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Snax banned for alleged cheating!

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 17:58

Who would thought that "Snax's curse" will in the end work against Janusz himself...

Something unbelieveagle is happening on Polish Counter-Strike scene. Some time ago the Electronic Sports League admins had announced that Mateusz "ham" Roslon was caught cheating. A moment ago Polish Blacklist had confirmed that Norbert "Norbiak" Baginski has also disregarded the fair play and today we've learned that another top Polish player was probably playing his games "under influence".

A great disbelief seized among the e-sports community who learned about the ban for Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski. Only few hours ago his ESL account was put under two years of blockade - the reason being using the illegal software. It's without a doubt a shocking news. But there's more, because only yesterday Snax and his team had changed organizations, moving from MaxFloPlaY to ALSEN Team. That's a true unusual way to celebrate a transfer.

In that case the result of yesterdays match against Frag eXecutors: [ Cybersport League: Fx draws with ALSEN Team ] is also doubtful. A draw against the eXecutors - even on tuscan - is quite an achievement. Although this didn't change ALSEN Team's position in Cybersport League's ranking as they still sit on the last place, it's still worth considering if the point has been earned in a fair way.

For now the whole situation is uncertain. We know that ESL Wire could provide one of its mistakes. Also there is no statement from the admins yet, nor from Snax himself. All should get much more clear in a few hours when we will probably hear a statement from the player. Let's hope that it's only an anticheat software mistake and a player considered one of the best and most promising in Poland will be cleared of the allegation.

UPDATE: Snax found a moment to write a few words for us: "I feel pretty good. I'm at school and recieve dozens of smses and Wcalls. What can I say, it's not the first time I'm banned. Two or three years ago I've also recieved 11pp. The ban was gone after a week... Why? Because an admin had just banned me without a reason, I don't know if he was doing it for fun or whatever. They say I've been hacking, but there wasn't anything on the screenshots?! The link to the match had disappeared, the same is now. The whole situation is silly for me. Let's wait and see how it will solve."


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