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QPAD presents new, revolutionary keyboards

Written by lecho, 23/11/2011 14:00

Our main sponsor, QPAD, is introducing two brand new gaming keyboard models: MK-85 and MK-50.

Some time has passed since the introduction of first QPAD MK keyboard, the MK-80 - it was no less than seven months. Since then Swedish engineers haven't rest on their laurels and were working hard on new features to be presented in the series' next models and the result of their work are two new keyboards: QPAD MK-85 and QPAD MK-50, developed for players who want high-end hardware and also thsse willing not to spend too much money for top quality.

The new high-end model of the family, MK-85, is the world's first mechanical keyboard featuring the possibility to press as much buttons as you want at a time even using the USB port. It's a huge innovation comparing to MK-80, which had six button limit when connected via the serial bus. Thanks to the solutions used in the MK-85 the gamers will now be able to forget about various adapters and won't be anymore forced to use the phasing our PS/2 port. Its capability of the N-key roll over can now be used for the first time in an USB-connected keyboard.


Another new feature in the MK-85 are the Cherry MK Red keys. It's an evolution of the Cherry MK Black technology used in the MK-80. The actuation point needed to register a stroke is only two millimeters, also comparing to older model the MK-85 keys are noiseless, without MK-80's characteristic "click". It's a nod towards the players who prefer to play and work silently, for example in the night hours. Also the MK-85 comes along with the USB and audio connectors and together with good-looking red LED back light, which can be programmed separately for every key.


The MK-50 is basically the cheaper version of MK-85 designed for users who want high quality, but not necessarily along with extra features or simply have smaller wallets. Comparing to its bigger brother the MK-50 hasn't got the extra connectors and back light, but offers exactly the same gaming and writing experience using the same technology as in MK-85.

Both keyboards are designed to last around 50 million clicks, have extra media control panel and come with gold plated connectors. Their official presentation will take place on DreamHack Winter, which starts tommorow. The MK-50 will be avalaible from now and the MK-85 will appear in the shops in December. Also because of forecoming holidays QPAD is preparing a special opportunity to order the selected keyboard (MK-50, MK-80 or MK-85) with preferred Cherry MK switches: Blue, Black, Brown or Red. For more information hop on the QPAD's website:

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Frag eXecutors says goodbye to "the Golden Five"

Written by lecho, 17/10/2011 16:00

After more than a year and a half of fruitful cooperation the patchs of Frag eXecutors and the best Polish Counter-Strike team split.

After more than a year and a half of representing the Frag eXecutors colours by "the Golden Five" it is time for changes. The Counter-Strike team officially isn't a part of Fx anymore and is searching for a new organization. The current contracts have expired and despite many efforts and searching for additional partners the team was unable to come up with an offer capable of satisfying the players' needs. The team's players are therefore back to "free agent" status.

We are proud because of such an accomplished team was playing under the Frag eXecutors name. For many people involved in Fx for many years it was coming to a level they didn't even imagine when creating the team back in 1997. Thanks to "the Golden Five" the name Fx appeared again on international esports scene as a strong candidate for various titles. We are also glad that we "give the Golden Five back" to the scene in their great form. When the team joined Frag eXecutors in February 2010 many doubted in this combination, predicting slow burnout for both players and the organization.
We would like to thank Frag eXecutors for 1,5 year of cooperation. It was an organization who gave us big support in the time of crisis and helped us to stand on our feet again. Also it was important for us to fight under Polish colours again after such a long period of playing abroad. We hope that next Fx representatives will recieve the same support as we did and we're glad that because of our cooperation a new chapter in domestic e-sport was opened.
As everyone know behind every organization there are people running it. Therefore we would like to thank Adrian Witkowski, who showed great patience and did his best to fullfil our every need. We also thank everyone who helped the team with their backstage work.
In the end we thank those who matter the most, our supporters. We hope that you will continue to support both team Frag eXecutors and us, no matter where our faith will direct us, with the same energy as you did.

