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Loord: "We were better than mTw"

Napisał lecho, 24/02/2011 13:20

Right before the IEM V global finals kickoff in Hannover I wish to introduce a little talk with Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski, who is currently preparing to the tournament with his Frag eXecutors team. We've talked about IEM European Championship in Kiev, memorable match with mTw and of course upcoming Global Finals - enjoy!


Lukasz "lecho" Lesniewski: A team, who was underperforming at inferno in 2010, had became champions of carpets and shutters - how did that happen?

Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski: On our previous bootcamp we've focused on this map because we realised that something is not right - both in our defence and attack. Unfortunately by doing that we neglected other maps "a bit" - which we are going to fix now, again practicing together in Piastow.

It was one of your best season openings ever. What has changed comparing to 2010?

Easy, it was just one tournament. I think that our attitude changed a bit and most of all, we're now consolidated as a team.

How much Piastow's bootcamp helped your game?

Bootcamping is a totally different story than playing online. It's much easier for us to create new tactics, discuss various things, also the communication is much easier and it's a common knowledge that in CS communication is the key to success.

Will you be bootcamping before every event?

As long as we will have the possibility yes, certainly before the most important ones.

Bootcamping is a totally different story than playing online. It's much easier for us to create new tactics - Loord

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How did You like Kiev? What impressed You the most?

Kiev was pretty okay - but if You ask me about the tournament, I was amazed by the internet cafe it was held in - Cyberarena. For me it's even better than Swedish Inferno Online. I think that the tournament venue impressed me the most. Unfortunately we didn't have an occasion to see the city itself.

How would You rate Kiev's IEM V EC comparing to previous IEM events?

All tournaments organized by international ESL are on highest possible level. There isn't much to compare because every one is close to perfection.

Were there any bigger issues? We've saw that computers crashed few times - aren't You surprised how does it happen for a tournament PC to crash more often than "domestic" ones?

It was a PC from the cafe. Such things happen (f.e. it happened to me in China! <laugh>). You can't prevent such things. There were no bigger issues apart the time when electricity shutted down in the entire cafe, as far as I remember during Quake semifinal, but it's random situation, which You can do nothing about.

How would You rate Your performance in Kiev - what was good, what wasn't?

Our game was best of all teams there, only thing we've missed was a tiny bit of luck in the semifinals, well, maybe also some "cold blood".

All tournaments organized by international ESL are on highest possible level. Every one is close to perfection - Loord

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Are You personally more disheartened after a heavy defeat or the lowest possible, like against mTw?

The difference is that when You lose heavily - You simply know that You weren't prepared to the tournament. On the other hand when You lose by a tiny margin, You're very angry with yourself in the first moment and then You realise that You did really everything You could do, but You lacked some luck. Personally if I have to lose, I prefer to do it in style, after a good game - like the one against mTw.

Last year You had motivation problem going into third place playoffs, but in Kiev You've beaten Na'Vi straightly like it was grand final. What happened?

I don't know - maybe we just realised that third place is better than fourth

Na'Vi weren't the dominant force anymore, like last year. Do You think that they've been "read" by others and their reign is over?

I rather think that they miss the motivation they've had a year ago. I don't think that it's because the others are playing anti-Na'Vi. If they will get the motivation back they again will be one of the toughest opponents out there. Although, not to decieve ourselves, they still are.

You think that You've missed anything more than a little luck and few headshots to win in Kiev?

Like I've mentioned earlier - luck and cold blood. We've watched the demos and we've really done very few mistakes. They say that You have to be good to be lucky. I can't agree with that because for me we were better than mTw.

For me we were better than mTw [...], our game was best of all teams there - Loord

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Were You surprised that fnatic's new lineup proved to be the best, against bets? You think that they have potential for more wins?

I think yes, they have such potential. I weren't surprised by their form, we've been practicing with them a lot before the tournament and we knew that they are going to be very dangerous. They have young, hungry players who are driving each other to better play. And of course they have cArn and dsn who apart from obvious experience they bring to the team also want to prove everyone that old fnatic was not only about f0rest, GeT_RiGhT and GuX and for now they're doing it great.

On the other hand, were You surprised that SK didn't pass the groupstage?

A little bit yes, of course, but on such tournaments one of the favourites always fails. Last year it was us, this time it was SK's turn.

Now You have IEM Global Finals. How Fx preparations will look like?

Same as the last time - we've practiced online for two weeks, now we're in the middle of eight day of bootcamping in Piastow.

When You're preparing to a tournament after a good performance, do You do everything from the scratch or just improve previous ideas?

We add some new stuff as well as fix all the shortcomings in strats that didn't went exactly the way we wanted to.

We realised that third place is better than fourth - Loord

Own source

Before the season TaZ and pasha were talking straightly that it's winning time. Do You assume before IEM Global Finals that You are going there to win?

I assume that we are going to play our best, I don't like to be marked as favourite in a competition. Of course we aim at first place, but I don't assume that we will win. I prefer to be surprised rather than disappointed.

Among twelve IEM finalists only four are outside Europe - is it really that strong comparing to the rest of the world?

In CS it definetely is. Europe had pulled away from the rest of the world, I think that top three will be all European teams, but of course I can be wrong.

This time the "group of death" is in another poll, You will play with mTw. Are You planning a revenge for IEM EC, or just another group game?

Group matches of course aren't that important as play-off games. For sure we will want to win it, but I don't think that it can prevent mTw's advance from our group. The Danes will obviously be the most difficult opponent in the first stage.

Meanwhile You were competing in Intel Challenge Supercup #7 against mostly Baltic teams. How do You like such tournaments, in which more experienced teams can meet against less known opponents?

For me there should be more tournaments like this one, it's something like EPS Nordic or EPS Germany which we unfortunately miss. It's nice that Cyberarena went with such an initiative.

What shall I wish to You before Intel Extreme Masters V Global Finals?

Good luck... and some more luck.


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