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We play DELTA for ESWC Poland finals!

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 16:25

"The Golden Five" will tonight stand before a chance of winning a place in the ESWC Poland 2011 finals. Our rivals will be

Up to this day the Frag eXecutors Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011 campaign was running according to plan. In the first final round match "the Golden Five" outplayed bang! and was waiting for their rival in the winners bracket final. Somewhat surprisingly it came out that we will play BenQ.DELTA. The oranges had won against favourites of Fear Factory 2:1 after an exciting match and today will stand before our players.

Our rivals have had a difficult period. Before the season they got weakened by two key players: BEn and ths [ departure to Fear Factory ]. Then the cheating scandal with Mateusz "ham" Roslon came up and recently szpero and destru had decided to quit competetive CS. All that had forced DELTA to many lineup changes but their recent performances are showing that they are back in their rhytm.

Our players had [ sensationally drawn ] their last match against ALSEN Team in the Cybersport League. But we must remember that our team had clinched the qualification to the league's finals even before the rematch round had started, so the remaining LC games are no more than a practice for our players. Tonight it will be different and Fx players, who are currently bootcamping in Piastow, surely know that they can't underestimate DELTA. Our tonight rivals had basically nothing to lose and can take any risk which means that we can expect to see many surprising moves from their side.

The match will start at 20:00 CET and will last at most for three maps. Piotr "neqs" Lipski will provide live coverage from the game. His (Polish) stream can be found at Let's hope that our players will once again show what "Fx POWER" means. What score do you predict?

Update: we've easily beaten BenQ.DELTA on train and nuke. Katowice - here we come!

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Practice with "Golden Five" on our DM server!

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 13:45

We invite everyone for some happy fragging with Frag eXecutors on our refreshed DM server!

After many complains from our users about our deathmatch server's their administrators led by xno sat together with to do their job and get the servers back to work. The first from refreshed DM servers is now ready for new hundreds, thousands of frags. We're so sure about it that we invite you to play together. With who? With "the Golden Five"! | Frag eXecutors CS: DM maxPro by
As you probably know, our players are currently in Piastow where they are practicing for the forthcoming tournaments: WCG Poland, Samsung European Championship and ESWC Poland. The inherent element of this practice are deathmatch sessions. In these the Frag eXecutors players are working on their shooting accuracy which is later admired by their supporters and feared by their opponents, who are often lead to despair with our players' headshots. Let's help them in this task - join, play and frag as much as you can! I invite everyone to play together with Neo and the others!

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Cybersport League: Fx draws with ALSEN Team

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 13:20

"The Golden Five" has drawn with former MaxFloPlaY team in the Cybersport League's rematch round, clinching their victory in the league phase.

"A victorios draw" - that's how we can sum the yesterday's match between Frag eXecutors and ALSEN Team (who were formely representing the MaxFloPlaY colours). Our players, who are currently bootcamping in Piastow, had their opportunity to practice de_tuscan with a decent opponent. There were many tactics to try, but the rivals weren't making this task easier. In the deciding moments ALSEN even had the match point with 15:14 score but our players didn't let them take away the point which guaranteed us the first place in the LC 2011 league phase.

"The Golden Five" has two more matches to play in the league. On October the 4th we will play haxornia (ex 1st.Cav) and on 11th of October we will finish the round by playing the UNDER (ex H5F) team. For our players it will be no more than a sparring games with the slot in Cybersport's finals already in our bag together with Fear Factory, who is second in the table. But the forementioned haxornia is the only one team capable of catching the third Gameburg and the fourth US. So they definitely will be 100% motivated, even more than ALSEN who despite this draw are sitting on the last place in the table.

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Frag eXecutors vs. bang! match replay avalaible

Written by lecho, 27/09/2011 15:50

I invite all "Golden Five" fans to see the replay of yesterday's match with neqs' commentary (Polish).

In yesterday's Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011 final phase first match Frag eXecutors had [ easily beaten ] bang! 2 to 0. Our players, who are just starting another bootcamp in Piastow to practice for forthcoming tournaments, didn't left their opponents any doubts on both maps, controlling the game from start to finish. The game was avalaible to see live via the website. All of those Fx supporters who for whatever reason couldn't follow Piotr "neqs" Lipski's stream can now watch the replays.

Tonight at 20:00 CET this round's second match between BenQ.DELTA and Fear Factory will be played. The winner from this one will challenge our players for the ESWC Poland 2011 LAN finals ticket. All of the games will be shown live on neqs' stream via the tournament's website. I invite everyone to see the replays and "The Golden Five's" current form and then watch the stream and learn about their rivals' capabilities.

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Fx plays bang! in ESWC Poland final phase

Written by lecho, 26/09/2011 12:10

Team Frag eXecutors will play bang! in their first match of the Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011 final phase.

The final phase of the Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011 qualification is on its way! Two best teams from the first part of the tournament: bang! and BenQ.DELTA will play against the duo invited by the referees, CREATIVE Fear Factory and Frag eXecutors. Our "Golden Five" is of course the main favourite not only for a trip to Katowice, but also to global finals. But to complete this goal we'll have to win few more matches.

