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Korea Game TV Ongamenet Funny CF (commercial) Starcraft (1:51)

Tags: korea starcraft commercial
Korea Game TV Ongamenet Funny CF (commercial) Starcraft

Fragged by Noxis (7:08)

Tags: noxis fragmovie; quake3
Fragged by Noxis is a not just another fragmovie.

The Dark Knight trailer (2:07)

Tags: batman
Why so serious?

Neural Impulse Actuator (0:38)

Tags: nia ut3
Play Video Games With Your Mind. Old fart playing UT3 without using any tandard device.

Make love, not Warcraft (0:42)

Tags: southpark wow world of warcraft
Soutpark World of Warcraft parody

ESWC 2008 Trailer (1:23)

Tags: eswc
As title says.

Basshunter - DotA (new) (3:04)

Tags: basshunter dota
New video from Basshunter song about DotA.

Second Skin_ (2:29)

Tags: mmorpg wow document
Trailer of documental film about world of MMORPG.

Doom Rickroller (0:30)

Tags: doom
Doom Rickroller

Badass Pentagram (3:30)

Tags: PGS Neo Luq Taz
Badass Pentagram

eMazing East Coast Attitude (3:06)

Tags: emg
eMazing East Coast Attitude

Bomb defusing at de_nuke (0:53)

Tags: de_nuke
faculty defuses through ceiling at iFNG Frankfurt

SK Gaming Superstars (3:01)

Tags: sk-gaming
SK in XtremeQuest

SK Gaming is Believing (1:49)

Tags: sk-gaming
Der neue SK Werbespot für INTEL

16-year-old Pole wins gaming final (2:21)

Tags: quake4 eswc
Krzykowski not Krzyowski stupid woman!;d

CPMA done by Vo0 (10:39)

Tags: quake3 fragmovie
Fragmovie by Vo0

Inside the monitor (1:21)

Tags: dokument trailer
Trailer od documental film. More info about this material at

Real Life Forum Discussion (2:20)

Tags: zabawne
Real Life Forum Discussion

JOHN CLEESE Compaq (0:30)

Tags: reklamy

CPL Babbages (6:07)

Tags: quake3 cpl
Epic Cyberathlete Professinal League Quake 3 1on1 tournament in Texas, Dallas.

Strzelin CPMa (5:24)

Tags: quake3
Strzelin CPMa 1v1

Cyber Athletes Of South Korea (CBS News) (2:00)

Tags: starcraft tv
The world's most wired country is giving rise to a new class professional "cyber athletes" who square off on computer games for fortune, fame and the esteem of a nation. Barry Petersen reports. (

Kode 5 Poland broadcast (0:30)

Tags: kode5
Kode 5 Poland broadcast

Kode 5 Poland broadcast #2 (0:30)

Tags: kode5
Kode 5 Poland broadcast #2

The Abracadabra (5:14)

Tags: UT3 fragmovie
fragmovie, 1st UT3 movie

Video Games Live - Classic game themes Orchestrated (8:28)

Tags: tv
0:06 Pong (The orchestra takes over from the game sound at 0:22) 0:34 Space Invaders, Taito 0:43 Asteroida, Atari 0:47 Missile Command, Atari 0:51 Defender, Williams (Score is Wagner's Ride of the Va

Kode5 - relacja z imprezy by (2:49)

Tags: kode5 dokument
Zapraszamy na naszą relację z dwódniowej imprezy Kode5 Global Gaming Revolution.

Kode5 - rozmowa z Adamem Dybą by (4:12)

Tags: kode5 dokument
Rozmowa z Adamem Dybą, organizatorem polskiej edycji turnieju Kode5 Global Gaming Revolution.

Polska edycja Kode5 by (9:04)

Tags: kode5 dokument
Polska edycja Kode5 by

East Games United 2008 (0:56)

Tags: tv spot

Quake Grandpa (0:41)

Tags: quake3 quake4 cs
What pisses off Quakers?

