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GeT_RiGhT: "I want 2011 to be a SK year!"

Written by lecho, 21/07/2011 14:05

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund talks to

Publishing [ the interview ] with Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas I've mentioned about second interview with one of SK Gaming players - the team which currently is the number one in CS world. To this chat I've invited world's top player (many would say - THE best), Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund. He may seem controversial at times but proved to be very nice and talkative person. Enjoy the video!

Unfortunately the talk is in shortened version due to technical difficulties - in fact we both went deeper into the conversation. GeT_RiGhT underlined Delpan's arrival as "the fifth element" for the team, a factor that brought SK to another level and was full of admiration to CS' popularity in Poland comparing to Sweden where there aren't so much teams (- "Soon it will be like in Norway - two teams and that's it"). He was also impressed by Polish crowd and expressed his though to play Frag eXecutors in the the SEC 2011 final. Let's all join in his wish!

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TaZ: "I hope we will stop SK Gaming!"

Written by lecho, 20/07/2011 14:10

See the interview with Frag eXecutors player.

The SEC and WCG Poland 2011 conference alongside with the special showmatch between Frag eXecutors and SK Gaming was a great occasion not only to see the world's best players in action but also share a few words with both teams' representatives. Which SK players I've chosen will be revealed tommorow - today I invite everyone to see an interview with Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas, "The Golden Five's" captain.

\"\" Interview with TaZ - English version

I've asked Wiktor about the showmatch, Polish supporters, our "domestic" Samsung European Championship, the e-Stars Seul and Frag eXecutors' disappointing performances at de_tuscan. I hope that TaZ's calmness will spread among some of our emotional fans so they can look forward to our team's next appearances. Tommorow you will see more materials from SEC and WCG Poland conference. Meanwhile I invite to our updated photo gallery from the event.

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Showmatch: Frag eXecutors versus SK Gaming!

Written by lecho, 18/07/2011 10:55

Today our "Golden Five" will clash with Swedish powerhouse in a showmatch. The Fx team is supported by PlayMakers TV, the publisher of E-sporter.

It will be a very special launch of the Polish World Cyber Games qualifications and preparations for the Samsung European Championship 2011 which for the first time will be held in our country. Frag eXecutors and SK Gaming will meet in a special showmatch on Legia Warsaw's stadium. They are undoubtly the top Counter-Strike teams of the world. Therefore, i t's going to be a true feast for all esport fans.

I'm thinking about both the ones with an invitation to the SportsBar and the masses following Headshot TV live stream. Of course our website will also be reperesented at such an event. You will get photos, videos and other exclusive materials straight from Lazienkowska 3 where, let's hope so, our players will successfuly deal with the Swedes' perfect form. Watch it live and follow our coverage - Fx POWER!


18:38 - despite losing our players kept their good moods. After all it was a showmatch and it definitely was a show for the crowd!


18:34 - we lost 12:16 on train and entire SK Gaming match 0:2.

18:28 - unfortunately, SK got the initiative back, it's 11:14.

SK Gaming

18:23 - great start to the defensive side by our players, we're on 10:9 lead.

18:19 - a piece of luck for kuben in this f0rest frag! The round goes into our account, we switch sides losing 6:9.

18:16 - good period for our players, it seemed that we will tie the match but we've lost our rivals' eco round. 5:7.

18:10 - we've started the train attack with a lost pistol round, but we managed to attack successfuly. We even got into the lead for the first time this match, now it's tied - 3 apiece.

18:02 - Swedes took the pistolround and RobbaN plowed us with... uzi. We lost the first map 2:16.

18:01 - we've lost tuscan's first half 2:13.

17:59 - SK had won 10 rounds in a row so our players are in mediocre moods. We managed to take two rounds, but Swedes responded by winning their eco with all headshots - 2:11.

Loord, Neo and kuben

17:50 - not a very good start - despite theoretically easier terro side and loud "Fx POWER!!" we are losing 0:5.

17:41 - first map of the Frag eXecutors versus SK Gaming showmatch will be de_tuscan.

17:32 - We have a little delay. The players are on their seats - on the opposite sides two snipers, pasha and Delpan.



16:58 - the players are plugging in into their PCs.

SK Gaming and Frag eXecutors

16:40 - take a look at our first picture gallery from WCG Poland and SEC 2011 conference.

16:00 - The conference part, during which Samsung and WCG representatives introduced the tournaments, is now over. Adrian "Cycu" Kostrzebski talked us into the match, introduced both teams and their captains - Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas of Fx and Robert "RobbaN" Dahlstrom of SK Gaming.

