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Adam "destru" Gil calls quit!

Written by lecho, 29/08/2011 20:36

A sensational news on destru's fanpage.

Just a few minutes ago on Adam "destru" Gil's social network profile a surprising message had comed out. - "szpero has quitted, it's time for me" - this post announced his decision. The main reason behind his retirement is the priority on everyday life and the forementioned impulse, which had prejudged. It means that team is once again forced to change their lineup.

Adam is the second person from their team who quits CS in recent days. His predecessor, who informed the scene about his decision in a similar way, was Grzegorz "szpero" Dziamalek. Right after the team was put in need to found a new player they learn that actually they need two. We will see who will fit Adam's slot. lineup:

- Sebastian "BS7" Furman
- Sebastian "dArk" Babinski
- Mateusz "ham" Roslon
- Marcin "rDh" Rutkowski
We should learn about DELTA's further actions in the next few days. The team is without a doubt the unluckiest one on Polish scene in the last few months.

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Fx loses first quali to GC New York

Written by lecho, 29/08/2011 14:10

"The Golden Five" was unlucky on the Sunday afternoon as they suffered a defeat to lower ranked rival playing without pasha. Lions, M5, mTw and mouz qualified.

It wasn't a successful day for the e-Stars Seoul winners. Frag eXecutors failed to deal with an unknown team Alliance in their very first match of the online preeliminations to the Global Challenge New York. Two other Polish teams took part in the tournament - Gameburg Team and WYBOROWA. None of them didn't make it to third round though with the latter ones beaten by the Moldavians.

The score of 8:16 on dust2 in favour of anynomous rivals just few days after the triumph in e-Stars Seoul can be shocking. But it turned out that our players had to deal with some unforseen difficulties. Because of his internet connection's failure Jarek "pasha" Jarzabkowski was unable to take part in the tournament. Our players quickly found a replacement - he was Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski from MaxFloPlaY, but forced change caused some obvious chaos.

We aren't the only team that is forced to seek their chance in the second qualifier. The same fate met ones like WinFakt, ESC-Gaming and SK Gaming, who were beaten in an online game by Lions for the second time in short period of time. It looks like that on the next Sunday (September 4th) we will see a real fierce fight for remaining four places in the final part of the qualifying. Let's hope that this time our team will stay out of trouble.
Qualified teams:

- Lions
- Moscow Five
- mTw
- mousesports
Lions, Moscow Five, mTw and mousesports can aleady enjoy their qualification. Theoretically the Russians had the easiest patch, beating Gameburg 16:0 in the process and outplaying Alliance in the deciding match. Contrary to them "The Danish Dynamite" debuting with Friis had beaten pretty decent rivals (puta, DarkPassage, WinFakt). These four teams will take part in the final qualification which will take place on September 11th.

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We inaugurate the Intel Challenge Supercup #9

Written by lecho, 29/08/2011 11:56

Our game against zNations will start the summer edition of the Intel Challenge.

A few days ago we've confirmed on our website that Frag eXecutors is going to participate in the special, online summer edition of the Intel Challenge Supercup. Today it's time for our first match of this tournament. Our maiden opponent will be the Russian side zNation, one rather lesser known in the world of electronic sports.

After a hiccup our players had suffered in the first online quali for the IEM VI Global Challenge New York "the Golden Five" will surely wish to strike back in the game against zNation. We are of course the favourites and will also play in our full lineup with Jaroslaw "pasha" Jarzabkowski threatening the opponents with his awp again. The game will be played in best of 3 format. To advance further we will have to win two maps.

We don't know much about our today's rivals. Their lineup is composed of young, yet experienced Russian players. The team had recently placed second in the local ASUS event and thanks to their good performance won a spot in the Counter-Strike 1.6 5v5 Masters. In this tournament zNation finished on 5/6. place - behind the ones like Na'Vi and Moscow Five.

There are sixteen teams taking part in the summer edition of Intel Challenge. Alongside us there is also second Polish team, Fear Factory, who will inaugurate their campaign by challenging DTS. The prize pool is $3,000 dollars and the half of it will be taken home by the winners. Fx POWER!

