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TaZ: "Guns Are Drawn will be more interesting!"

Napisał lecho, 30/12/2010 19:05

First episode of a big interview with Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas!


End of season 2010 and the beginning of 2011 is an ideal moment to interview the "General" of Polish Counter-Strike and, at the same breath, leader of Frag eXecutors - Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas. We are going to talk about transferring guys to Fx, their involvement in Guns Are Drawn project and Golden Five's performance in 2010. All in all, everything what possibly could be interesing for a Counter-Strike fan. After finishing our conversation, the lenght of final text terrified even Wiktor. That's why I decided to divide it into two parts. You will find out what TaZ thinks about Fx, GAD and begining of a last season. You can also read some memories from the trip to Paris, where ESWC was played.

Łukasz "lecho" Leśniewski: Did you have, besides Fx of course, some serious offers, e.g. from foreign organizations?

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: We had plenty of offers but considering the fact that we joined to Fx I see no point in writing about other organizations.

How long lasted your negotiations with Frag eXecutors?

Couple of months, but I would rather not coming into details - we are keeping that kind of stuff behind the closed doors.

We put plenty of time into preparations of tactics, guindances or movies [for GAD] - TaZ

Source: Guns Are Drawn

Did the projects like GAD was a sort of additional draw to choose Fx?

I don't know if it was an addional draw. Of course we want to help in developing electronic sports in Poland. That's why the project itself, which is helping young players through giving them guidance was an interesting bonus. Even though we don't make money as an individuals, it costs us a lot of time to prepare tactics, guidances or movies. The stuff we are showing seem to be trivial and it sometimes appears that everyone knew it already, but these fundamental basics are building further success.

Guns Are Drawn is based on sharing some part of knowledge you gained through all these year of playing. Did you have any doubts associated with this?

I don't have doubts - I was only interested how it will be presented. It will be more interesting with time because the crew which is working on the project is giving a lot of time and heart to it.

I am not satisfied from past year, it was lacking in dedication to accomplish more - TaZ

Source: Fx Gallery

You think that nowadays, when demos are accessible, we have projects like GAD and possibility of "tutorial" from the best, it is easier to be a good player than when you started and you had to figure everything yourself?

Of course it is! There's more leagues, especially smaller ones, more servers where good players are playing... There are plenty of dm/ffa tournaments with prizes. I remember when I won my first tournament. I was 14 years old, there was 5 optical mouses to win and we played with six players on a team! It's easier to become a good player now, but you have to remember that it's a long way and you would fail many times before you achieve success.

How would you rate the first year of cooperation with Fx - did the goals you wanted to each was fullfilled bilaterally?

It's a conversation between our team and organization - not for an interview. Though i am not personally satisfied from past year, it was lacking in dedication to accomplish more. I can't wait to 2011, when we don't make similar mistake.

[First tournaments] were a disappointment [...], we played much below our expectations - TaZ

Source: Frag eXecutors

What, besides of playing, are your functions in Fx? Some fans were surprised that you spend that many time on advertisement and sponsors.

Interviews for newspapers and TV, playing aims on tournaments or events organised in collaboration with Fx, playing deathmatches with fans :), 1v1 and 1v5 lessons (coming soon!), recording and providing materials for Guns Are Drawn' videos.

Did your first tournaments last year was a big disappointment for your, or you "counted it in the cost" of change in the line-up?

It was dissapointment, nothing more to add, we played much below our expectations.

There was something more what could affect your uneven performance at the beginning of the year? Taking all the criticism into consideration, were there moments of doubt?

There were plenty of factors which I would not discuss in public. What is more important - it's the past. About the criticism, I guess yes, but it is not a topic for an interview.

When and why you gave in-game leading to kuben?

After Extreme Masters in 2009 till ESWC 2010. Then Kuba started to lead again after eStars because I was tired of this role and leaded badly.

Kuba started to lead again after eStars because I was tired of this role and leaded badly - TaZ

Source: Frag eXecutors

If you are not the "General" in the game, we can see you more often. Did the duties of a leader made it harder to show individual skills?

I don't know if you can see me more often... The persen who is a in-game leader have to think about many more factors than the person who's not a leader. It is also much more stressfull.

At the first part of a season you were playing well with very strong rivals but losing with theoretically worse ones. I.e. matches with mouz and mTw and then EG and oXmoze during IEM IV. Why it happened? It's a question of mobilization or something different?

First part of a season was full of surprize-tournaments, lack of tactical and mental preparations from our side. That's why our results was an uknown for us as well.

Your renaissance started with ESWC. But before I ask about tournament, I would like to ask you about something different. It was controversies with your slot - invitation was rejected by Fx, then LAN qualifications was cancelled. Was there any moment you felt that your participation is endangered?

I was worried about it all the time. I had also mixed feelings about the tournament itself because all the magic was gone with organizators' bankrupcy and refusal to pay us our prize from 2008. Beholder was also confusing us but enough talking about them because they will go to the cyber television again to denigrate me.

Don't worry about that. Harry talked about me as well. How much the train through the Beholder's strait affects your game? I heard that this train was pretty playful.

Whole trip, not knowing if we can make it on time, lack of sleep, theft of Kuba's backpack affects negatively on our results. We were in good physical shape during this tournament so whatever was happening in the train had only an impact on improving our mental state.

Whole trip, not knowing if we can make it on time, lack of sleep, theft of Kuba's backpack affects negatively on our results - TaZ

Source: Frag eXecutors

Is it true that at the third day of a competition you lacked on energy because the energy drinks runned out?

Maybe it is somehow true. We were tired and rather hungry - we didn't know where we can eat something hot and sandwitches which ESWC supplied us were running out quite quickly.

Is that why you were so tired when fighting with mTw for a third place? I watched that match from your's back and I can't remember when you were so down - it was even a moment where you was mad at your mates.

We came to win this tournament, we put a lot of heart in a match against SK but we couldn't get it together. Guys were hungry and tired, we were told that we're going to play in 20 minutes before each game and it was hard to take care on our body. Only I runned to McDonald which took me half an hour plus eating when running and when I was back, we started the game already... That was pure stupidity. That's why we saw the match against the mTw through a prism of tiredness and resignation. Even though we wanted to win - we were so down that nothing was coming out of it.


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