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ASUS Summer: Frag eXecutors wins!

Written by lecho, 14/08/2011 10:50

Cheer for our players in their Ukrainian conquest!

Team Frag eXecutors is not slowing down with their preparations to e-Stars Seoul and the last part of the plan is trip to Kiev for another edition of ASUS Summer tournament. Alongside us some other strong teams came to Cyberarena with most notable ones being the hosts from Natus Vincere and refreshed Lions' lineup.

We've seen a notable performance by second Polish team, Fear Factory. Our domestic scene's "second force" outplayed the aspiring Swedes from a2g in the group stage, but failed to stand against our "Golden Five". And because the tournament is being played using the single elimination system, it was game over for ths and the others. But they still deserve big applause. Meanwhile we will play against Lions in the semifinal while on the other side of the bracket we will see an all-Ukrainian war - Na'Vi versus DTS.chatrix. Support our players in their fight for another glory - come on, Fx POWER!

Dodatkowe informacje o meczu

Frag eXecutors Poland

Ukraine DTS.chatrix


16 | 16
2 | 0
3 | 10


19:22 - the end! Great play by Neo and the whole team, DTS.chatrix was helpless, WE'VE WON THE ASUS SUMMER 2011!
19:20 - superb fake and quick entrace by kuben, Neo and pasha onto the closed bombsite - we've got the match point!
19:14 - good play by our team, we've attacking quickly and efficiently. The victory is closing up - 13:9.
19:11 - Neo plays his best and we take round by round. 11:9 for Frag eXecutors.
19:07 - DTS took the pistol round and got into the lead, but our players had instantly drawn the game back - 9:9.
19:04 - we lead into the break with 8:7 score - pops went on a spree with his pistol but Loord ended his streak with... a knife.
19:02 - if only craft1k wouldn't won 1v2 against kuben and Neo, we could take the lead on this map for the first time. 6:7.
18:56 - after a period of our rivals' advantage we start closing the gap - 4:6.
18:43 - we've beginning our inferno defence - by losing the pistol round.
18:33 - our rivals managed to defend only once against Fx attack - we've straightly won finals' first map!
18:29 - attacking pistol round is another point for our team! We have the map round!
18:26 - we've steamrolled through DTS in the first half. 13:2.
18:23 - TaZ lost 1v1 against pops, but it was only the second round took by DTS. We're on 10:2 lead.
18:20 - it wasn't a pause, but HLTV's lag. Our players lead 8:1!
18:18 - good start to our defence on train - we lead 3:0. It's a pause.
17:56 - HTLV for the ASUS Summer 2011 final - Frag eXecutors versus DTS.chatrix:!
17:44 - we will play train, inferno and dust2 in the final - so we've avoided clashing on de_tuscan.
16:13 - at 18:00 CET we will play in the grand final against DTS.chatrix, who surprisingly beat Na'Vi 2:0.

\"\" Semifinal: Frag eXecutors vs. Lions


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