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We'll play in summer, online edition of ICS

Written by lecho, 26/08/2011 17:50

Our "Golden Five" will take part in another, this time online-only edition of Intel Challenge Supercup.

Summer is usually a time of the year when the best players can rest in their wait for September to begin along with the biggest tournaments' finals, such as Electronic Sports World Cup or World Cyber Games. But this time, to give the European teams something to do and an occasion to earn something extra to their salaries, Cyberarena came up with the idea of organizing a special, summer edition of Intel Challenge Supercup.

Differently from the previous two, Intel Challenge Supercup #9 will be played entirely over the internet. It doesn't mean though that it will lack the emotions and well-known names. Wrong. Many of the Counter-Strike 1.6 scene's top teams had already confirmed their participation in the ICS#9 and on top of them are the e-Stars Seoul 2011 champions - Frag eXecutors..
Intel Challenge Supercup #9 participants:

- CREATIVE Fear Factory
- DTS.chatrix
- ESC Gaming
- eSahara
- Frag eXecutors
- Hardware4u
- KaoS
- KerchNET
- Lions
- Maverick
- Players
- tao
- Team Notable
- Underdog$
- zNation
It's also worth to notice the presence of second Polish team. After a good performance at ASUS Summer 2011 CREATIVE Fear Factory isn't stopping their efforts of making themselves a bigger name on the European arena. In this solid, yet without a doubt not star-packed teams list ths' side can expect to place reasonably high. And speaking about the starting list, the presence of DTS.chatrix can be a little surprising. Let's just remind the conflict between the team's players and Cyberarena administrators during the eight edition of the ICS, which ended with the Ukrainians resigning from the event.

The prize pool of the tournament is worth $3,000, the winner will take half of this sum. Comparing to the biggest events these are rather symbolic numbers, but still worth fighting for. In contrary to long-winded previous ICS' formula the event's dynamic increased. It will start on August 29th with the final on September 2nd. And I don't have to add who we will be keeping our fingers crossed for!

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We defend the e-Stars Seoul champions' title!

Written by lecho, 22/08/2011 16:50

Team Frag eXecutors had won the e-Stars Seoul 2011, beating SK Gaming in the final.

It was a beautiful weekend for all Counter-Strike's and our "Golden Five's" fans. The Frag eXecutors players once again stood to the task that risen in front of them. They have defended the title won a year ago by finishing first at the e-Stars Seoul 2011 in tremendous style! It was our teams' third international victory of the season and also the second one (after ASUS Summer 2011) scored in space of only one week.

The tournament had started very well for us - Spero Spera and TyLoo representatives weren't able to challenge Neo and the others. Also Natus Vincere failed to succeed against our team. The Ukrainians once again missed their "magic" from last season - or maybe it's Fx and SK who made a step ahead? - and had to seize against greatly disposed "Golden Five". Jarek "pasha" Jarzabkowski led us for the victory in this game, his overall performance in the e-Stars should prove his class once and for all and silence the cricitcs underestimating his esports abilities.

Victorious Frag eXecutors on the e-Stars Seoul podium!


According to expectations our most difficult rivals in Korea was SK Gaming. This team had won four tournaments in a row scoring an impressive run of almost 50 games without a defeat. But this time the side led by RobbaN failed to outplay Fx twice. In the winners' bracket final SK could feel comfortable after a huge six rounds won in defence and some inspired play by Delpan, but it all faded comparing to how the Fx team had performed in their ct side. Despite lost pistolround the Poles had won the second part of the match 7:3 and the entire game 16:9.

The final's first map - de_tuscan - is our weakest map for some time, but our players had showed that things on it are getting better. We started well to our attack, but lost pistolround had eventually hit our team back and we've lost the first half 7:8. Another loss in the opening round definitely clinched our loss. We needed to seek for our chance on de_inferno.

We've started the match in the defence with two first rounds, but the Swedes didn't let us build the advantage bigger than two points. At the end of the half our machine got rusty oonce again and we've eventually lost it 7:8. After the switch Fx made the deciding attack: we've won second pistolround on this map and gained a significant lead. It seemed that the match is over. But since 14:9 score our players weren't able to finish it as the rivals were coming closer.

