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WCG: CS and LoL teams learned their rivals

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 17:35

Our Counter-Strike 1.6 and League of Legends teams had learned their first rivals in the forthcoming WCG Poland 2011.

Only a week left until the start of the World Cyber Games Poland 2011. This edition will be special because, as you know, it will be held together with the Samsung European Championship which is organized in our country for the first time. The stake in Warsaw will then be doubled - there are the tickets to Korea, but also a possibility to play in prestigeous SEC. Among the participants we have both Frag eXecutors team divisions, who today had learned their rivals.

"The Golden Five" will play ALSEN Team, former MaxFloPlaY lineup. The same we had drawn in the Cybersport League match. But of course WCG is a different caliber and we have no doubts that our players will show completely different CS in Warsaw (not speaking about extra motivation of revenging at TeG). The second match in the first round of this four team tournament will be between BenQ.DELTA and Fear Factory, who apparently like to play against each other. No more than few days ago they fought in the ESWC Poland match in which the orange team was surprisingly better.
WCG Poland CS first round:

CREATIVE Fear Factory vs.
Frag eXecutors vs. ALSEN Team
Also our League of Legends team will play against a well-known rival. The players led by Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf will face BenQ.DELTA with whom they had (successfully) fought during the Tembakan. We also had the second chance to play against the oranges, but our rivals decided to hand us the default win in the EMS Poland qualification final match. The second pair of this very strong tournament will be composed of Gameburg and MaxFloPlaY (ex Time-Out). First ones are the winners of the Tembakan LAN while the new MFP five gave us hard time in the... WCG qualification, playing under their old name.
WCG Poland LoL first round:

Gameburg Team vs. MaxFloPlaY vs. Frag eXecutors
Both our teams have pretty strong rivals but especially in Counter-Strike it's hard to predict any other result than Fx's victory. It is much more difficult in LoL, because the country's best teams are on very similar level. We hope that our players will once again show that they have the spark and will deal not only with DELTA, but also the other rivals. Fx POWER!

FIFA and StarCraft 2 tournaments, both having eight finalists, had also been drawn. In both games the groups are extremely even and it's hard to pick favourites. Surprisingly the WCG Poland admins have forgotten about two other tournament games: Asphalt 6 and Tekken 6. It met with an obvious dissatisfaction from their finalists with the current Asphalt European champion Kamil "PLANET" Zalewski among them.


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