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Frag eXecutors versus BenQ.DELTA match replay

Written by lecho, 03/10/2011 14:15

A replay of Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011 match between Fx and BenQ.DELTA are now online.

On last Thursday's evening our Counter-Strike 1.6 team [ had beaten ] BenQ.DELTA in a match deciding upon qualification for the Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011. After a nice, although pretty one-sided game Frag eXecutors defeated the oranges 2 to 0 on train and nuke. The match was streamed live via the ESWC Poland 2011 website. Today the replays were posted.

All those who forgot about or couldn't follow this match live, can now sit back and relax while watching it with Piotr "neqs" Lipski's commentary. I invite everyone to do so in his name. I also would like to remind that tonight we will learn the second ESWC Poland finalist. At 21:00 CET forementioned DELTA will play CREATIVE Fear Factory - who do you think will come on top?


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