Our first rival will be a team named bang!. The team's only wider known player is Przemyslaw "insider" Klosek, who had played for the ones like BenQ.DELTA or Universal Soldiers. But the lineup as a whole did well enough to secure themselves the qualification to ESWC Poland's 2011 final four. Although it had to be admitted that it wasn't without problems and also Gameburg's tight calendar came in handy as this team had to forfeit a deciding map with 1:1 score. Nonetheless it will be nice to see this young team battling with the scene's big names.

And I think I don't have to explain how difficult will be their task. Frag eXecutors are beyond the reach of probably all Polish teams. Our players are in good form and it's hard to imagine that they could fail against bang!. The second match looks much more interesting as BenQ.DELTA will take on CREATIVE Fear Factory. The teams will meet on Sunday at 20:00 CET and the clash will open the tournament.

We will play a day later - on Monday at 20:00 CET. Next matches will be played on following days, the exact scheduling will depend on the teams themselves. All of the games will be streamed and commented for ESWC Poland 2011 by Piotr "neqs" Lipski. For more informations about the tournaments click onto, meanwhile I wish to invite everyone to cheer for our "Golden Five"!

Update: the DELTA - FF match has been rescheduled to Tuesday. We will play as planned - cheer for us on tonight's evening!

Update #2: maybe our game will be rescheduled to a later hour too. As hayabusa ( Neo's father) informed me, Filip is on his way to Warsaw to team's bootcamp before the WCG Poland/Samsung European Championship and it's not sure if he will make it till 20:00, still there is no information from ESWC Poland's admin deiks.

Update #3: the game is liev and can be viewed with neqs' Polish commentary: Fx POWER!

Update #4: team Frag eXecutors had easily beaten their rivals on two maps! We will learn our next opponent tommorow, it will be DELTA or FF.

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Fx versus BenQ.DELTA for the EMS spot!

Written by lecho, 22/09/2011 16:45

Our League of Legends team will tonight have the chance to secure a direct place in the elite ESL Major Series.

The younger of our team divisions is recently doing very bravely: after a second place at Tembakan together with qualifying to World Cyber Games Polish finals it's time for another - after a LAN debiut at the Global Challenge in Cologne - attempt to mark their presence in Europe. All our players have to do is to defeat BenQ.DELTA in the final match of the Polish ESL Major Series qualifying and win a direct spot in the tournament.

We've had an occasion to play against the "oranges" in last weekend's Tembakan LAN's losers bracket final. The match ended with our victory en route to second place, but Frag eXecutors team's captain Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf is not underestimating their today's opponents: - "We've recently fought for the Tembakan final and we've won it, but DELTA wasn't playing in their strongest lineup", he admits. - "Since their lineup changes DELTA is one of the best teams on Polish League of Legends scene. But after all I think that we have a better team and we are going to prove it!"

Today's match will be deciding for the Polish EMS spots distribution. The winner will directly advance to the main phase, the loser will have to seek his chances in the last round of international qualifier. Of course our players want to secure their spot, but Nicker knows it won't come for free. - "For some time we didn't have an opportunity to play against them on-line, so we are not completely sure what to expect" - he points.

Well, we will find out what both teams are capable of on today's evening. The good news is that we are the ones coming from the winners bracket - so we only need to win one game. The match should start around 20:00, unfortunately probably no one will stream it. Nonetheless let's keep our fingers crossed for our players. Fx POWER!

Update: unexpectedly team BenQ.DELTA decided to give a default win to our team. Too bad, but nonetheless - we'll play in the ESL Major Series!

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We play KerchNET for the ninth ICS podium!

Written by lecho, 22/09/2011 14:25

Team Frag eXecutors will tonight play the Ukrainian team KerchNET in the winners bracket final of Intel Challenge Supercup #9.

The summer, online edition of the Intel Challenge Supercup are slowly starting to conclude. Only four teams left in the winners bracket, including Frag eXecutors. In their previous matches our players had defeated [ zNation ] and [ Maverick ]. Now it's time for a much stronger rival which undoubtely is team KerchNET. The Ukrainians had recently shown some very good form.

They prove it by eliminating Natus Vincere from the Ukrainian World Cyber Games qualifier, forcing the defending world champions to search for a back door in order to make an attempt of defending their title. They failed to fullfil their plan in 100% though because of the final loss against DTS.chatrix, but nonetheless they have guaranteed themselves a spot in the Cyberolympics final tournament. Now they only need to secure their travel and accomodation and $1,500 prize for the ICS#9 winner may come in handy. So they definitely will be motivated coming into this game.

"The Golden Five" is in completely different situation - since 2004 they are constantly triumphing in Polish WCG qualifiers and nothing seems to change this season. Our players are also the favourites to win the ESWC Poland 2011 and every other domestic tournament they attend. Also our international results are very good. We've won last two tournaments (ASUS Summer and e-Stars) and we're not stepping off the podium since the beginning of the season.