THANK YOU - AGAiN's Filip "Neo" Kubski statement

Because of the support from Fx organization, our sponsors and first of all our players' hard work, together we proved that "the Golden Five" is capable of getting back on top again. During the last 20 months the team took part in 22 various tournaments (6 domestic, 16 international) which were held in 14 cities of 11 countries among the entire world. We were celebrating victories together ten times (6 domestic titles, 4 international). Seven more times we had placed on two other steps of the podium from which "the Golden Five" has not yet stepped off this season.


Former Frag eXecutors CS division:

- Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski
- Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski
- Filip "Neo" Kubski
- Jarosław "pasha" Jarzabkowski
- Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas
In the name of all the managers, sponsors and editors linked with Fx I would like to thank the players for these months of not always easy, but very fruitful cooperation. We would also want to thank for their engagement in Guns Are Drawn but most of all for the hours spent on following tournaments with keeping our fingers crossed for Frag eXecutors' "Golden Five", for these many moments of sporting joy and emotions which this cooperation had gave to us.
A great time, great emotions and memories that will last for many years - this is how I could summarise our cooperation with the lads. We are proud that we managed to bring the best five back to Polish organization. These one and a half year was an extraordinary experience for me and all the people involved in Fx. Now, when our patches part, we would like to heartilly thank the players for all the great work they did and wish them many more successes in their further career. We will always keep our fingers crossed for You and our doors will be always open for Your team. - Adrian "Ziggy" Witkowski, Fx manager
It won't change though because both Fx organization members, "the Golden Five" and also - I hope so - the supporters and readers are among all enthusiasts of Polish electronic sports. As ones we are proud of bringing back the best Polish team under Polish colours again. We will keep supporting them in their further battles for medals and trophies. Fx POWER!

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Poland wins SEC medal tally!

Written by lecho, 10/10/2011 16:55

Polish representatives proved to be the best in European gaming championship by taking six medals including three golds ones.

This is the perfect summary for the European computer games championship which for the first time were held in Warsaw - Polish national team proved to be the best and kept the trophy for the number one nation [ url=]carried[/url] ] onto the stage by Kamil "PLANET" Zalewski during the opening ceremony. The Asphalt player was one of those who contributed in Polish players' impressive result - winning six medals.

Polish "medal bag" was opened by mobile players - forementioned PLANET and Krzysztof "krzychos7" Jarnicki. Our players had beaten the international pack of opponents and, the same as in Thursday's WCG Poland 2011, decided the European championship final between themselves. More experienced PLANET was better again and defended the title he won a year ago, but Krzysztof's efforts deserved a praise - he started to practice Asphalt just a week ago. Third placed was a player known for example for playing Forza Motorosport for series SK Gaming, Niklas "Johnson" Krellenberg.
Samsung European Championship medalists

Asphalt 6:
1st place - Kamil "PLANET" Zalewski
2nd place - Krzysztof "krzychos7" Jarnicki
3rd place - Niklas "Johnson" Krellenberg

Counter-Strike 1.6:
1st place - AGAiN
2nd place - Natus Vincere
3rd place - WinFakt

FIFA 11:
1st place - Jewhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk
2nd place - Tim "Schiewe" Schiewe
3rd place - Mattia "LoneWolf92" Guarracino

League of Legends:
1st place - Gameburg Team
2nd place - Frag eXecutors
3rd place - Team Acer

StarCraft 2:
1st place - Yoan "ToD" Merlo
2nd place - Artur "Nerchio" Bloch
3rd place - Thomas "Cupcake" Glinski

Tekken 6:
1st place - Rosario "Rikimaru" Monaco
2nd place - Boris "The Emperor" Cueto Ortiz
3rd place - Jyrke "Killerdoll" Savolainen
It wasn't the only internal Polish final of this year's SEC. The same situation happened in League of Legends tournament where Gameburg and Frag eXecutors battled for gold. The first ones proved to be the better side and identically as in Asphalt it was a repeat from WCG Poland 2011 final. More about LoL tournament: [ Frag eXecutors are Europe's LoL vice-champions ].