Frag eXecutors: Loord, pasha, Neo, TaZ, kuben

SK Gaming: face, GeT_RiGhT, RobbaN, f0rest, Delpan

The rival teams give their time to the photographers.

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New QPAD CT Large Fx mousepads!

Written by Psycho Mantis, 13/07/2011 18:09

At Fx STORE you can buy brand new QPAD CT Large moupsepads with photo of Fx players!

At Fx STORE from today you can buy new version of QPAD CT Large Fx. It's a fourth version of our QPAD Large mousepads. But this mousepads are unique with a photo of our CS players. Remember that if you whant we wil add to the package a card with autographs of all Fx CS players. After you bought mousepad at eBay send us an e-mail at store[at] and write that you whant the card.

You can buy QPAD CT Large Fx at:

[ eBay.DE ]

[ ]

Happy shopping at Fx STORE!

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SK Gaming wins, Fx third in ICS#8

Written by lecho, 11/07/2011 14:25

SK Gaming, Moscow Five and Frag eXecutors completed the Intel Challenge Supercup's eighth edition podium.

No one can stop SK Gaming. After scoring a hat-trick at DreamHack Summer the Swedish side proved to be the best again. In Kiev finals of the Intel Challenge Supercup #8 the Scandinavians defended their position against the other strong teams, including Frag eXecutors. We failed to defeat Delpan's new team, but finishing third means extending the count of our consecutive podium finishes in 2011.

We were weaker than SK in our both Kiev encounters. The semifinal though was far from being a one sided match. If we wouldn't make a few little mistakes, we could take de_train off from our rivals. We also were an equal opponent for most of de_dust2 game, but the very ending went the way our rivals wished for. We still musn't forget that our players defeated Team ROCCAT (who were better than us just few days ago in an online qualifying match) and in the third place playoff we stood the challenge of entire tournament's revelation, the underdogs from

The Russians were in sensational form. They won group B by a margin beating experienced Finns, their fellow countrymen from Moscow Five and finally giving an exit to ESC-Gaming. They didn't prevent their domestic rivals from taking a revenge in the semifinals, but their appearance was a big positive surprise after all. They also didn't let their supporters down in the third place playoff and took tuscan off our team after a dramatic, overtime-ended game.

At the remaining two maps though they didn't put too much resist. The result of de_nuke match isn't showing the advantage Frag eXecutors had. At the very beginning of the attacking half we nearly won our eco round and a moment later TaZ ran out of the clock while planting the bomb. After the switch the Russians didn't manage to hold to their significant (11:4) lead and lost the second half without winning a single round. The decider at dust2 was even more one-sided - after losing the pistol round our players immediately striked back with an impressive eco round, starting a run resulting in a lead big enough to threat the second half as a formality.

Final standings:

1st place - SK Gaming ($5,000)
2nd place - Moscow Five ($3,000)
3rd place - Frag eXecutors ($2,000)
4th place -
5/6th place - KerchNET / Team ROCCAT
7/8th place - ESC-Gaming / fbgaming

The final was even better to watch. Moscow Five proved to be a demanding opponent for SK and proved that currently there are no better on tuscan than the Eastern teams. But in deciding train moments the Swedes' individual skills were the factor and it was them who took the checque for $5,000. We settled with a bit less than a half of this sum, but third place is still a very good result. And who knows, maybe we'll get our chance for a rematch soon.

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Live coverage from the ICS#8!

Written by lecho, 08/07/2011 23:15

Follow Fx fight for the Cyberarena's cup with us live!

20:05 - and in the final, despite early advantage and good fight by Moscow Five on train, SK Gaming proved to be a little bit better side and the Swedes had won entire tournament.

19:58 - 16:8 at last successful B bombiste attack through middle and Neo finishes the game with his ak47! We place third at the Intel Challenge Supercup #8!

19:56 - 15:8 so close again - kibaken defused the ticking bomb in the last second with Loord nearly defending it in untypical sniper role.

19:54 - 15:6 we secured the tie and if our rivals would fail to recapture B it would be all over.

19:51 - 14:5 it was close - if Loord had won 1v1 against h4cker, we we would have our tie round.

19:49 - 14:4 our rivals won't let it go without a fight.

19:46 - 13:3 it's very close after a won pistol round with a bomb planted!

19:45 - 12:3 good, offensive play (double awps of pasha and Neo) result in our big lead into the switch. The third place is coming closer!

