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Our LoL team won't go to Lodz

Written by lecho, 30/09/2011 12:35

The Frag eXecutors' League of Legends team unfortunately won't show at the Cybersport Game Festival.

Today the third Cybersport tournament in Lodz starts and among the scheduled competitions there are League of Legends' league and GoPL4LoL finals. Unfortunately both of them will run without Frag eXecutors players presence. Despite winning the qualification for both (3v3 and 5v5) our players were forced to resign from a trip to Lodz. The reason behind this is Lukasz "iMba" Dusza's private duties as he's starting his university year this weekend.

The rest of the team, remembering the problems caused by playing in different lineups in EMS and WCG tournaments and having the forthcoming WCG Poland in their minds, decided against searching for a replacement. - "I think that the time we will gain by skipping Lodz will be well used for better preparation to the Polish WCG qualification" - says Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf, team's captain. The Fx supporters have to wait another week to see our players in action. Let's keep our fingers crossed for their practicing and wish all the best to Lukasz on his new, academical path of life!


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