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Napisał lecho, 13/12/2010 14:30

We're launching a new feature which will give you the possibility to ask Frag eXecutors and even recieve gifts for interesting questions! In the first episode our players will answer the questions asked by fans from Fx forum on a community website

We owe it to them because of a promise we've made launching our account. But don't worry, there will be enough opportunities to ask for everyone. It's only the first "episode" of our feature opening possibility to interview our players to everyone. We will announce more on so keep yourself updated

Lukasz Ferenc: kuben, you've been leading for a while. I would like to know how does it look. Do you simply choose a tactic you will play or it's more a freestyle call depending on info from the others?

Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski: Personally I prefer to call what's the plan, what we are going to attack and who is going to fake in the beginning of a round, but sometimes it can be treacherous and generate unnecessary chaos, so we start with a standard move and then jump to tactic. Of course the round is also decided by frags won or lost by us.

Personally I prefer to call what's the plan in the beginning of a round - kuben

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Mateusz Chwaszczewski: How do you deal with recoil at LAN and internet? On what the recoil in CS depends?
Kuba Konopczynski: Does CS recoil depend on a mouse?

Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski: It depends on how you learn to deal with it.

Filip "Neo" Kubski: Recoil in CS is always the same whatever mouse you use, I don't think it depends on that.

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas: Recoil does't depend on a mouse.

Lukasz Ferenc: Let's say that you are not studying - I play Murat Zhumashevich and make you an offer: I'll buy you an apartament in Warsaw, make a bootcamp base, five stars, full fridge etc. In return you have to play all day, do you agree?

TaZ: We play CS all the time anyway, so the answer is simple. At this point everyone of us would agree.

Loord: If you could pay us enough salaries then yes, but that's not very likely.

My motivation came from the people who criticized me, I badly wanted to prove them wrong - pasha

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Lukasz Ferenc: Pasha, let's be honest, after you joined the team many fans criticized you. Where did you found the motivation? How much time you spend on practice to catch the others, far more experienced on international LANs? Did you had a plan? You've showed everyone that Jarek is the right person for Fx (WEM, etc.).

Jarek "pasha" Jarzabkowski: My motivation came from the people who criticized me, I badly wanted to prove them wrong and make them shut. I've practiced as much as the others, but I think my brain was wrestling much more. I haven't got any planned practices, I just opened up and play my game.

Piotr Grzeda: I would like to know if you are playing on nVidias or ATIs?

Frag eXecutors: You will find the answer to your question looking to our players' profiles on the Team page - there you will find their full PC configurations.

Radek Koczy: Who would you pick up as a stand-in if one of you couldn't attend an event? LUq? dOK? drive? Maybe someone from Voodoo?

Neo: It's hard to say, I think it depends on who we would have to replace.

Loord: I think it would be Ziggy or Arek!

Lukasz Ferenc: Pasha: My friend keeps asking me for your gym training plan. He's telling me that you lift wagons on de_train.

pasha: Monday: biceps and triceps, Tuesday: legs, Wednesday: chest, Thursday: shoulders, Friday: chest, weekend free.

Mateusz Dygas: Would you like your children to become a professional gamers? What do you think about this?

kuben: It depends on a game they would be playing. I prefer team games and could agree for one of them.

Neo: If they won't forget about their physical activity which is obviously very imortant, then why not. But I won't persuade our children to anything, I'll just see what they would like.

I will stop playing when I won't have passion for practice and rivalry anymore or my motivation will only come from money - TaZ

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Mateusz Elwart: I would like to know why LUq has been changed. From what I've known it has something to do with WCG 2009.

Neo: I don't know what's with "WCG 2009", I don't remember anything serious happen at this event. And by the way, no comment.

Loord: Where did you get this informations? From what I know, you think wrong.

TaZ: I think we're far behind this now, there were many interviews and talking this topic further won't bring anything new. Maybe someday we will tell more, or come up with a fairytale.

kuben: Trivia: cannabis appears in almost every known medicine book written by past sages and wisemen. It's classified amongst five best cures and drugs.

Marcin Grzybowski: Can you post you cfg's?

Frag eXecutors: You will find our players' configs in their profiles on the Team page.

Wojtek Ziecina: On what servers do you play and when?

