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See Fx versus fnatic photostory!

Napisał lecho, 08/03/2011 16:55

Let's relieve this great game from Fx players' perspective!

We will surely remember these great matches by Frag eXecutors in the global finals of the Intel Extreme Masters V for a long time. In Hannover our players had proven that they don't fear any rival and the first signal of their form was this splendid win over fnatic. The team led by cArn, IEM European champions, came to Germany hoping to repeat their success in the finals. But again the arch-rivals from "The Golden Five" crossed their patch!

During this quarterfinal Wojtek "Vh" Guzik, who was all the time nearby our players, tried to capture everything that happened on the stage before, during and after the match. I've decided to create a photostory out of Wojtek's pictures - a comix showing how this clash went. I've also added some statistics, video and captions to bring the atmosphere of this memorable quarterfinal even closer. Let's go!

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#1 | youngM | 17/04/2011 13:10 quote

hi, neo was the commander in that game ?


#2 | raXor | 07/05/2011 17:20 quote

great work guys


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