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Showmatch: Frag eXecutors versus SK Gaming!

19808Amount of visits: lecho   |   18/07/2011 15:30

Neo gives autographs in front of SportsBar

Showmatch area

SK Gaming in front of the SportsBar

Frag eXecutors in front of the SportsBar

The Swedes in good moods...

... so do the Poles!

f0rest gives autographs to his Polish fans

GeT_RiGhT isn't fooling around either

We love electronic sport!

Frag eXecutors

SK Gaming in good mood

pasha also signs some t-shirts

The WCG and SEC presentation

Cycu talks about the teams

Cycu talking with TaZ

Cycu talks with TaZ

Cycu, RobbaN and the translator

The best CS players in the world over one table

Frag eXecutors: Loord, Neo, pasha, TaZ, kuben

SK Gaming: face, GeT_RiGhT, RobbaN, f0rest, Delpan

Players preparing for the match

Frag eXecutors in their area

Delpan and f0rest

pasha plugs his gear in

Duch helps RobbaN in setting up his PC

Focused Frag eXecutors' players

SK: Delpan, f0rest, RobbaN, GeT_RiGhT and face

Some good advices for pasha from hayabusa

Delpan staring at his screen

Frag eXecutors kontra SK Gaming!


Loord, Neo and kuben

TaZ, Loord and Neo


SK Gaming and Frag eXecutors

Supporters watching SK play

Frag eXecutors

Frag eXecutors

pasha watches kuben play

Frag eXecutors during the match

SK Gaming during the match

Frag eXecutors after the match

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#1 | boXer | 31/10/2011 17:22 quote

I love you FX. Love you


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