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World Cyber Games Poland 2011

5258Amount of visits: Frag eXecutors   |   06/10/2011 13:12

WCG Poland 2011 welcomes!

Our LoL team, captain Nicker in front

LoL team

Nicker commands

Spectators watching Fx.LoL play

LoL team

Our guys playing against DELTA

Alvado playing


Forza 4 has its premiere in a week but the WCG visitors can try it today

WCG Poland 2011 - overview

CS plays here. FF without their hats this time :-)

Asphalt 6 zone. On the left the tournament finalist, Krzychos7.

MaNa and marvelka - remember that You've read this first in our site! Just a joke, no offence :-)

CS shoutcasters: Bitman and solar

Team Acer StarCraft. ParanOid before the third place playoff

ParanOid doesn't know that he's going to lose to MaNa

FIFA final - sawik on stage, players in their booths

Virtual football match had gathered some crowd

Bartas on the big screen. He had only just lost to hom3r!

Can't translate this caption to English :-)

With no Quake on WCG Mav_ found a new place shoutcasting Asphalt

Asphalt final's start. Both players still smiling

Focused before the race start - Krzychos7 on the left, PLANET on the right

Chilled PLANET

Their in-game rivalry may be fierce, but Fx and Gameburg's captains can be friends :-)

StarCraft final - Nerchio versus Slider

StarCraft final - Nerchio versus Slider

Crowd cheering for StarCraft players

Fx.LoL fighting against Gameburg in the WB final

Curious thing - Nicker is left-handed

The winners bracket finals goes to our rivals

CS spectators

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