Frag eXecutors: You should your searching with our Servers. It's where our players train their individual skills. But watch out! They like to stay uknown, so pay attention who's fragging you.

Lukasz Ferenc: Loord: After whipping some Swede's nose you've become much more recognizable and your style seems to be more aggressive. Do you think this situation had some impact?

Loord: I don't know - maybe it had, maybe not. I'm not more aggressive than before.

Artur Formela: Is it true that the shooting is different for every crosshair? I've heard that headshots are better with the small one.

Neo: The crosshair has nothing to do. It's a matter of habit.

The plan is not to waste first half of the year like in 2010 and be top1 more often - pasha

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Lukasz Ferenc: TaZ, I would like to become a general like you. Any advices?

TaZ: To become a general you need to have a psychopath, a nervous guy, a fox and a know-all in your team. Seriously... The most important is that your game needs to bring you fun and to find players who have similar goals so you could practice for hours in good atmosphere.

Jacek Kuziak: Is it possible to play pcw with you? I eager to know how does it feel but the events such as XFire Polish Night are unfortunately very crowded and it's difficult to even get on the server.

Frag eXecutors: We're working on a totally new competition by which the best of you would play a pcw with our team, but it's enough on it for now!

Mateusz Dygas: I BEG for an interview with Jarek!!!!!!!!

Frag eXecutors: We'll do. We will have a big feature about pasha this month.

Bartosz Gorniak: What are your plans for the future, when do you plan to end your CS careers?

TaZ: I'll keep my plans for myself, at this point I'm studying and I would love to graduate with no problems or clashes with Counter-Strike. I will stop playing when I won't have passion for practice and rivalry anymore or my motivation will only come from money.

kuben: Until we'll be in the top and it will be viable, we will keep playing. But the prize polls are decreasing year by year, so it's possible that in 2 or 3 years we won't see CS as a tournament platform anymore.

Loord: Everyone is studying something, but we don't have precise plans. We will end our careers when we will lose our passion and gaming won't be viable anymore.

Neo: Since I enjoy gaming and I keep earning money on it, I don't see any reason to stop. Optimistically I think we will continue for two more years.

pasha: The plan is not to waste first half of the year like in 2010 and be top1 more often. And I will keep playing as long as there is CS.

To become a general you need to have a psychopath, a nervous guy, a fox and a know-all in your team - TaZ

Own source

Mateusz Dygas: How do you see yourselves after "esports retirement"? Would you like to be involved in some other way or just spectate?

TaZ: I haven't been thinking about it, when I will be "retiring" I could propably know the answer to your question.

kuben: Most likely every one of us will get a normal job and Filip will make his own products like SpawN or HeatoN. I doubt we have plans just now.

Lukasz Ferenc recieves a gift for his questions - Ventrillo server from!


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#1 | OSCULO | 25/12/2010 21:03 quote

why everyone call me cheater at internet if I can't download a cheat from internet?

i never been a lan match, because here (portugal, madeira) we don't have much tours, and my team can't go

should I quit counter-strike ?


#2 | OSCULO | 25/12/2010 21:04 quote

any1 wanna take me too poland? :b


#3 | zeekhr0x | 24/01/2011 22:54 quote

Hello FX, u did a great job at IEM V, and i just want to ask u, why did u lost inferno to mtw? what is the reason in ur opinion?

thank you, and GOODLUCK :)


#4 | Soul' | 12/05/2011 19:31 quote

neo can you give me your config

my email



#5 | August | 09/06/2011 14:21 quote

Hello Fx. My goal - to become a pro player. Give advice about motivation and personal training. How can you develop a fire? A fire with the AWP? When you become a pro player you coached yourself personally?


#6 | August | 09/06/2011 14:22 quote

Give me your ICQ please.


#7 | XprS | 13/06/2011 22:05 quote

heey i have a little question maybe stupide also ^^'
what does the [t] in you tags meens !!!!!!! plz anSwer me ;)


#8 | ahsansyed170 | 11/07/2012 19:59 quote

hello fx i dnt know how to play demos in cs 1.6 plz help me i m waiting for your reply
and who is the best mouse for cs 1.6? and pad?
i m using logitech g400 mouse and qck steel sries heavy pad i m playing cs for 3 years
but my game is very very bad plz help me plz.
plz help me i m waiting for your reply
sorry for my bad english. :S


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