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WCG Poland 2011 live!

Written by lecho, 05/10/2011 23:50

Follow our coverage from CS and LoL tournaments of the WCG Poland 2011!

19:22 - double WCG champions will once again go to the Cyberolympics finals. FF failed to make a surprise despite an even beginning.

19:00 - FF showed their teeth by drawing on dust.

18:02 - Counter-Strike's final match is just starting. "The Golden Five" will play CREATIVE Fear Factory!

17:27 - we've failed to beat Gameburg, who will go to Korea to represent Poland in the WCG 2011. We place second and will play in the Samsung European Championship!

17:21 - unfortunately, Gameburg has huge advantage. It will be difficult for our players to recover.

17:05 - FF had won train 16:13 against ALSEN, second map is going. Meanwhile we're inviting you to follow our LoL team - the game against Gameburg can be viewed at the stream.

17:00 - our players were pretty surprised after advancing to the final because the game was meant to be played in best of 3 system. But the referees had decided that one map will be enough to win!

16:23 - despite the technical problems suffered by one of our players and unfair play by DELTA who did Baron at this time, our team managed to get to the rival's base and, after two more "worms", get the advantage we needed to destroy the nexus. Fx > DELTA. We're in the WCG Poland 2011 final.

16:10 - first map is still going. 10:10 in frags, we have a little advantage in gold and we need to use it!

15:48 - the press area is surrounded by speculations regarding Nerchio's and Slider's will to resign from Korea trip. The reason: anxiety because of flight around the globe.

15:35 - stream for our match with DELTA: here.

15:31 - unfortunately we've lost to Gameburg 0:2 and we have to play for the WCG Poland final (and the SEC slot) against BenQ.DELTA.

15:05 - PLANET will travel around the globe to Korea. Same as Nerchio from StarCraft. Second place there for Slider. In his case we can talk about a small surprise.

14:25 - meanwhile the Asphalt final does some black PR to Samsung mobiles. With 1:0 score for PLANET both players had technical difficulties and had to change their devices.

14:19 - Bartosz "hom3r" Pietka is Poland's first WCG 2011 representative! He had defeated Bartosz "Bartas" Tritt after a thrilling FIFA final - congratulations!

14:15 - first nexuses are down. Teams GBT (vs. Fx) and DELTA (vs. MFP) have scored their first maps

13:23 - news from other platforms: Bartas and hom3r will play in FIFA final, Nerchio and Slider will play in SC final. In CS as usual "the Golden Five" dominates, same as the Asphalt European champion PLANET.

12:37 - after talking to players the referees have decided to cancel their earlier decision. GBT had beaten MFP 2:1. Fx is still fighting. Nicker and his colleagues have a little bit advantage in kills.

12:11 - the "Golden Five" had easily beaten ALSEN Team and is in the winners bracket final.

12:05 - in both first round matches we have ties. The referees, hasted by the schedule, surprisingly decided to choose the better teams by comparing the times they needed to win. The team with shorter time would advance further. The decision caused anxiety among the players. They are discussing the situation now.

10:12 - start wasn't fortunate for Frag eXecutors. Two mistakes in battling Baron turned the game over in DELTA's favour, in fact favour enough that after few more minutes the nexus is wasted. Fortunately the games are played in bo3 system, so there is still a chance.

10:00 - slowly we're catching up with the tournament and here are the steram info. The official live coverage is provided here.

Live coverage will start at 9:00 CET.


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