19:38 - 7:2 good attack on the gallery by the Russians had stopped our winning streak.

19:34 - 5:1 Great entry on A bombsite by pasha had opened the way to defuse the bomb.

19:30 - 3:1 good run by our team, the eco round had turned the game around.

19:28 - 1:1 magnifficent eco round by Fx! Great positioning and good communication allowed us to outplay the Russians.

19:26 - 0:1 this wasn't a best ct start.

19:23 - the third place will be decided on dust2.

19:14 - we also have 1:1 tie in the final - Moscow Five took tuscan from SK after an exciting ending.

19:12 - 16:11 we've totally dominated our rivals in the second half - we've took it to zero and it's a draw in the match!

19:06 - 11:11 Virtuses are helpless in the attack, it's already a tie.

19:02 - 8:11 that's exactly the start we needed! A successful pistol round and we're closing the gap.

18:57 - 4:11 we switch sides with our rivals' significant lead. A good start to our defence will be the key.

18:52 - 2:8 after a series of unlucky rounds we finally managed to enter the upper bombsite.

18:50 - 1:7 too bad - TaZ lost the round against the clock!

18:47 - 1:6 at last we broke through, but only for a round.

18:45 - 0:5 third eco lost too, also hooch is shooting for his life and we've lost our first gunround.

18:42 - 0:3 we've nearly won our eco round - missed a single frag. It wasn't as good in the second eco though.

18:40 - 0:1 the rivals had won their defensive pistol round in a little bit lucky way.

18:30 - second map will be de_nuke. Meanwhile SK Gaming had won nuke with Moscow Five, they are now playing on... tuscan.

18:18 - 17:21 unfortunately we've lost after somewhat untypical overtime. Bad luck for de_tuscan in this tournament.

18:09 - 15:17 defending rivals had the better start.

18:06 - 15:15 Neo does his best fragging one by one, but we will still need an overtime!

18:01 - 13:14 unfortunately for us, our rivals get back their initiative and go in front in very important part of the game.

17:58 - 13:12 unbelieveable - for the second time in this match mice frags his teammate. The round still for the Russians though.

17:56 - 12:11 our rivals took away first round, but we still have the advantage.[/liv]

[live]17:52 - 10:10 Virtus don't have any ideas for the attack and we quickly tie the match.

17:49 - 7:10 we took the pistol round, then Neo scores the ace - on opponent's eco though, but it's still ace.

17:47 - 5:10 mice helped us by headshooting hooch and albeit we're down at the switch, there's no drama.

17:44 - 4:9 we're falling... has the initiative.

17:43 - 4:7 we pushed after the restart, but the Russians are holding onto their lead.

17:32 - 2:5 pause.

17:26 - 1:5 after chaotic fire exchange in the middle of the map we took our first round.

17:24 - 0:3 we quickly gathered funds for our weapons, but Virtus' defence is standing still.

17:22 - 0:1 we've started tuscan as terro. Pistol round lost, but we managed to plant the bomb.

16:53 - I invite all supporters to HLTV:

16:45 - our third place playoff should start in a quarter. We will play, who were defeated 0:2 by Moscow Five.

12:41 - 11:16 unfortunately, kuben had fallen against three rivals and we've lost the semifinal to SK Gaming. We're going to play for third place.

12:39 - 11:15 after losing first dust2 half 6:9 and a pretty weak start to the second one we're fighting hard in the attack. For the draw!

11:46 - 14:16 ...

11:34 - 13:9 pasha saved this first round after f0rest and GeT_RiGhT's early charge!

11:31 - 12:8 the Swedes are closing up - Loord failed to defend the bomb.

11:24 - 12:4 pitsol round for our rivals. We will have to focus in order to keep our lead.

11:20 - 12:3 unfortunately the last round of this half for the Swedes - but we still switch sides with a significant advantage!

11:16 - 10:2 good momentum by Jarek, who fragged three rivals on their eco round using... usp. Another round into our tally!

11:13 - 8:2 great round by pasha, who dealt with two rivals on the "closed" bombsite with awp and a grenade. We're rolling!

11:12 - 7:2 an immediate response by our players, we've escaped the eco!

11:11 - 6:2 we've lost two "close" rounds.

11:07 - 6:0 an important 1v1 won by TaZ against Delpan. Bomb defused!

11:04 - 4:0 four frags by Neo leveled SK's initial advantage in their first gunround!

