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Fx loses first quali to GC New York

Written by lecho, 29/08/2011 14:10

"The Golden Five" was unlucky on the Sunday afternoon as they suffered a defeat to lower ranked rival playing without pasha. Lions, M5, mTw and mouz qualified.

It wasn't a successful day for the e-Stars Seoul winners. Frag eXecutors failed to deal with an unknown team Alliance in their very first match of the online preeliminations to the Global Challenge New York. Two other Polish teams took part in the tournament - Gameburg Team and WYBOROWA. None of them didn't make it to third round though with the latter ones beaten by the Moldavians.

The score of 8:16 on dust2 in favour of anynomous rivals just few days after the triumph in e-Stars Seoul can be shocking. But it turned out that our players had to deal with some unforseen difficulties. Because of his internet connection's failure Jarek "pasha" Jarzabkowski was unable to take part in the tournament. Our players quickly found a replacement - he was Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski from MaxFloPlaY, but forced change caused some obvious chaos.

Dodatkowe informacje o meczu

Frag eXecutors Poland

Moldovia Alliance


8 | 16

We aren't the only team that is forced to seek their chance in the second qualifier. The same fate met ones like WinFakt, ESC-Gaming and SK Gaming, who were beaten in an online game by Lions for the second time in short period of time. It looks like that on the next Sunday (September 4th) we will see a real fierce fight for remaining four places in the final part of the qualifying. Let's hope that this time our team will stay out of trouble.
Qualified teams:

- Lions
- Moscow Five
- mTw
- mousesports
Lions, Moscow Five, mTw and mousesports can aleady enjoy their qualification. Theoretically the Russians had the easiest patch, beating Gameburg 16:0 in the process and outplaying Alliance in the deciding match. Contrary to them "The Danish Dynamite" debuting with Friis had beaten pretty decent rivals (puta, DarkPassage, WinFakt). These four teams will take part in the final qualification which will take place on September 11th.


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#1 | chipenk | 30/08/2011 17:41 quote

how disapointing..


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