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Fx second in HLTV's CS team ranking

Written by lecho, 13/09/2011 23:08

The most popular European Counter-Strike website had created its own ranking of top teams. We have placed reasonably high.

"A feature that has been missing in the scene for far too long" - we can read on In fact a reliable, regular team ranking is a thing that we haven't seen on the scene for quite a while. Fortunately it's going to change because they are going to threat it seriously. We must admit that the first edition looks encouraging.

Not only because the editors had appreciated the Poles' good results and placed team Frag eXecutors on very high second place. Only SK Gaming, who we are chasing for some time now, proved to be better. The ranking is based on a system using both tournament and match results. Our "eXecutors" got their position mostly because their wins at Xperia PLAY and e-Stars Seoul. CS team ranking:

1st1031.63 SK Gaming
2nd919.15 Frag eXecutors
3rd824.06 Natus Vincere
4th496.35 mTw
5th470.65 fnatic
6th344.31 ESC Gaming
7th248.02 Moscow Five
8th181.91 Anexis
9th175.06 mousesports
10th165.17 WinFakt
23rd42.29 BenQ.DELTA

Despite the fact that we've missed two important events: GameGune and DreamHack Summer, first place is still up to grabs. Also we have another Polish team in the ranking: it's BenQ.DELTA. Their fair result in Spanish tournament was higly rewarded in terms of points - ham et al are placed 23rd, ahead of teams like UMX-Gaming or HEADSHOTBG.

It's the ranking's premier edition although in the table we can already see position's evolution. That's because the statistics were kept since the beginning of the season and now they will be published monthly. The editors are underlining that their goal is not pointing out which team is the best, but describing current situation on the scene. Seems interesting.

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Neo and pasha voted best at e-Stars!

Written by lecho, 13/09/2011 15:45

The Frag eXecutors' duo was named the best players of the e-Stars Seoul 2011 by experts and readers of

Filip "Neo" Kubski is the e-Stars Seoul 2011 most valuable player! It's the third similar distinction for Filip this year; previously he was named the best player at the Intel Extreme Masters V World Championship and Copenhagen Games. Also second "Golden Five" player, Jaroslaw "pasha" Jarzabkowski, was named in the "dream team" and the editors had pointed the fact that he excelled in both events won by Fx.

As for the most valuable player, the biggest factor in chosing Neo was his overall rating: the score of 1,24 was second only to Finn Timo "aslak" Verkoppera from WinFakt. Also Filip proved to be most successful in 1vx situation among all e-Stars participants and together with pasha he had the best frags difference overall (+32).

e-Stars Seoul MVP poll:

Filip "Neo" Kubski Frag eXecutors72,5%58,8%65,7%
Jaroslaw "pasha" Jarzabkowski Frag eXecutors10,0%20,6%15,3%
Marcus "Delpan" Larsson SK Gaming15,0%12,0%13,5%
Yegor "markeloff" Markelov Natus Vincere2,5%8,6%5,5%

On the other hand Jarek did a best individual performance of the whole tournament. In the game against Natus Vincere on forge he had the rating of 1,84 and score of 30:12. Our snipers' key moments from games against SK also had been reminded. Besides the duo the editors had also underlined two more Poles: Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski was fourth "opening" fragger and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas turned out to be the top rifler.

e-Stars Seoul "dream team":

- Marcus "Delpan" Larsson
- Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg
- Yegor "markeloff" Markelov
- Filip "Neo" Kubski
- Jaroslaw "pasha" Jarzabkowski

Together with our players, two gamers from SK Gaming: Marcus "Delpan" Larsson and Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg along with Na'Vi sniper Yegor "markeloff" Markelov, had made it to the "dream team". But all of them were far behind Filip who took as much as 72,5% of experts' votes and 58,8% from the supporters. Also third Fx player made it to the top ten. It was TaZ, who placed tenth.

So many individual praises for "The Golden Five" are something to be happy about, because they indicate not only the team's, but also its players' good form. Another MVP title for Neo is even stronger underlining the fact that up to now he is the most consistent and best CS player in 2011 season. Let's hope that both him and all our five will continue their good run in the next tournaments. Fx POWER!

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EMS IX: Frag eXecutors battles with Time-Out

Written by lecho, 12/09/2011 16:42

The national qualifiers are speeding up. On today's evening we will learn the finalist who will be just one step from a spot in prestigeous ESL Major Series.

The qualifications for ESL Major Series' ninth season with prize pool worth 5,000 euros are still running. In a few hours our team will have a chance to secure themselves a place in the final of this tournament. Precisely at 20:00 CET Frag eXecutors will take on dangerous rivals from Time-Out.

