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Frag eXecutors says goodbye to "the Golden Five"

Written by lecho, 17/10/2011 16:00

After more than a year and a half of fruitful cooperation the patchs of Frag eXecutors and the best Polish Counter-Strike team split.

After more than a year and a half of representing the Frag eXecutors colours by "the Golden Five" it is time for changes. The Counter-Strike team officially isn't a part of Fx anymore and is searching for a new organization. The current contracts have expired and despite many efforts and searching for additional partners the team was unable to come up with an offer capable of satisfying the players' needs. The team's players are therefore back to "free agent" status.

We are proud because of such an accomplished team was playing under the Frag eXecutors name. For many people involved in Fx for many years it was coming to a level they didn't even imagine when creating the team back in 1997. Thanks to "the Golden Five" the name Fx appeared again on international esports scene as a strong candidate for various titles. We are also glad that we "give the Golden Five back" to the scene in their great form. When the team joined Frag eXecutors in February 2010 many doubted in this combination, predicting slow burnout for both players and the organization.
We would like to thank Frag eXecutors for 1,5 year of cooperation. It was an organization who gave us big support in the time of crisis and helped us to stand on our feet again. Also it was important for us to fight under Polish colours again after such a long period of playing abroad. We hope that next Fx representatives will recieve the same support as we did and we're glad that because of our cooperation a new chapter in domestic e-sport was opened.
As everyone know behind every organization there are people running it. Therefore we would like to thank Adrian Witkowski, who showed great patience and did his best to fullfil our every need. We also thank everyone who helped the team with their backstage work.
In the end we thank those who matter the most, our supporters. We hope that you will continue to support both team Frag eXecutors and us, no matter where our faith will direct us, with the same energy as you did.

THANK YOU - AGAiN's Filip "Neo" Kubski statement

Because of the support from Fx organization, our sponsors and first of all our players' hard work, together we proved that "the Golden Five" is capable of getting back on top again. During the last 20 months the team took part in 22 various tournaments (6 domestic, 16 international) which were held in 14 cities of 11 countries among the entire world. We were celebrating victories together ten times (6 domestic titles, 4 international). Seven more times we had placed on two other steps of the podium from which "the Golden Five" has not yet stepped off this season.


Former Frag eXecutors CS division:

- Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski
- Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski
- Filip "Neo" Kubski
- Jarosław "pasha" Jarzabkowski
- Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas
In the name of all the managers, sponsors and editors linked with Fx I would like to thank the players for these months of not always easy, but very fruitful cooperation. We would also want to thank for their engagement in Guns Are Drawn but most of all for the hours spent on following tournaments with keeping our fingers crossed for Frag eXecutors' "Golden Five", for these many moments of sporting joy and emotions which this cooperation had gave to us.
A great time, great emotions and memories that will last for many years - this is how I could summarise our cooperation with the lads. We are proud that we managed to bring the best five back to Polish organization. These one and a half year was an extraordinary experience for me and all the people involved in Fx. Now, when our patches part, we would like to heartilly thank the players for all the great work they did and wish them many more successes in their further career. We will always keep our fingers crossed for You and our doors will be always open for Your team. - Adrian "Ziggy" Witkowski, Fx manager
It won't change though because both Fx organization members, "the Golden Five" and also - I hope so - the supporters and readers are among all enthusiasts of Polish electronic sports. As ones we are proud of bringing back the best Polish team under Polish colours again. We will keep supporting them in their further battles for medals and trophies. Fx POWER!


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#1 | Zames | 17/10/2011 16:29 quote



#2 | cotojest | 17/10/2011 17:13 quote

Nasza Zlota Piatka 4 ever

Życzę powodzenia ,za kilka lat chciałbym być jak Wy .


#3 | pahel | 22/10/2011 17:01 quote

mała korekta:
pierwszy akapit: patchs -> paths
The team's -> The teams
wypowiedź neo: 1,5 year -> 1,5 years
our players' -> our players
Frag eXecutors' -> Frag eXecutors
gave to us -> gave us (bardziej współczesna forma)
wypowiedź ziggiego: znowu "one and a half year" -> "one and a half years"
patches part -> paths split
heartilly -> heartily
"It won't change though because both Fx organization members, "the Golden Five" and also - I hope so - the supporters and readers are among all enthusiasts of Polish electronic sports." -> "to się nie zmieni ponieważ zarówno członkowie organizacji Fx, złota piątka i również - mam nadzieję - wspierajacy i czytelnicy są wśród wszystkich entuzjastów polskiego esportu" to zdanie raczej nie ma sensu, poza tym nie można użyć both i wymienić 4 rzeczy. Nie używałbym też "It" bo czytelnik raczej nie pamięta do czego ono się odnosi (a odnosi się do zdania akapit wyżej).

Wiem że nikt nie lubi jak się go poprawia, takie moje zboczenie. Usuńcie post jak poprawicie/przeczytacie.

Życzę Powodzenia FX i Złotej Piątce ;-)


#4 | d0rny | 30/10/2011 16:35 quote

great five x)


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