It also wasn't very far for the Polish flag to rise above the highest place in arguably the most prestigeous discipline: StarCraft 2. The recent international revelation, Artur "Nerchio" Bloch, excelled from the very beginning. Team Acer player finished his group without a single defeat and had beaten Jonathan "DarKFoRcE " Belke and Silviu " NightEnD" Lazar in the playoffs. But in the final, despite 1:0 lead and loud cheering by Polish crowd, he failed to deal with Warcraft III veteran - Yoan "ToD" Merlo. Curiously, Nerchio had beaten the Frenchmen in the groupstage so fnatic player took a successful revenge on Polish Zerg.

Medal tally

1 Poland330
2 Ukraine110
3 Italy101
4 France100
5 Germany012
6 Sweden010
7 Finland002
8 Denmark001

The favourites of Counter-Strike fans - "The Golden Five", playing under the name AGAiN - also didn't let their supporters down. The team which is in very good form recently once again proved their class and made crowd jubilant by beating Natus Vincere 2:0 in the final. Title defenders from SK Gaming had disappointing tournament while the second Polish team deserved their praises. CREATIVE Fear Factory made a major upset by crushing eSahara, but fellow countrymen from AGAiN crossed their patch to the final and the Finns from WinFakt took bronze medals away from ths's team.

Our Tekken 6 and FIFA 11 players didn't achieve similar success. Mostly the virtual football supporters may be dissappointed with Bartas and hom3r, but we must remember that the tournament pack was extremely strong. Bartas didn't even managed to pass the groupstage also because his five draws. Meanwhile hom3r did well in first round losing only to gimli, but lost in the first playoff match to Italian LoneWolf, eventual bronze medalist. The triumphant was Yewhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk from Na'Vi, who was earlier beaten by hom3r in the groupstage.

The Ukraininas finished second overall in the medal tally thanks to Natus Vincere's players efforts. The podium was completed with the Italians who won gold (Tekken) and bronze (FIFA) medals. Last year's Samsung European Championship's medal tally winners Swedes scored only one silver this time. Overally the medals from six disciplines were divided by eight countries representatives while a year ago eleven countries had won at least one medal. Let's hope that our national team will repeat the results from Warsaw at the global World Cyber Games finals in Pusan!

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Frag eXecutors are Europe's LoL vice-champions

Written by lecho, 10/10/2011 14:10

Team Frag eXecutors took silver at the Samsung European Championship 2011, only behind Gameburg.

This was meant to be the revenge for the defeat in the Polish World Cyber Games qualification. It didn't work out unfortunately, but our players still have the reason to be happy. Thanks to their great effort Frag eXecutors had took the runners-up title in the European League of Legends championship! Silver medal and $10,000 prize is without a doubt a success for a team that was created not more than four months ago and is still gaining experience in major tournaments.

Because of SEC rules which says that only team consist of one country's representatives can participate in the European championship, few very strong LoL lineups were absent in Warsaw. The biggest were SK Gaming for which two Germans, a Spaniard and a Dane is playing and equally international fnatic with their star player Maciej "Shushei" Ratuszniak.

The internationallity of the top teams let the doors wide open for the others to play for the medals. Polish teams, who are not hiding their aspirations to conquer LoL's European scene, benefitted it the most. Both Fx and Gameburg outplayed their rivals without many problems. It's worth to say though that strong Team Acer's team forced the latter ones to their best efforts.

The final started in an ideal way for Fx: our players had dominated the first game, quickly gaining huge advantage in buffs, frags and gold. After nearly thirty minutes of playing and big differences in favour of Nicker's players, Gameburg decided to type gg. The fight wasn't over though - Polish WCG champions rapidly learned on their mistakes and tied the match up. The title was decided with a dramatic third game in which there was a moment where nothing seemed to be able to stop our players from taking the title. Unfortunately a moment of inattention plus unlucky positioning opened Gameburg's way to attack which eventually claimed the title of European champions for them.
Final standings:

1st place - Gameburg Team ($15,000)
2nd place - Frag eXecutors ($10,000)
3rd place - Team Acer ($5,000)
4th place - Rage Face
Forementioned Team Acer finished third after beating Rage Face 2:0. Despite an obvious sports anger two second places in WCG Poland and SEC 2011 are definitely a big achievement which will surely motivate our players to try even harder. Congratulations to Europe's vice-champions. Fx POWER!

