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TaZ: "Time to realize our potential"

Napisał lecho, 06/01/2011 15:25

Feel free to enjoy the second part of interview with TaZ!

A week ago the first part of interview with Wiktor "TaZem" Wojtas was published: [ TaZ: "Guns Are Drawn will be more interesting!" ]. Wiktor told us about transfering to Frag eXecutors, participating in GAD project and not very successfull beginning of the season - till the ESWC 2010. Now it is time to part two where TaZ will sum up the rest of "Golden Five's" performance in 2010 and told us about plans for the next season. Enjoy!


Łukasz "lecho" Leśniewski: Just two weeks after ESWC you went to a GameGune and all of the sudden, a sensational form exploded. You beat Na'Vi, fnatic and then you almost won. What changed in your game?

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: We played better CS. Before ESWC I saw that we are capable of getting at least into the finals and our game finally began to piece. Better results was the matter of time. We regret the final, but we were happy to finally got there after such a long break. It was great relief but also some sort of deconcentration.

Your only international win last year was e-Start - but after the group stage it was hard to predict very good results. Time change was standing in the way?

I think each of us is conditioned to travels and time changing.

What makes you more happy - win, or the fact that you finally drive off demons and show your 100% in Asia?

I was happy to win and prove that we are capable to play better than during the first half of a year. It came across my mind that we are going to win tournaments from this time, but as future has shown, I was wrong.

You went to WCG as a front-runners again. You were mad for this round with TyLoo which makes you play in terribly hard part of the ladder?

Very. We sat down to this match like to a sparring which doesn't matter anything, like we were playing with some weak opponont and there is no chance to lose. We paid a big price for our stupidity.

I was happy to win [eStars] and prove that we are capable to play better than during the first half of a year. - TaZ

Source: Fx Gallery

Do you think that if you were playing with the "top", you would be on the final?

I can see no point in guessing.

Your matches in Los Angeles was thrilling, you juiced up the tournament and shown incredible temper. What do you feel after matches like with SK? Does this win is your personal "top5" of entire CS-career? Of course WCG 2009's final with fnatic is a different category.

You feel that the team you are playing in has a temper and you always have to play till the end. It's not mine top5 of entire career but it was an important win for entire team.

Does the lost train with Na'Vi cut your wings when you knew that the third map will be inferno?

Maybe a little, we could finish this map but little mistakes works on our detriment. We can only wind up and play better in the future.

Do you think that if you had won this train, then on d2 would be more of your famous "momentum"?

I don't know, what do you think?

Who knows? It was your sixth or seventh hour playing tough games - I don't count. The result could be different if you were playing "fresh", or on the contrary, warming up was helpful?

I have no idea. Tiredness was not helpful at all, but we don't want to cheat anyone - we lost because we were a worse team that day and good preparation both physical and psychical is in our hands.

I was glad of winning the medal [on WCG], but sadly we can't won gold. - TaZ

Source: Fx Gallery

3rd place-match with coL was formality, but moods in the team was mixed. You, personally, was glad from these bronze or you constantly thinking about losing your chance for a third gold?

Mecz o trzecie miejsce z coL był w sumie formalnością, ale nastroje w waszej drużynie były mieszane. Ciebie osobiście ten brąz ucieszył, czy cały czas myślisz o przegranej szansie na trzecie złoto?

I was glad of winning the medal, but sadly we can't won gold and it was first time from four years we didn't won one of three biggest tournaments in a season.

Let's leave out WCG - time for WEM. You played with fnatic and Na'Vi so well, that everybody was counting rounds to your win and suddenly FOX and inferno stand on your way. Do you think in best of three system this tournament would be yours? What makes inferno your weakest point?

Thinking about inferno as our weakest point. Each lost round, each lost player affects on our psychics and because of that we are lacking imaginativeness at this map but we are going to train it over and over againt to achieve a succes. About the tournaments: I prefer best of 3: more games makes it more entertaining.

DH Winter semi-finals and Na'Vi again. Second time you lost overtime with them and then you lost "vapour" on the second map - it was the ones who werw getting a "kick" or you were those whose air was escaping?

I don't know but we have to work on this, because losing one map is not crossing us over yet but we acting like that sometimes. Therefore this is element about which we will to medidate.

Surprisingly you lost the 3rd place-match with Lions in Jonkoping. I was them playing that good or you were in funk after losing with Na'Vi?

We were tired... Instead of playing playing match at 4PM, we played at 20 because DreamHack decided that Lions will play EPS Scandinavia finals first. In spite of losing they were warmed up and motivated to win at least one of two important matches and we were half-asleep after too many energy drinks consumed. It's one of the things we are going to change by the way. We were too tired so many times and we were lacking energy for the final straight - we have to find a way for that.

I was hoping it will be more interesting [at Polish tournaments], [...] in 2011 we will raise the bar. - TaZ

Source: FxTV

Do you feel than in some cases (GG, WCG, WEM, DH) you "didn't finish the job" and you were very close to to win this tournaments?

I feel, but it won't change anything. We have to turn our hand to the plough in the future and redeem the stain to our team which is undoubtedly year 2010.

In second part of the season you obviously found (finally) way for fnatic, but Na'Vi were still winning those overtimes... What were you lacking to effectively take theirs head-on?

Good finish.

Though in national events you couldn't complain. Did you expect such a domination in Poland?

I was hoping it will be more interesting. Maybe in the next season but in 2011 we will work even harder and definitely raise the bar higher.

Do you think, as far as tournament's organization and running it is concerned, we could compare ourselves to any of foreign LAN's you were at during the last year?

Cybersport is organizing the best tournaments I ever been. We can compare it to ESWC 2007, 2008 or WCG 2009. Everything is always at the best order, and I think it is time to walk on european stage and organize some international tournament in Poland. Good luck guys!

In spite of losing they [Lions] were warmed up and motivated to win at least one of two important matches - TaZ

Source: Fx

Which tournament was, in your opinion the best, and which was the worst in 2010 season?

The best - WCG, the worst - DreamHack.

Your shock on plus and minus as far whole season is concerned in both, teams and tournaments?

On plus: Natus Vincere and Cyberspors, on minus: we and ESWC Poland.

To sum up: if you have to mark your team for this season in scholastic range - what mark you earned?

From 1 to 6: three. Potential of a players from this team is to high for such bad results, time to realise that.

Let's talk about upcoming season at the end. How long was your vacation?

Three weeks, after Christmas we returned to work, we have a lot to do and want to start 2011 in a decent style.

On CS' stage was a lot of changes. The most important is refreshing line-ups of fnatic and SK. In what way, in your opinion, it will affect world's Counter?

I have no idea. I think we can expect a lot of changes, fnatic and SK would still be in top together with Na'Vi, mTw, mouz and... Fx.

We have a lot to do and want to start 2011 in a decent style. - TaZ

Source: Fx gallery

From your experiece: do you think that in 2011 Na'Vi would be still dominating or titles would be harder for them to defend rather than score?

It will be harder for them, but we are going to find out at 23 of January.

What do you thought when you saw groups of IEM V Euro Championship: "oh man, we're screwed", or "nice, there will be something to do"?

Regardles of which teams we got in the group, our target is to secure place awarded with advance. It was always hard so nothing is changed, we can win with each team and lose as well. Everything depends on our shape.

I don't persuade you to complain but do you think that sort of group division is fair at all?

Groups are not equal but we can't do anything about that. We have to prepare for the battle.

Do you know already on which tournaments we will see Frag eXecutors in 2011?

I have no idea.

What is your, and yours team primary target for a future season?

To win everything.

Thank you very much and good luck!


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