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About us

Frag eXecutors is a professional e-sports organization, meaning it is made up of the best professional computer players participating in competitions in Poland and around the world. We were formed late in 1997 and we are the oldest still functioning organization in our country. In the beginning we competed in the game of QuakeWorld just for fun, but with the creation of Counter-Strike we decided to take gaming much more seriously. From 2001 we took part in every large competition of CS in Poland, quickly earning a top spot in Poland?s elite. The culminating moment in the proliferation of Fx was the international tournament of ACON5 (2005) in which as the Polish representative, we placed an amazing eighth place amongst the world?s elite.

This success enabled us to partner with our first sponsors and solidify our position amongst other teams in our country. Another breakthrough happened one year later; right before the finals of the first edition of Heyah Cybersport (December 2005), we finalized talks with Polkomtel S.A. Now as Frag eXecutors.Simplus we fought out a second place finish to become the vice-champion of Polish CS. As it would turn out, this would be the beginning of our string of successes. Our America?s Army division became the best team in Europe, our Quake 4 team was crowned Polish champions beating a favored Team Pentagram in the finals, and on top of all of this, we had successes from our 1v1 players ? Mateusz ?matr0x? Ożga won the Polish eliminations for the Electronic Sports World Cup, earning a spot in the ESWC Grand Finals in France.

Currently, Frag eXecutors consists of nine players competing in two disciplines: Counter-Strike 5v5 and Quake 4 1v1. Every one of our players is at the absolute peak of our country?s elite, and our team fights for the highest honors every time in our country?s leagues. With increasing frequency we show ourselves in the rest of Europe ? with the support of our sponsors and partners we have the budget which allows us to compete with international teams.

However, are team is not only made up of players. The squad of Frag eXecutors is also made up of managers who take care of the finances and the organization as a whole, and in addition to them the top Polish e-sport journalists who?s task it is to bring the readers of our website the most up to date information from the country, and world. Together, this group of people forms an establish team full of chemistry in which they only have one goal: to become a household name, not only in Poland, but also in the world.

Fx Power!