In the key moment of the game the Swedes tied the match at 14:14. Our players decided to take the risk and play for the win. It paid out - a moment later we had the match round! We failed to take it though, but Fx used the momentum to win the overtime defence to nil. It meant that we had three more match rounds - the countdown started. SK had won first two of them, in the third one we've had a 5v3 situation. But our rivals didn't make it easy and put it all into Neo's hand who was left alone in front of two Swedish stars - Delpan and f0rest. How many times Filip made the difference in important moments? It was no different this time. A classic 1v2 gave us the victory.

Final standings:

1st place - Frag eXecutors ($14,000)
2nd place - SK Gaming ($11,000)
3rd place - Natus Vincere ($9,200)
4th place - mTw ($7,400)
5/6th place - mousesports / WinFakt ($5,500)
7/8th place - fnatic / TyLoo ($4,600)

During entire Seoul event our players were excelling in both teamplay and individual skills. They improvised when they needed to, also won many clutch situations with many of them being decisive for the match scores. Our victory at e-Stars showed that the ASUS Summer 2010 triumph wasn't a fluke because of SK Gaming's absence and that this years' rivalry between these two teams can be really fascinating. "The Golden Five" had also extended their run of international podium finishes to seven and there's no indication that this series should stop soon. Fx POWER!

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e-Stars Seoul 2011 live!

Written by lecho, 19/08/2011 05:00

Cheer for Frag eXecutors in their Korean title defense!

10:43 - THE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEND!! NEO!! Filip wins a beautiful 1v2 with Delpan and f0rest! We've won 19:17! FRAG EXECUTORS WINS THE E-STARS SEOULD 2011!

10:41 - our two frags for the opening. The bomb is ticking on the open bombsite...

10:40 - again the Swedes are on top despite Neo's opening. It's now or never - we will win it or we will have to play another overtime.

10:38 - SK started the overtime's second half by winning the first round, but we still have two more match rounds. Fx POWER!

10:34 - great first half of the overtime - we were defending aggressively and effectively, we're leading 3:0!

10:26 - SK defused the bomb and we will need an overtime - hopefully successful for Fx!

10:24 - what an important entry on open bombsite by our players! We have the match round!

10:23 - Delpan defuses the bomb defended by single TaZ. It's a draw, we have to win another round!

10:21 - unfortunately, SK is winning round by round again and we have to save our weapons. It's 14:13, we need a huge cheering for Frag eXecutors!!

10:18 - the Swedes won't make it easy - they want to win this tournament too. Two rounds in a row for SK Gaming and we have to play eco with 14:11 score.

10:15 - we've lost the first half 7:8, but in the attack Frag eXecutors cut their work out. We've started by winning the pistolround, then a series of successful open bombsite attacks and we're leading 14:9!

9:56 - round for a round, but for now we're winning. 7:6.

9:46 - we've started the round well, but failed to capitalize on it. As a "reward" we had to play eco and we're losing 3:4.

9:43 - what a play by Wiktor, beautiful bombsite recapture with Loord! 3:2.

9:39 - we start in defence - pistolround and the second round for us, third for SK Gaming.

9:29 - few "close" rounds and mainly two lost pistolrounds decided the match result. But considering our players' form on tuscan we should hope for their better play at inferno!

9:26 - in the last round we fought hard with deagles, but we eventually lose first map 9:16.

9:23 - "The Golden Five" tries to rise to fight once again! 9:13.

9:19 - the Swedes are pushing incredibly hard, we play eco by eco. 7:12, maybe we should start packing on inferno.

9:16 - our two eco rounds go into rivals' account. It's already 7:11, time to start closing the gap!

9:14 - Neo had only 3hp, Delpan - over 70. The outcome: we 've lost second pistolround on this map, 7:9.

9:12 - f0rest narrowly wins 1v1 with Loord (who started from 1v3!), eventually leading to our 7:8 first half defeat.

9:09 - SK Gaming cut their work out, won two rounds in a row and we had to play eco. We're leading by just a point.

9:07 - we've nearly lost our rivals' eco, but kuben and Loord dealt with them! 7:3.

9:02 - GeT_RiGhT tried to outplay five our players by himself, but he ended his run on pasha.

8:59 - another round for us and our rivals have to play eco. We're on the lead for the first time!