The opponents made our lives more difficult twice last weekend during the Polish WCG qualifier, outlplaying Nicker et al two times in a row. Soon we will find out if it will be the right moment to end this streak. Because of some players' participation in SoundBlaster Nations Championship or WCG (in which we play with Shushei and kev1n) the main Fx lineup haven't had too many occasions to play together recently, so let's hope that experience will bring desired outcome.

Update: The match is rescheduled for tommorow, 19:00 CET.

Update #2: We've won! [ Screen ].

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WCG Poland's third qualification round with Fx

Written by lecho, 10/09/2011 16:29

Frag eXecutors is taking part in the third qualification round for the WCG Poland. Will we win a spot?

On yesterday's evening the last phase of the World Cyber Games 2011 Poland League of Legends third qualifying round has started. We've learned sixteen best teams who successfully made it through the groupstage. Among them there is Frag eXecutors, who are competing in a slightly different lineup. Altogether with the trio of Alvado, iMba and Ismaro we have fnatic player Maciej "Shushei" Ratuszniak and also Kevin "kev1n" Rubiszewski taking part.

The lineup which we can call a "dream team" had steamrolled through the groupstage. Teams of KRYTY for milion, Time Out and ACE had to concede against Fx. These three wins secured a playoff spot for our team. The first round had already been played and Frag eXecutors defeated Mistrzowie ZEN with a 2:0 score.

Thanks to that our team had advanced to winner's bracket second round in which we will play against PlayGENE. The match will start at 17:00 CET which means that it's already live. Will our rivals come out with something against our players and make a surprise?

Let's remind that two top teams had already qualified for the World Cyber Games Poland 2011 finals, which will be held during the Samsung European Championship 2011 in the Expo XXI on 6th to 9th of October. These are and Gameburg Team. Will Fx be the third one?

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GC NY: Frag eXecutors against Moscow Five

Written by lecho, 09/09/2011 22:00

We've learned the pairings in the final battle for the IEM Global Challenge New York qualification.

The IEM organizers had published the single elimination ladder according to which European top teams will fight for their tickets to the tournament in New York. In the first round Frag eXecutors will play their match against our Eastern neighbours - Moscow Five. We have to admit that the drawing turned out to be favorable for us.

The teams from Denmark and Sweden had bad luck though, in both cases they will play against each other. Team SK Gaming will take on sharpshooters of Lions and the mTw boys will fight for their ground against Anexis eSports players. Although the teams' didn't like this situation very much, such drawing surely gave more chances to the other teams and made the tournament even more interesting.

The games will be played using the beo3 system, so there won't be too much room for flukes. The lack of losers bracket may hurt some teams, but on the highest level you can't afford making any mistakes. The qualification will start on Sunday - first shots will be fired at 13:00 CET.

Team #1ScoreTeam #2
Frag eXecutors1:2 Moscow Five
mousesports2:1 WinFakt
mTw2:1 Anexis eSports
SK Gaming2:1 Lions

Three best teams will get their opportunity to participate in Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge New York finals. We hope that our eXecutors will be one of those who will fight for hefty $40,000 prize pool on 13-16th of October.

Update: unfortunately after an intense fight on three maps we're out after the first round. The Russians had ended our hopes for having a trip to New York. Alongside us also WinFakt, Anexis eSports and Lions also got eliminated. Curiously, the games were so much even that every one of them needed the third map.

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Frag eXecutors beats Gameburg in the EMS quali

Written by lecho, 09/09/2011 17:58

We've outplayed our main rivals once again, this time in the qualifiers for the ESL Major Series ninth season.

Yesterday the second round of the League of Legends EMS IX Poland qualification had been played. Among the best domestic teams we've also found our very own division. In their first match Frag eXecutors had to face Gameburg Team and managed to outplay them in a surprising way.

The match, played in the best of one format, was dominated by our players from the very beginning. Wise hero picking and good tactics made it possible for our guys to finish the game on top, scoring 12 kills and only 4 deaths in progress. It's really an impressive score considering the level of both formations.

In the next round Frag eXecutors will face a unexpectedly strong Time Out team. Why they surprised with their form? The team led by niQ managed to throw down or Koala From China to the losers bracket. Will Fx be their next prey? Let's hope not!

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LC: Second round start against Fear Factory

Written by lecho, 05/09/2011 21:52

The holidays are over so we are back with our Cybersport League's conquest.

Although Frag eXecutors players didn't have too much time to rest in this year's holidays - which resulted in winning two major tournaments - the Cybersport League had announced a summer break. Tommorow it will end and we will once again get into the world of Polish top level Counter-Strike, because it's time for return matches! We will start the second round on a high by taking on Poland's second force, CREATIVE Fear Factory.

Our game against "The Factory" will undoubtly be a match of the first playday. Not without a reason though, BEn's company is the only one Polish formation which can actually think of fighting against our players. Our rivals will get their chance to revenge for kicking them out of ASUS Summer Cup, so there will be something behind. The game will be of course shown on CyberTV and the organizers have also planned a contest related to the match.

