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QPAD presents new, revolutionary keyboards

Written by lecho, 23/11/2011 14:00

Our main sponsor, QPAD, is introducing two brand new gaming keyboard models: MK-85 and MK-50.

Some time has passed since the introduction of first QPAD MK keyboard, the MK-80 - it was no less than seven months. Since then Swedish engineers haven't rest on their laurels and were working hard on new features to be presented in the series' next models and the result of their work are two new keyboards: QPAD MK-85 and QPAD MK-50, developed for players who want high-end hardware and also thsse willing not to spend too much money for top quality.

The new high-end model of the family, MK-85, is the world's first mechanical keyboard featuring the possibility to press as much buttons as you want at a time even using the USB port. It's a huge innovation comparing to MK-80, which had six button limit when connected via the serial bus. Thanks to the solutions used in the MK-85 the gamers will now be able to forget about various adapters and won't be anymore forced to use the phasing our PS/2 port. Its capability of the N-key roll over can now be used for the first time in an USB-connected keyboard.


Another new feature in the MK-85 are the Cherry MK Red keys. It's an evolution of the Cherry MK Black technology used in the MK-80. The actuation point needed to register a stroke is only two millimeters, also comparing to older model the MK-85 keys are noiseless, without MK-80's characteristic "click". It's a nod towards the players who prefer to play and work silently, for example in the night hours. Also the MK-85 comes along with the USB and audio connectors and together with good-looking red LED back light, which can be programmed separately for every key.


The MK-50 is basically the cheaper version of MK-85 designed for users who want high quality, but not necessarily along with extra features or simply have smaller wallets. Comparing to its bigger brother the MK-50 hasn't got the extra connectors and back light, but offers exactly the same gaming and writing experience using the same technology as in MK-85.

Both keyboards are designed to last around 50 million clicks, have extra media control panel and come with gold plated connectors. Their official presentation will take place on DreamHack Winter, which starts tommorow. The MK-50 will be avalaible from now and the MK-85 will appear in the shops in December. Also because of forecoming holidays QPAD is preparing a special opportunity to order the selected keyboard (MK-50, MK-80 or MK-85) with preferred Cherry MK switches: Blue, Black, Brown or Red. For more information hop on the QPAD's website:


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