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Poland wins SEC medal tally!

Written by lecho, 10/10/2011 16:55

Polish representatives proved to be the best in European gaming championship by taking six medals including three golds ones.

This is the perfect summary for the European computer games championship which for the first time were held in Warsaw - Polish national team proved to be the best and kept the trophy for the number one nation [ url=]carried[/url] ] onto the stage by Kamil "PLANET" Zalewski during the opening ceremony. The Asphalt player was one of those who contributed in Polish players' impressive result - winning six medals.

Polish "medal bag" was opened by mobile players - forementioned PLANET and Krzysztof "krzychos7" Jarnicki. Our players had beaten the international pack of opponents and, the same as in Thursday's WCG Poland 2011, decided the European championship final between themselves. More experienced PLANET was better again and defended the title he won a year ago, but Krzysztof's efforts deserved a praise - he started to practice Asphalt just a week ago. Third placed was a player known for example for playing Forza Motorosport for series SK Gaming, Niklas "Johnson" Krellenberg.
Samsung European Championship medalists

Asphalt 6:
1st place - Kamil "PLANET" Zalewski
2nd place - Krzysztof "krzychos7" Jarnicki
3rd place - Niklas "Johnson" Krellenberg

Counter-Strike 1.6:
1st place - AGAiN
2nd place - Natus Vincere
3rd place - WinFakt

FIFA 11:
1st place - Jewhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk
2nd place - Tim "Schiewe" Schiewe
3rd place - Mattia "LoneWolf92" Guarracino

League of Legends:
1st place - Gameburg Team
2nd place - Frag eXecutors
3rd place - Team Acer

StarCraft 2:
1st place - Yoan "ToD" Merlo
2nd place - Artur "Nerchio" Bloch
3rd place - Thomas "Cupcake" Glinski

Tekken 6:
1st place - Rosario "Rikimaru" Monaco
2nd place - Boris "The Emperor" Cueto Ortiz
3rd place - Jyrke "Killerdoll" Savolainen
It wasn't the only internal Polish final of this year's SEC. The same situation happened in League of Legends tournament where Gameburg and Frag eXecutors battled for gold. The first ones proved to be the better side and identically as in Asphalt it was a repeat from WCG Poland 2011 final. More about LoL tournament: [ Frag eXecutors are Europe's LoL vice-champions ].

It also wasn't very far for the Polish flag to rise above the highest place in arguably the most prestigeous discipline: StarCraft 2. The recent international revelation, Artur "Nerchio" Bloch, excelled from the very beginning. Team Acer player finished his group without a single defeat and had beaten Jonathan "DarKFoRcE " Belke and Silviu " NightEnD" Lazar in the playoffs. But in the final, despite 1:0 lead and loud cheering by Polish crowd, he failed to deal with Warcraft III veteran - Yoan "ToD" Merlo. Curiously, Nerchio had beaten the Frenchmen in the groupstage so fnatic player took a successful revenge on Polish Zerg.

Medal tally

1 Poland330
2 Ukraine110
3 Italy101
4 France100
5 Germany012
6 Sweden010
7 Finland002
8 Denmark001

The favourites of Counter-Strike fans - "The Golden Five", playing under the name AGAiN - also didn't let their supporters down. The team which is in very good form recently once again proved their class and made crowd jubilant by beating Natus Vincere 2:0 in the final. Title defenders from SK Gaming had disappointing tournament while the second Polish team deserved their praises. CREATIVE Fear Factory made a major upset by crushing eSahara, but fellow countrymen from AGAiN crossed their patch to the final and the Finns from WinFakt took bronze medals away from ths's team.

Our Tekken 6 and FIFA 11 players didn't achieve similar success. Mostly the virtual football supporters may be dissappointed with Bartas and hom3r, but we must remember that the tournament pack was extremely strong. Bartas didn't even managed to pass the groupstage also because his five draws. Meanwhile hom3r did well in first round losing only to gimli, but lost in the first playoff match to Italian LoneWolf, eventual bronze medalist. The triumphant was Yewhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk from Na'Vi, who was earlier beaten by hom3r in the groupstage.

The Ukraininas finished second overall in the medal tally thanks to Natus Vincere's players efforts. The podium was completed with the Italians who won gold (Tekken) and bronze (FIFA) medals. Last year's Samsung European Championship's medal tally winners Swedes scored only one silver this time. Overally the medals from six disciplines were divided by eight countries representatives while a year ago eleven countries had won at least one medal. Let's hope that our national team will repeat the results from Warsaw at the global World Cyber Games finals in Pusan!


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