8:58 - TaZ had won 1v1 with RobbaN and we took our first gunround! Were 1:2 down.

8:56 - at last we've started! We're playing tuscan in terro, the pistol round for SK - GeT_RiGhT had more hp than pasha.

8:22 - HLTV for the final: Fx POWER!

7:20 - in the e-Stars Seoul 2011 we will play SK Gaming. We need only one map to win the whole event! The match will start at 8:00! First we will play at de_tuscan. In case of our loss the victory will be decided on de_inferno. Keep your fingers crossed!

4:37 - the end!! In the match point we had SK on deagles and also, just when we needed it the most, Neo launched his fifth gear neutralising our rivals' efforts - we're in the e-Stars Seoul 2011 final!!

4:35 - some technical difficulties. We've stood our rivals' advantage and are now on our best way to victory!

4:22 - but the thing is that we've lost the pistol round and SK Gaming will probably tie the game.

4:21 - one is sure - we need a very good performance in the defence. And we need to win the pistol round.

4:13 - the half's ending for SK. It was great, but finished dangerously - 9:6.[/liv]

[live]4:10 - unfortunately for us, Delpan switched his awp on and the Swedes won two rounds in a row. 9:4.

4:08 - great entry on A by TaZ - GeT_RiGhT tried to recapture, but lost another 1v1 with Neo. 9:2!

4:05 - again double eco by SK, but the Swedes managed to steal us two weapons in the second one. 8:2.

4:03 - great B entry by our guys and Swedes ask for the timeout.

4:01 - a war of nerves lost by kuben with Delpan, but Filip and Jarek are playing incredibly. 5:2.

3:58 - an important round for us! First, pasha's reflexes made a difference when entering A and then Neo, having only... 1hp, won 1v1 with GeT_RiGhT!

3:56 - our rivals had to play two eco rounds, both easily lost, 3:1.

3:55 - we have the funds though and repeat our A attack - this time successfully! 1:1.

3:54 - at last we start, in the attack! The pistol round for SK who defused the bomb despite that we were better in frags.

3:34 - all supporters hop on HLTV: Fx POWER!

3:29 - the game between mTw and Na'Vi will probably start on time, while there will be a delay in our game.

3:16 - are you asleep, or waiting for the match? :-)

\"\" Day #2
\"\" Day #1

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IEM VI Global Challenge Cologne live!

Written by lecho, 18/08/2011 10:00

Follow with us Frag eXecutors' fight for their part from $32,000 pool!

20:00 - after an exciting match TeamSoloMid outplays fnatic and tommorow at 13:00 CET will face CL Gaming in the grand finals. It's all-American domination.

12:40 - CL Gaming defeats Millenium in the semifinal and advances to the final. We will have a break now, the second semifinal with fnatic versus TeamSoloMid will start at 16:55 CET.

\"\" Day #2
\"\" Day #1

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ASUS Summer: Frag eXecutors wins!

Written by lecho, 14/08/2011 10:50

Cheer for our players in their Ukrainian conquest!

Team Frag eXecutors is not slowing down with their preparations to e-Stars Seoul and the last part of the plan is trip to Kiev for another edition of ASUS Summer tournament. Alongside us some other strong teams came to Cyberarena with most notable ones being the hosts from Natus Vincere and refreshed Lions' lineup.

We've seen a notable performance by second Polish team, Fear Factory. Our domestic scene's "second force" outplayed the aspiring Swedes from a2g in the group stage, but failed to stand against our "Golden Five". And because the tournament is being played using the single elimination system, it was game over for ths and the others. But they still deserve big applause. Meanwhile we will play against Lions in the semifinal while on the other side of the bracket we will see an all-Ukrainian war - Na'Vi versus DTS.chatrix. Support our players in their fight for another glory - come on, Fx POWER!