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WCG Poland 2011 live!

Written by lecho, 05/10/2011 23:50

Follow our coverage from CS and LoL tournaments of the WCG Poland 2011!

19:22 - double WCG champions will once again go to the Cyberolympics finals. FF failed to make a surprise despite an even beginning.

19:00 - FF showed their teeth by drawing on dust.

18:02 - Counter-Strike's final match is just starting. "The Golden Five" will play CREATIVE Fear Factory!

17:27 - we've failed to beat Gameburg, who will go to Korea to represent Poland in the WCG 2011. We place second and will play in the Samsung European Championship!

17:21 - unfortunately, Gameburg has huge advantage. It will be difficult for our players to recover.

17:05 - FF had won train 16:13 against ALSEN, second map is going. Meanwhile we're inviting you to follow our LoL team - the game against Gameburg can be viewed at the stream.

17:00 - our players were pretty surprised after advancing to the final because the game was meant to be played in best of 3 system. But the referees had decided that one map will be enough to win!

16:23 - despite the technical problems suffered by one of our players and unfair play by DELTA who did Baron at this time, our team managed to get to the rival's base and, after two more "worms", get the advantage we needed to destroy the nexus. Fx > DELTA. We're in the WCG Poland 2011 final.

16:10 - first map is still going. 10:10 in frags, we have a little advantage in gold and we need to use it!

15:48 - the press area is surrounded by speculations regarding Nerchio's and Slider's will to resign from Korea trip. The reason: anxiety because of flight around the globe.

15:35 - stream for our match with DELTA: here.

15:31 - unfortunately we've lost to Gameburg 0:2 and we have to play for the WCG Poland final (and the SEC slot) against BenQ.DELTA.

15:05 - PLANET will travel around the globe to Korea. Same as Nerchio from StarCraft. Second place there for Slider. In his case we can talk about a small surprise.

14:25 - meanwhile the Asphalt final does some black PR to Samsung mobiles. With 1:0 score for PLANET both players had technical difficulties and had to change their devices.

14:19 - Bartosz "hom3r" Pietka is Poland's first WCG 2011 representative! He had defeated Bartosz "Bartas" Tritt after a thrilling FIFA final - congratulations!

14:15 - first nexuses are down. Teams GBT (vs. Fx) and DELTA (vs. MFP) have scored their first maps

13:23 - news from other platforms: Bartas and hom3r will play in FIFA final, Nerchio and Slider will play in SC final. In CS as usual "the Golden Five" dominates, same as the Asphalt European champion PLANET.

12:37 - after talking to players the referees have decided to cancel their earlier decision. GBT had beaten MFP 2:1. Fx is still fighting. Nicker and his colleagues have a little bit advantage in kills.

12:11 - the "Golden Five" had easily beaten ALSEN Team and is in the winners bracket final.

12:05 - in both first round matches we have ties. The referees, hasted by the schedule, surprisingly decided to choose the better teams by comparing the times they needed to win. The team with shorter time would advance further. The decision caused anxiety among the players. They are discussing the situation now.

10:12 - start wasn't fortunate for Frag eXecutors. Two mistakes in battling Baron turned the game over in DELTA's favour, in fact favour enough that after few more minutes the nexus is wasted. Fortunately the games are played in bo3 system, so there is still a chance.

10:00 - slowly we're catching up with the tournament and here are the steram info. The official live coverage is provided here.

Live coverage will start at 9:00 CET.

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Tuesday double: Fx against haxornia and DTS

Written by lecho, 04/10/2011 15:45

Tonight Frag eXecutors Counter-Strike team will play two matches in Cybersport League and Intel Challenge Supercup #9.

Our players, who are currently bootcamping before WCG Poland and SEC, will tonight have two more occasions to check their form in official matches. "The Golden Five" will play against DTS.chatrix in the Intel Challenge Supercup #9 and with haxornia in the Cybersport League. The stakes are completely different though. In our domestic league we've already secured our first place in this stage while the ICS#9 clash will be in the winners' bracket final.

