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We present our League of Legends team!

Written by lecho, 08/08/2011 21:18

We welcome young, talented players in our lineup.

Changes in Frag eXecutors! After a long time of searching for eventual additions we are ready to follow the trend that had appeared recently in electronic sports and present our new division. It will be formed from young, talented players who already managed to made themselves a name on their platform. And it wasn't their last word!

From now on a League of Legends division joins our ranks with a team that was known as Adversa eSports. These young and promising players had shown that they can successfuly compete not only on domestic, but also on international arena. We hope that our support will help them to fully spread their wings and show their full potential.
Frag eXecutors League of Legends:

- Pawel "Alvado" Kaminski
- Lukasz "iMba" Dusza
- Pawel "Ismaro" Szpracel
- Kuba "Kubon" Turewicz
- Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf

- "It was a nice surprise for us to recieve an offer from Frag eXecutors. After long talking we've decided that it will be a good move" - says Piotr "Nicker" Muzolf, teams' captain - "We're excited by this fact but also we know that there are high expectations within our new team which we are going to fulfill. Our first important test will be the GamesCom event in which we want to show in a good way. We're hoping that our cooperation will be successful for both sides and together we will win not one, but many trophies."

- "It took us many months to take a deep look into League of Legends, the players and the teams, since we became certain that there is a team in Poland that is doing well in international competition, which is a priority for Frag eXecutors" - our manager Adrian "Ziggy" Witkowski added. - "We trust that the team which from now on will wear our colours has the potential we will help them to release. Their first test will be the upcoming IEM 6 tournament during the GamesCom fair. We all can't wait for that and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the guys to show their best."

The great debut of Frag eXecutors' League of Legends team will take place at the Global Challenge in Cologne. Our new players are practicing hard to show their best in the "group of death" in which they will play in the LoL tournament. We hope for a good performance and who knows, maybe some surprises? Of course we will make full coverage from the event. And now let us welcome our new players in the team and wish them luck - Fx POWER!


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#1 | mateuszpro 0 | 08/08/2011 21:50 quote

1st good luck ;))


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