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We defend the e-Stars Seoul champions' title!

Written by lecho, 22/08/2011 16:50

Team Frag eXecutors had won the e-Stars Seoul 2011, beating SK Gaming in the final.

It was a beautiful weekend for all Counter-Strike's and our "Golden Five's" fans. The Frag eXecutors players once again stood to the task that risen in front of them. They have defended the title won a year ago by finishing first at the e-Stars Seoul 2011 in tremendous style! It was our teams' third international victory of the season and also the second one (after ASUS Summer 2011) scored in space of only one week.

The tournament had started very well for us - Spero Spera and TyLoo representatives weren't able to challenge Neo and the others. Also Natus Vincere failed to succeed against our team. The Ukrainians once again missed their "magic" from last season - or maybe it's Fx and SK who made a step ahead? - and had to seize against greatly disposed "Golden Five". Jarek "pasha" Jarzabkowski led us for the victory in this game, his overall performance in the e-Stars should prove his class once and for all and silence the cricitcs underestimating his esports abilities.

Victorious Frag eXecutors on the e-Stars Seoul podium!


According to expectations our most difficult rivals in Korea was SK Gaming. This team had won four tournaments in a row scoring an impressive run of almost 50 games without a defeat. But this time the side led by RobbaN failed to outplay Fx twice. In the winners' bracket final SK could feel comfortable after a huge six rounds won in defence and some inspired play by Delpan, but it all faded comparing to how the Fx team had performed in their ct side. Despite lost pistolround the Poles had won the second part of the match 7:3 and the entire game 16:9.

The final's first map - de_tuscan - is our weakest map for some time, but our players had showed that things on it are getting better. We started well to our attack, but lost pistolround had eventually hit our team back and we've lost the first half 7:8. Another loss in the opening round definitely clinched our loss. We needed to seek for our chance on de_inferno.

Dodatkowe informacje o meczu

Frag eXecutors Poland

Sweden SK Gaming


1 | 9 | 19
2 | 1
0 | 16 | 17 (OT)

We've started the match in the defence with two first rounds, but the Swedes didn't let us build the advantage bigger than two points. At the end of the half our machine got rusty oonce again and we've eventually lost it 7:8. After the switch Fx made the deciding attack: we've won second pistolround on this map and gained a significant lead. It seemed that the match is over. But since 14:9 score our players weren't able to finish it as the rivals were coming closer.

In the key moment of the game the Swedes tied the match at 14:14. Our players decided to take the risk and play for the win. It paid out - a moment later we had the match round! We failed to take it though, but Fx used the momentum to win the overtime defence to nil. It meant that we had three more match rounds - the countdown started. SK had won first two of them, in the third one we've had a 5v3 situation. But our rivals didn't make it easy and put it all into Neo's hand who was left alone in front of two Swedish stars - Delpan and f0rest. How many times Filip made the difference in important moments? It was no different this time. A classic 1v2 gave us the victory.
Final standings:

1st place - Frag eXecutors ($14,000)
2nd place - SK Gaming ($11,000)
3rd place - Natus Vincere ($9,200)
4th place - mTw ($7,400)
5/6th place - mousesports / WinFakt ($5,500)
7/8th place - fnatic / TyLoo ($4,600)

During entire Seoul event our players were excelling in both teamplay and individual skills. They improvised when they needed to, also won many clutch situations with many of them being decisive for the match scores. Our victory at e-Stars showed that the ASUS Summer 2010 triumph wasn't a fluke because of SK Gaming's absence and that this years' rivalry between these two teams can be really fascinating. "The Golden Five" had also extended their run of international podium finishes to seven and there's no indication that this series should stop soon. Fx POWER!


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