11:02 - 3:0 three rounds hop quikcly into our account.

11:01 - 1:0 we've started ct with a won pistol round!

11:00 - both teams are already on the server.

10:47 - it seems like we're going to challenge the Swedes on de_train.

10:29 - we're on HLTV:!

10:14 - we've got "standard" half an hour delay.

9:55 - welcome to the second day of ICS#8 and feel invited for an exciting semifinal - Frag eXecutors versus SK Gaming starting soon!

\"\" Day #1

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"The Fx Files" - ESWC 2010

Written by lecho, 06/07/2011 14:10

Let's remind best Fx frags from Electronic Sports World Cup 2010.

The reactivated computer games world championship had brougth many emotions to all Frag eXecutors fans. As we remember, not only because our players participation. Actually it was very close for Polish national team to stay home and fail to get to Paris. Fortunately it all ended well. "The Golden Five" could start their march towards the top.

But before that happened we needed to win our national preeliminaries. This is where first controversies came up, it turned out that only console part of the tournament was played on LAN, the rest of ESWC Poland 2010 had to be held online. In this rather uncommon conditions Fx proved better than BenQ.DELTA in the final, previously beating D-Link PGS in the semis. And because there was a need to save money for train tickets, the organizers decided that the players can't spend money on equipment. They had to play using knives only, fortunately we had Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas in our ranks!

Loord vs. Universal Soldiers (de_train)

Loord is equally dangerous in 1vx with a knife only.

TaZ vs. D-Link PGS (de_nuke)

Wiktor in "The Hunted" again!

The knife thing is of course a joke, but we have to admit that our players - especially TaZ with his famous [ "The Hunted" ] scene - often impress in these pre-match fights. And speaking about TaZ it's worth reminding that he was one of the best Frag eXecutors players during the French tournament. We finished the championship on decent fourth place after beautiful victories with mousesports and revelation from BURNING!, losing only to SK Gaming and mTw in the medal zone. Our team's great form was just around the corner. See again how TaZ was performing in Paris:

TaZ vs. H2k Gaming (de_inferno)

Great eco round by TaZ who was left alone against four equipped opponents and managed not only to frag them, but also defused the bomb!

TaZ vs. SK Gaming (de_train)

Splendid awp ace by Wiktor scored in one versus five situation!

The ESWC 2010 was for many reasons a milestone for Fx team. "The Golden Five" started to believe in their winning capabilities again and felt the hunger, which we could see only three weeks later during GameGune. Since then, with only little expections, the Frag eXecutors team stays on podium in various international events. And in the next "Fx Files" I will remind our players' moments from the forementioned Bilbao tournament.

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Fx against SK Gaming in the ICS#8 finals!

Written by lecho, 05/07/2011 13:30

Frag eXecutors will play against SK Gaming in the groupstage of the Intel Challenge Supercup #8 grand finals.

We've learned the final groups for the Intel Challenge Supercup #8, which finally will take place this weekend in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. I said "finally", because the tournament was at first planned for the next week. The rescheduling forced team fnatic to skip the event, their fate was also shared by TCM-Gaming. Their place was taken by Moscow Five and, placed third in their groups.

Our "Golden Five" was drawn into group A alongside SK Gaming. After bringing in star sniper Marcus "Delpan" Larsson to their lineup the Swedes had scored a hat-trick at DreamHack Summer by winning the IOL League, Swedish WCG and the main tournament. Given that many supporters consider them as the main favourites for the victory. But we musn't forget that Frag eXecutors' last international appearance ended with a [ victory at Copenhagen Games ]. In the very late night final of the Copenhagen marathon we've beaten f0rest's and GeT_RiGhT's team.

Final groups

Group AGroup B
Frag eXecutors ESC-Gaming
KerchNET Moscow Five
SK Gaming Team ROCCAT

Our players are preparing to their trip to Kiev firing at all cylinders. Since Sunday after the EPS Poland final to Thursday they will be working on their game at bootcamp in Piastow. We need our best game because besides our team and Fx we also have strong KerchNET and unpredictable tao in group A. The second group will also be exciting to watch - Moscow Five, who are currently on a high, will battle against their earlier phase nemesis of Team ROCCAT and Swedish revelation from ESC-Gaming. In this group we will also see former USSR lineup, currently playing as

The Intel Challenge Supercup #8 finals will take place on 9-10th of July. From 10:00 till 14:00 CET on Saturday the groupstage games will be played. The teams from first places will qualify directly to Sunday's semifinals those from second and third places will clash in the quarterfinals at 17:00 CET. The second tournament day will have, as I've mentioned, the semifinals (10:00 and 13:00 CET) and the final matches at 17:00 CET. The prize pool is worth 10,000 dollars.

