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Samsung European Championship - final day

15075Amount of visits: lecho   |   09/10/2011 14:53

Alvado watching LoL games


Team Acer from Germany discussing

Frag eXecutors on stage

Frag eXecutors on stage

A look from above on Counter-Strike's area

Ismaro playing


iMba looks on screen

Fx beats Gameburg Team!

SEC final: we're one up


Worried Nicker

freak and mki took Nerchio's booth by force!

Fx during SEC 2011 final

He drives the car. Really

Frag eXecutors, Europe's vice-champions: Alvado, Nicker, Kubon, Ismaro and iMba

Player's booth

A view on the spectators from the players' booth

mki and Nerchio before StarCraft 2 final

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#1 | boXer | 31/10/2011 16:59 quote

Love you the eXecutors. I love this team all the time


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