We will start the game at 21:00 CET and, unfortunately, we'll play only one map: it will be de_dust2.

Unfortunately many teams had resigned from the league in the first phase which leaves only seven squads in the battle for the tickets. It won't make situation easier for lower placed teams thinking about closing the gap to the leaders, including Frag eXecutors who had developed a significant advantage. We have nine victoriers on our account and this means 27 points which pretty much guarantees us the qualification from first place.

Update: we've easily outplayed the Factory. The official score is 16:14 but our rivals took much less rounds in game - the domination is on!

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Fx in GC New York quali finals

Written by lecho, 05/09/2011 15:25

Our "Golden Five's" second attempt to the online qualifiers proved to be successful. Anexis, SK and WinFakt had also advanced.

When a week ago "The Golden Five" [ had lost the first online prequalifier ] to the Global Challenge New York by sensationally losing out to Moldovan side Alliance, some of the supporters started to worry about e-Stars Seoul winners' form. Unnecessarily. In the second qualifier Fx played their best and didn't lose a single map. There is more - in the final match they took successful revenge on unexpected "suppressors".

The total of 98 teams took part in the tournament, including as much as twelve from Poland. But excluding our team, only somewhat anonymous BLACK.OUT formation advanced further than second round. The Danes from savasci proved to be too strong though and Fx was left alone on the battlefield. Our players were in good form - the Norwegians from Funkyboys were the first one to find it out, winning only a round against Neo et al.
Qualified teams:

- Anexis
- Frag eXecutors
- SK Gaming
- WinFakt
Even this was too much for the Germans of hackademic, who lost against five-times world champions 0 to 16. From fourth round on the games were played in best of three system. But still the matches against redbyte (16:1, 16:0) and the final one with HighRollersGaming (former Alliance), in which the team who had beaten us a week ago took only seven rounds off our players - were a formality. Jarek "pasha" Jarzabkowski, absent in previous qualifier, showed some good form underlining the difference between himself and Snax, who still is a decent player.

\"\" Fx matches

Alongside us teams Anexis (former TCM), SK Gaming and WinFakt also won their qualification. The Danes had beaten Gameburg and their country champions Underdog$ in the process to eventually outplay strong ESC-Gaming 2 to 1 in the deciding match. The Finns blasted past ones like puta and Alternate, although the Germans are considering making a protest. The one was already made by eSahara who, after being beaten by SK Gaming, found out that Swedish supersniper Marcus "Delpan" Larsson has illegal number of config files.
Teams in final qualification:

- Anexis
- Frag eXecutors
- Lions
- Moscow Five
- mTw
- mousesports
- SK Gaming
- WinFakt
We will soon find out if the ESL judges will consider this protest. One thing is for sure - on the next Sunday (September 11th) eight extremely strong teams will battle for just three European slots in the Global Challenge New York. The fight will be extremely even and once again team Frag eXecutors will be in the middle of it. Let's hope they will find a way to deal with all the opponents once again!

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We've got 20,000 readers!

Written by lecho, 02/09/2011 10:45

A round jubilee for!

When only nine months ago we were celebarting the 10,000th user on our website none of us could predict that another round jubilee will come that fast. But it turned out that since then the number of our readers has not only significantly increased, but it even got doubled.

Yes, dear "Golden Five", LoL team or Quake division fans - there are more than 20,000 of you now! And even more, because the jubilee reader had registered a few days ago. It's the user ft5w and - if he only will [ message me ] using our private message system - he will recieve a special gift from the Fx Shop. We wish to thank all of you for your interest and activity on our website - we promise, that we will do our best to make its content as actual and interesting as possible. Visit us everyday, read and comment - Fx POWER!

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See our players' frags from e-Stars 2011

Written by lecho, 31/08/2011 17:15 has created a three-and-a-half-minute clip showing Fx players' best actions from this year's e-Stars.

A week has passed since our victorious e-Stars Seoul 2011 has ended and the internet is constantly filled with new media related to the tournament and Frag eXecutors' performance. The most popular Counter-Strike 1.6 website - - had shown a short clip showing carefully chosen, most entertaining actions by our players in this Korean tournament. The moviemakers working for the website as usual stood to the task. Take a look:

Neo's countless charges, pasha's inspired performance against Na'Vi on forge, kuben's pistolround against SK Gaming, Loord's dust attack against the same rival and much more great moments - all this you will find in the movie. It is another proof that our players did a very good job in Seoul. And if you still don't have enough e-Stars after watching this movie, you can see something else. I recommend the "behind the back" videos from UpCloseGamers' YouTube channel - there you will find few clips from our matches against SK and TyLoo.

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