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We play DELTA for ESWC Poland finals!

Written by lecho, 29/09/2011 16:25

"The Golden Five" will tonight stand before a chance of winning a place in the ESWC Poland 2011 finals. Our rivals will be

Up to this day the Frag eXecutors Electronic Sports World Cup Poland 2011 campaign was running according to plan. In the first final round match "the Golden Five" outplayed bang! and was waiting for their rival in the winners bracket final. Somewhat surprisingly it came out that we will play BenQ.DELTA. The oranges had won against favourites of Fear Factory 2:1 after an exciting match and today will stand before our players.

Our rivals have had a difficult period. Before the season they got weakened by two key players: BEn and ths [ departure to Fear Factory ]. Then the cheating scandal with Mateusz "ham" Roslon came up and recently szpero and destru had decided to quit competetive CS. All that had forced DELTA to many lineup changes but their recent performances are showing that they are back in their rhytm.

Dodatkowe informacje o meczu

Frag eXecutors Poland

Poland BenQ.DELTA


16 | 16
2 | 0
6 | 7

Our players had [ sensationally drawn ] their last match against ALSEN Team in the Cybersport League. But we must remember that our team had clinched the qualification to the league's finals even before the rematch round had started, so the remaining LC games are no more than a practice for our players. Tonight it will be different and Fx players, who are currently bootcamping in Piastow, surely know that they can't underestimate DELTA. Our tonight rivals had basically nothing to lose and can take any risk which means that we can expect to see many surprising moves from their side.

The match will start at 20:00 CET and will last at most for three maps. Piotr "neqs" Lipski will provide live coverage from the game. His (Polish) stream can be found at Let's hope that our players will once again show what "Fx POWER" means. What score do you predict?

Update: we've easily beaten BenQ.DELTA on train and nuke. Katowice - here we come!


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