As a "warmup" at 21:00 CET Neo et al will play haxornia. This team, as I've underlined before Fx's [ previous match ] in the league, is the only one capable of hopping into top four at cost of Universal Soldiers or Gameburg. There is only one condition: they need to defeat "The Golden Five" tonight. It's an extremely difficult task not only for every Polish team, but for any CS team in the world. What can comfort haxornia in this game is that for our players it's a match for completely nothing (we also have another one versus ex-H5F to be played) so they can loose up a bit.

It will be much more difficult an hour later, at 22:00 CET, when DTS.chatrix will stand in front of "The Golden Five". This team is currently on a high which was indicated not only by their victory in WCG Ukraine, but also good international performances. But these two's last meeting during the [ ASUS Summer 2011 final ], which Frag eXecutors had won easily on train and inferno, shows that our rivals still need to worry about our side, not in the other way.

Will the best Polish team score two more wins today? We'll find that out tonight. The match with haxornia will be streamed via CyberTV with Maciej "Morgen" Zuchowski's commentary (in Polish). As for the DTS game we should rather rely on HLTV. Nonetheless, I invite everyone to support our players - no matter if you call them AGAiN, Frag eXecutors or the "Golden Five".

Update: haxornia decided to hand out a default win. One of their players, fixor, said: - "We don't have full lineup and there is no point in using wildcard".

Update #2: first map against DTS.chatrix for us! We've won 16:7 on de_inferno. Now it's time for dust2. Informations about streams can be found in the match table.

Update #3: despite leading 8:7 into the switch we failed to deal with our rivals and lost dust2 9:16. The match will be decided on de_nuke.

Update #4: the end! Frag eXecutors had steamrolled over DTS on nuke - 16:3 speaks for itself!

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Frag eXecutors versus BenQ.DELTA match replay

Written by lecho, 03/10/2011 14:15

A replay of Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011 match between Fx and BenQ.DELTA are now online.

On last Thursday's evening our Counter-Strike 1.6 team [ had beaten ] BenQ.DELTA in a match deciding upon qualification for the Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011. After a nice, although pretty one-sided game Frag eXecutors defeated the oranges 2 to 0 on train and nuke. The match was streamed live via the ESWC Poland 2011 website. Today the replays were posted.

All those who forgot about or couldn't follow this match live, can now sit back and relax while watching it with Piotr "neqs" Lipski's commentary. I invite everyone to do so in his name. I also would like to remind that tonight we will learn the second ESWC Poland finalist. At 21:00 CET forementioned DELTA will play CREATIVE Fear Factory - who do you think will come on top?

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Our LoL team won't go to Lodz

Written by lecho, 30/09/2011 12:35

The Frag eXecutors' League of Legends team unfortunately won't show at the Cybersport Game Festival.

Today the third Cybersport tournament in Lodz starts and among the scheduled competitions there are League of Legends' league and GoPL4LoL finals. Unfortunately both of them will run without Frag eXecutors players presence. Despite winning the qualification for both (3v3 and 5v5) our players were forced to resign from a trip to Lodz. The reason behind this is Lukasz "iMba" Dusza's private duties as he's starting his university year this weekend.

The rest of the team, remembering the problems caused by playing in different lineups in EMS and WCG tournaments and having the forthcoming WCG Poland in their minds, decided against searching for a replacement. - "I think that the time we will gain by skipping Lodz will be well used for better preparation to the Polish WCG qualification" - says Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf, team's captain. The Fx supporters have to wait another week to see our players in action. Let's keep our fingers crossed for their practicing and wish all the best to Lukasz on his new, academical path of life!

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Snax banned for alleged cheating!

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 17:58

Who would thought that "Snax's curse" will in the end work against Janusz himself...

Something unbelieveagle is happening on Polish Counter-Strike scene. Some time ago the Electronic Sports League admins had announced that Mateusz "ham" Roslon was caught cheating. A moment ago Polish Blacklist had confirmed that Norbert "Norbiak" Baginski has also disregarded the fair play and today we've learned that another top Polish player was probably playing his games "under influence".

