fifth positions respectively. "One shot" teams of TyLoo.raw (IEM Shanghai), Wild Ineters (KODE5) and k23 (ASUS Summer) made it to top ten, but it's obviously not representative.

Enough digits. On the next page you will find the season's summary for ten best teams from main ranking.


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