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EPS2 final: Frag eXecutors beats Fear Factory!

Written by lecho, 02/07/2011 10:25

We're playing for the EPS 2 Poland championship!

Today in Zabrze's Multikino the winners of Pro Series, the most prestigeous domestic league series by Electronic Sports League and also an entry door to exclusive Intel Exteme Masters, will be decided. Best FIFA, StarCraft 2 and of course Counter-Strike players will come to Slask. They will share the prize pool of 6,500 euros. The final of the most popular first person perspective game wouldn't take part without domestic dominators of Frag eXecutors.

The route of our "Golden Five" to the final in Zabrze wasn't hard and bumpy at all, the Fx players had won all of their matches without great problems, [ beating MaxFloPlaY ] in the decisive semifinal. Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket "the Factory" was making their way up. The CREATIVE Fear Factory team had recently became our standard opponent in domestic tournament finals. Few days ago they left all other fives behind in the QPAD Spring Cup. Their semifinal EPS win against BenQ.DELTA was also firm and steady. But now they have a somewhat harder task.

Earlier in Bialystok they've learned the difference between fighting with and winning against the world champions. These games were played a month ago and despite single downbeats (such as first match against Moscow Five in the ICS#8) our team's form is slowly going up to a level needed to compete in upcoming international tournaments. Our lads will also have this extra energy boost as their need to show their best to our new partner, PROSTO. It will be interesting to see how aspiring Fear Factory team will perform playing against that well disposed "Golden Five".

The winner will come home with a checque for 1,300 euros plus hardware prizes, the loser will have to settle with a half of this sum. Of course the stake is also Polish ESP Pro Series championship title, which is defended by our players - they've took it playing for Meet Your Makers. All of those who can't see it live in Zabrze can follow all the action on the ESL TV Poland. Let's hope it will be a good show. Fx POWER!

Update: Frag eXecutors wins the ESL Pro Series Poland title! We've beaten CREATIVE Fear Factory 2:0 by easily taking de_train and winning on dust2 after great fightback in the overtime with superior play by Neo. "The Golden Five" crowned the best Polish team again (for the thirty-first time in a row)! Well done!


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Frag eXecutors qualifies for the ICS#8 finals!

Written by lecho, 30/06/2011 13:30

Frag eXecutors will tonight play two matches which will end their second ICS#8 groupstage.

Tonight we will know if "The Golden Five" will manage to take one of two top spots in their group which guarantee a place in the Intel Challenge Supercup #8 finals. Our players will begin by taking on Finnish side paistit and just one hour later challenge Moscow Five for a rematch. Because of DTS.chatrix' withdrawal from the league following their conflict with ICS admins, one victory our of two gives us the qualification. But in case of two losses we will miss the tournament's finals in Kiev.

At 20:00 CET we will play against the star-made mix of the Kovanen brothers. Unfortunately for us paistit has a positive equation against Moscow Five - 16:8 victory and a 15:15 drawn. This puts the Finns in a position in which they only need a tie against Fx to secure their place in the finals. "The Golden Five" hasn't got such comfort but let's remember that in the first game against paistit [ we proved to be the better side ].

An hour later we will take on Moscow Five, who had [ beaten us ] badly in the first match, not giving away any single round. Let's keep in mind though that internet matches have their own laws and surely our players will show much better CS tonight. Especially given that we have EPS Poland finals just around the corner. But we musn't underestimate our opponent as they are in the form of their lives for some time. Also DTS' withdrawal had complicated the situation to the point in which regardless the score of our paistit game, our match will have a stake for M5. The only question is if it will be a group victory (if we'll beat the Finns), or maybe the qualification at all (if we fail). We'll learn the answer in the late evening.

The marathon will start at 20:00 CET and will be aired by Headshot TV. Let's hope for two exciting games in which "The Golden Five" will come out as the better side. The stake is high so let's remember to keep our fingers crossed for our lads and support them in mannered way. Let's show the Fx POWER!

Update: the paistit game didn't went as planned, but the rematch on Moscow Five was a mission accomplished. We lost first half at train 7:8, but after the switch our rivals didn't stand a chance. The 9:0 win and 16:8 overall score gives us the qualification for the Intel Challenge Supercup #8 finals. Well done, gg!


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