A great disbelief seized among the e-sports community who learned about the ban for Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski. Only few hours ago his ESL account was put under two years of blockade - the reason being using the illegal software. It's without a doubt a shocking news. But there's more, because only yesterday Snax and his team had changed organizations, moving from MaxFloPlaY to ALSEN Team. That's a true unusual way to celebrate a transfer.

In that case the result of yesterdays match against Frag eXecutors: [ Cybersport League: Fx draws with ALSEN Team ] is also doubtful. A draw against the eXecutors - even on tuscan - is quite an achievement. Although this didn't change ALSEN Team's position in Cybersport League's ranking as they still sit on the last place, it's still worth considering if the point has been earned in a fair way.

For now the whole situation is uncertain. We know that ESL Wire could provide one of its mistakes. Also there is no statement from the admins yet, nor from Snax himself. All should get much more clear in a few hours when we will probably hear a statement from the player. Let's hope that it's only an anticheat software mistake and a player considered one of the best and most promising in Poland will be cleared of the allegation.

UPDATE: Snax found a moment to write a few words for us: "I feel pretty good. I'm at school and recieve dozens of smses and Wcalls. What can I say, it's not the first time I'm banned. Two or three years ago I've also recieved 11pp. The ban was gone after a week... Why? Because an admin had just banned me without a reason, I don't know if he was doing it for fun or whatever. They say I've been hacking, but there wasn't anything on the screenshots?! The link to the match had disappeared, the same is now. The whole situation is silly for me. Let's wait and see how it will solve."

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WCG: CS and LoL teams learned their rivals

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 17:35

Our Counter-Strike 1.6 and League of Legends teams had learned their first rivals in the forthcoming WCG Poland 2011.

Only a week left until the start of the World Cyber Games Poland 2011. This edition will be special because, as you know, it will be held together with the Samsung European Championship which is organized in our country for the first time. The stake in Warsaw will then be doubled - there are the tickets to Korea, but also a possibility to play in prestigeous SEC. Among the participants we have both Frag eXecutors team divisions, who today had learned their rivals.

"The Golden Five" will play ALSEN Team, former MaxFloPlaY lineup. The same we had drawn in the Cybersport League match. But of course WCG is a different caliber and we have no doubts that our players will show completely different CS in Warsaw (not speaking about extra motivation of revenging at TeG). The second match in the first round of this four team tournament will be between BenQ.DELTA and Fear Factory, who apparently like to play against each other. No more than few days ago they fought in the ESWC Poland match in which the orange team was surprisingly better.
WCG Poland CS first round:

CREATIVE Fear Factory vs.
Frag eXecutors vs. ALSEN Team
Also our League of Legends team will play against a well-known rival. The players led by Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf will face BenQ.DELTA with whom they had (successfully) fought during the Tembakan. We also had the second chance to play against the oranges, but our rivals decided to hand us the default win in the EMS Poland qualification final match. The second pair of this very strong tournament will be composed of Gameburg and MaxFloPlaY (ex Time-Out). First ones are the winners of the Tembakan LAN while the new MFP five gave us hard time in the... WCG qualification, playing under their old name.
WCG Poland LoL first round:

Gameburg Team vs. MaxFloPlaY vs. Frag eXecutors
Both our teams have pretty strong rivals but especially in Counter-Strike it's hard to predict any other result than Fx's victory. It is much more difficult in LoL, because the country's best teams are on very similar level. We hope that our players will once again show that they have the spark and will deal not only with DELTA, but also the other rivals. Fx POWER!

FIFA and StarCraft 2 tournaments, both having eight finalists, had also been drawn. In both games the groups are extremely even and it's hard to pick favourites. Surprisingly the WCG Poland admins have forgotten about two other tournament games: Asphalt 6 and Tekken 6. It met with an obvious dissatisfaction from their finalists with the current Asphalt European champion Kamil "PLANET" Zalewski among them.

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