19:22 - the end! Great play by Neo and the whole team, DTS.chatrix was helpless, WE'VE WON THE ASUS SUMMER 2011!
19:20 - superb fake and quick entrace by kuben, Neo and pasha onto the closed bombsite - we've got the match point!
19:14 - good play by our team, we've attacking quickly and efficiently. The victory is closing up - 13:9.
19:11 - Neo plays his best and we take round by round. 11:9 for Frag eXecutors.
19:07 - DTS took the pistol round and got into the lead, but our players had instantly drawn the game back - 9:9.
19:04 - we lead into the break with 8:7 score - pops went on a spree with his pistol but Loord ended his streak with... a knife.
19:02 - if only craft1k wouldn't won 1v2 against kuben and Neo, we could take the lead on this map for the first time. 6:7.
18:56 - after a period of our rivals' advantage we start closing the gap - 4:6.
18:43 - we've beginning our inferno defence - by losing the pistol round.
18:33 - our rivals managed to defend only once against Fx attack - we've straightly won finals' first map!
18:29 - attacking pistol round is another point for our team! We have the map round!
18:26 - we've steamrolled through DTS in the first half. 13:2.
18:23 - TaZ lost 1v1 against pops, but it was only the second round took by DTS. We're on 10:2 lead.
18:20 - it wasn't a pause, but HLTV's lag. Our players lead 8:1!
18:18 - good start to our defence on train - we lead 3:0. It's a pause.
17:56 - HTLV for the ASUS Summer 2011 final - Frag eXecutors versus DTS.chatrix:!
17:44 - we will play train, inferno and dust2 in the final - so we've avoided clashing on de_tuscan.
16:13 - at 18:00 CET we will play in the grand final against DTS.chatrix, who surprisingly beat Na'Vi 2:0.

\"\" Semifinal: Frag eXecutors vs. Lions

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We present our League of Legends team!

Written by lecho, 08/08/2011 21:18

We welcome young, talented players in our lineup.

Changes in Frag eXecutors! After a long time of searching for eventual additions we are ready to follow the trend that had appeared recently in electronic sports and present our new division. It will be formed from young, talented players who already managed to made themselves a name on their platform. And it wasn't their last word!

From now on a League of Legends division joins our ranks with a team that was known as Adversa eSports. These young and promising players had shown that they can successfuly compete not only on domestic, but also on international arena. We hope that our support will help them to fully spread their wings and show their full potential.
Frag eXecutors League of Legends:

- Pawel "Alvado" Kaminski
- Lukasz "iMba" Dusza
- Pawel "Ismaro" Szpracel
- Kuba "Kubon" Turewicz
- Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf

- "It was a nice surprise for us to recieve an offer from Frag eXecutors. After long talking we've decided that it will be a good move" - says Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf, teams' captain - "We're excited by this fact but also we know that there are high expectations within our new team which we are going to fulfill. Our first important test will be the GamesCom event in which we want to show in a good way. We're hoping that our cooperation will be successful for both sides and together we will win not one, but many trophies."

- "It took us many months to take a deep look into League of Legends, the players and the teams, since we became certain that there is a team in Poland that is doing well in international competition, which is a priority for Frag eXecutors" - our manager Adrian "Ziggy" Witkowski added. - "We trust that the team which from now on will wear our colours has the potential we will help them to release. Their first test will be the upcoming IEM 6 tournament during the GamesCom fair. We all can't wait for that and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the guys to show their best."

The great debut of Frag eXecutors' League of Legends team will take place at the Global Challenge in Cologne. Our new players are practicing hard to show their best in the "group of death" in which they will play in the LoL tournament. We hope for a good performance and who knows, maybe some surprises? Of course we will make full coverage from the event. And now let us welcome our new players in the team and wish them luck - Fx POWER!

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A movie from the Fx versus SK showmatch!

Written by lecho, 25/07/2011 15:55

Take a look at this short clip showing both teams in action.

The Frag eXecutors and SK Gaming showmatch during the WCG Poland and SEC 2011 conference was for sure one of the most interesting esports event that recently happened in Poland. We've lost the game, though the most important thing was the atmosphere. The cheering of our supporters made everyone feel like it was a real sporting event on a real arena. Here is a short clip showing some of the best moments from the match - enjoy watching!

Let me remind that SK was better than us on de_tuscan and de_inferno, though judging by their recent results it's nothing to be ashamed about. I've interviewed both teams' representatives after the game: [ TaZ ] and [ GeT_RiGhT ]. Both of them undelined that it was only an exhibition match. The sides can clash for a real stake in a month during the e-Stars Seoul tournament.

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