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"The Fx Files" - ESWC 2010

Written by lecho, 06/07/2011 14:10

Let's remind best Fx frags from Electronic Sports World Cup 2010.

The reactivated computer games world championship had brougth many emotions to all Frag eXecutors fans. As we remember, not only because our players participation. Actually it was very close for Polish national team to stay home and fail to get to Paris. Fortunately it all ended well. "The Golden Five" could start their march towards the top.

But before that happened we needed to win our national preeliminaries. This is where first controversies came up, it turned out that only console part of the tournament was played on LAN, the rest of ESWC Poland 2010 had to be held online. In this rather uncommon conditions Fx proved better than BenQ.DELTA in the final, previously beating D-Link PGS in the semis. And because there was a need to save money for train tickets, the organizers decided that the players can't spend money on equipment. They had to play using knives only, fortunately we had Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas in our ranks!

Loord vs. Universal Soldiers (de_train)

Loord is equally dangerous in 1vx with a knife only.

TaZ vs. D-Link PGS (de_nuke)

Wiktor in "The Hunted" again!

The knife thing is of course a joke, but we have to admit that our players - especially TaZ with his famous [ "The Hunted" ] scene - often impress in these pre-match fights. And speaking about TaZ it's worth reminding that he was one of the best Frag eXecutors players during the French tournament. We finished the championship on decent fourth place after beautiful victories with mousesports and revelation from BURNING!, losing only to SK Gaming and mTw in the medal zone. Our team's great form was just around the corner. See again how TaZ was performing in Paris:

TaZ vs. H2k Gaming (de_inferno)

Great eco round by TaZ who was left alone against four equipped opponents and managed not only to frag them, but also defused the bomb!

TaZ vs. SK Gaming (de_train)

Splendid awp ace by Wiktor scored in one versus five situation!

The ESWC 2010 was for many reasons a milestone for Fx team. "The Golden Five" started to believe in their winning capabilities again and felt the hunger, which we could see only three weeks later during GameGune. Since then, with only little expections, the Frag eXecutors team stays on podium in various international events. And in the next "Fx Files" I will remind our players' moments from the forementioned Bilbao tournament.R E K L A M A

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#1 | deathtrap | 07/07/2011 20:08 quote

heh nice play by taz


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