Neo et al are curretly on an eight top three finishes streak. The urge to keep this one going will surely be an additional motivation for our players. But the Ukrainians won't let it go cheaply, especially on their homemap tuscan. Recently they've outplayed Na'Vi on it and during the eight ICS finals in Kiev let our players win only four rounds.

This group stage match has finished with a 1:1 tie - Fx had won the nuke clash. Tonight there is no room for draws, there must be a winner who will face Anexis or DTS.chatrix in a game for the final. The match between Frag eXecutors and KerchNET will start at 19:00 CET. I invite all of the "Golden Five" fans to support our team!

Update: after a decent match on nuke and a rather one sided one on inferno Fx beats KerchNET 2:0. The next stop is DTS.chatrix!

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Cybersport: Frag eXecutors defeats DELTA

Written by lecho, 21/09/2011 15:35

"The Golden Five" is not slowing down and had defeated BenQ.DELTA in their another Cybersport League match.

The Cybersport calendar of Frag eXecutors is recently very full. On Monday our players [ had battled with Universal Soldiers ] and yesterday they played the rescheduled match against the five from Not so long ago a clash between the duo would be threated as a classic. Now "the oranges" are playing in different lineup and also the difference between "the Golden Five" and the rest of Polish CS scene is more than visible.

So it isn't surprising at all that the Fx players had firmly defeated DELTA after a very one-sided game at de_nuke. There are three more matches of the online season for our team (against MaxFloPlaY, 1stCav and ex-H5F) but no one really thinks that Fx could lose some points. Only one more win will definitely close the case and guarantee us the victory in league phase. The first occasion will be the match against team MaxFloPlaY at September 27th, meanwhile tommorow Neo et al will face much more difficult task - a game with KerchNET in the ICS#9 winners bracket semifinal.

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Fx second in Tembakan LAN Nowy Sacz 2011

Written by lecho, 19/09/2011 16:00

Our League of Legends team finished as runner-ups at first major team clash in Poland.

The younger Frag eXecutors team achieved their first success at last weekend's electronic sports tournament. Tembakan LAN Nowy Sacz 2011 started early morning on Friday and ended on Sunday's late evening. For the first time in Poland it featured a 5v5 competition. Teams from all over the country came to take up the gauntlet.

It was a real League of Legends festival! The online stream was underperforming, but the spectators gathered in Nowy Sacz saw a real gaming fiesta. Thanks to the organizers and their ingenuity the competitors could not only participate in the main tournament, but also play their World Cyber Games Poland matches (we've made it to the LAN) or qualifications for Intel Extreme Masters New York. Only our ESL Major Series match against had to be rescheduled for another date.

Final standings:

1st place - Gameburg Team
2nd place - Frag eXecutors
3rd place -
4th place - Zagnanski Przyladek Strachu

In the main tournament Gameburg and our team instantly popped up as favourites. Fx made a great start defeating all their rivals, including GBT, but in the latter stages our rivals were more concentrated. We must admit that the grand final wasn't a very exciting contest. The last nexus had blown around the midnight. It was the Gameburgers who were celebrating (in a double way - their CS team also won the tournament, Fx wasn't participating). Our guys led by Nicker had to settle for second. Top three had shared bonus points from Riot and 300 euros in cash.

You can find all the results from the tournament in our coverage.

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Fx evening: Matches against Maverick and US!

Written by lecho, 19/09/2011 12:55

On today's evening "The Golden Five" will play two games in two different tournaments.

Quite some time had passed since the last official appearance of our CS team. In the meantime we were cheering for LoL players at Tembakan LAN (2nd place - well done!). But now it's time to get back between the boxes because tonight Frag eXecutors team will play two matches against interesting rivals. Also both of them will be played in different leagues - the ninth ICS edition and our domestic Cybersport League.

At 20:00 CET Neo et al will play their Intel Challenge Supercup #9 second round match against, let's say it straight, relatively unknown team Maverick. But we have to remember that this is an online league and also the Ukrainian Counter-Strike scene is currently one of the most talented which was proved by their WCG qualification results.

The winner of this best of three match will play KerchNET in the winners bracket final. There will surely be no fooling around. Nonetheless, "The Golden Five" will be the favourite of this eventual clash and also is a clear candidate to win against Maverick. Let's just hope we will avoid the tuscan struggle.

Then, at 21:00 CET, the e-Stars Seoul winners will take on the refreshed Universal Soldiers lineup in the Cybersport League's second rematch playday. The rival team hasn't debuted very well with their new manager Jakub "pynio" Pyszczek in their ESWC Poland campaign (they suffered a default loss) so they will surely wish to show some good CS against the world champions. it will be easier though knowing that for both teams it is basically a practice game. Our team is leading the table with a huge margin while US is fourth and has five point advantage over ex-Happy Five Friends.

This game will be played on single map - de_inferno. Both of the matches will be steramed live by Polish gaming televisions. The Maverick game along with the one against US will be aired by Headshot TV and the second one will also be shown at ESL TV. Like usual I invite everyone to watch and cheer for our players. Fx POWER!

Update: What can we say, both Maverick and US were without any chance. On three played maps both rivals took only three rounds off our team!

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