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Frag eXecutors are Europe's LoL vice-champions

Written by lecho, 10/10/2011 14:10

Team Frag eXecutors took silver at the Samsung European Championship 2011, only behind Gameburg.

This was meant to be the revenge for the defeat in the Polish World Cyber Games qualification. It didn't work out unfortunately, but our players still have the reason to be happy. Thanks to their great effort Frag eXecutors had took the runners-up title in the European League of Legends championship! Silver medal and $10,000 prize is without a doubt a success for a team that was created not more than four months ago and is still gaining experience in major tournaments.

Because of SEC rules which says that only team consist of one country's representatives can participate in the European championship, few very strong LoL lineups were absent in Warsaw. The biggest were SK Gaming for which two Germans, a Spaniard and a Dane is playing and equally international fnatic with their star player Maciej "Shushei" Ratuszniak.

The internationallity of the top teams let the doors wide open for the others to play for the medals. Polish teams, who are not hiding their aspirations to conquer LoL's European scene, benefitted it the most. Both Fx and Gameburg outplayed their rivals without many problems. It's worth to say though that strong Team Acer's team forced the latter ones to their best efforts.

Dodatkowe informacje o meczu

Frag eXecutors Poland

Poland Gameburg Team


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The final started in an ideal way for Fx: our players had dominated the first game, quickly gaining huge advantage in buffs, frags and gold. After nearly thirty minutes of playing and big differences in favour of Nicker's players, Gameburg decided to type gg. The fight wasn't over though - Polish WCG champions rapidly learned on their mistakes and tied the match up. The title was decided with a dramatic third game in which there was a moment where nothing seemed to be able to stop our players from taking the title. Unfortunately a moment of inattention plus unlucky positioning opened Gameburg's way to attack which eventually claimed the title of European champions for them.
Final standings:

1st place - Gameburg Team ($15,000)
2nd place - Frag eXecutors ($10,000)
3rd place - Team Acer ($5,000)
4th place - Rage Face
Forementioned Team Acer finished third after beating Rage Face 2:0. Despite an obvious sports anger two second places in WCG Poland and SEC 2011 are definitely a big achievement which will surely motivate our players to try even harder. Congratulations to Europe's vice-champions. Fx POWER!


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