ESWC 2008 trailer (1:23)

Tags: ESWC
ESWC 2008 trailer

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles (1:05)

Tags: tv
Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles

KoRn - Haze (3:01)

Tags: korn haze tv
KoRn - Haze

BeT.Sweet surround MYM]Moon PGL 08 (0:52)

Tags: moon wc3
^_________________________^ - ESWC National Finals 2008 (7:03)

Tags: hoorai eswc cs - ESWC National Finals 2008

CS NPCL 2006-2007 Russia vs begrip (3:20)

Tags: cs begrip npcl
CS NPCL 2006-2007 Russia vs begrip

Fantomy 2008 - wideorelacja (3:23)

Tags: luq fantomy
Fantomy 2008 - wideorelacja - iFNG Frankfurt (EPS XII) (4:34)

Tags: hoorai cs - iFNG Frankfurt (EPS XII)

Afront - Forum (3;02)

Afront - Forum

CybaerAsy 2007 - grabarz bawi się aparatem (1:10)

Tags: d00mer. freak grabarz hlc
CybaerAsy 2007 - grabarz bawi się aparatem

Steelseries Ikari Laser Mouse by GGL|Mahmood (3:22)

GGL's Mahmood Ali reviews the Steelseries Ikari laser mouse. The Ikari features the ability to hit 3200 CPI, internally saves its settings so you can take it anywhere without its drivers, and features Stee

ROTK 08: Video from the finals (4:44)

ROTK 08: Video from the finals

ESWC 2008 Poland (1:06)

Tags: ESWC
by 4thDimension Production

JustPlay na VI MegaNet Caffe (3:09)

JustPlay na VI MegaNet Caffe

mym.moon @ CCTV (2:40)

mym]moon @ CCTV

Finał CS ESWC 2008 Poland (4:49)

film by Rostek

Fear Factory X-Fi - promo movie (1:01)

Tags: ff
Fear Factory X-Fi - promo movie

eswc after party (1:54)

Tags: eswc
eswc after party

SK.swe Gaming is Believing (1:04)

Tags: SK tv spot
This is the commercial for SK.swe - it's a bit older (HeatoN is still in the team) but it's still great.

Russian girl gamers take on the boys (3:41)

Tags: cs tv
A new Russian sports team is starting to grab some major championship medals. The "Megapolis" team made up of three young women is doing virtual battle in the world of computer gaming and seems to be

sAviOr vs FBH w ArirangTV (6:03)

Tags: sc korea tv

EA Masters by D-Link PGS (3:06)

Tags: fifa pgs
EA Masters by D-Link PGS

[TSL Semifinal] NoNy vs Draco Game 1 (42:23)

Tags: Draco sc vod
The first semifinal of the Razer TSL was between NoNy and Draco. Here is game 1 on Othello.

[TSL Semifinal] NoNy vs Draco Game 2 (28:50)

Tags: Draco sc vod
The first semifinal of the Razer TSL was between NoNy and Draco. Here is game 2 on Wuthering Heights.

[TSL Semifinal] NoNy vs Draco Game 3 (30:13)

Tags: Draco sc vod
The first semifinal of the Razer TSL was between NoNy and Draco. Here is game 3 on Blue Storm.

Zacard ~200 APM (1:04)

Tags: wc3 sk
Zacard ~200 APM

The Late Late Show - GTA4 Sketch (4:28)

Tags: gta tv
Grand Theft Auto 4 with Tim Meadows

MadTv - Grand Theft Auto Board Game (2:28)

Tags: gta tv
MadTv - Grand Theft Auto Board Game

Weezer - Pork and Beans (3:18)

Tags: tv freak
Weezer - Pork and Beans

Bears of War : Where eggs are frying on stones... (2:38)

Tags: tv freak sledziu
Bears of War : Where eggs are frying on stones...

Charlie The Unicorn (3:46)

Tags: tv freak
Charlie Goes To Candy Mountain Made by TypeQueen of NewGrounds and SecretAgentBob on Youtube.

KODE5 VoD: Virtus Pro Match (5:53)

Tags: cs vod kode5
EG.usa takes down the local favorites, Virtus Pro, to complete a 4-0 sweep in the "group of death" at the KODE5 Global Finals.

CGS 2008 Regular Season | Starts June 2nd (0:52)

Tags: cgs css tv
CGS 2008 Regular Season | Starts June 2nd

the-eXperience 2008 trailer (1:12)

Tags: experience tv
Trailer of the eSport championship the-eXperience in Roskilde, Denmark.

KODE5 Final - mTw.AMD vs fnatic (10:49)

Tags: kode5 mtw fnatic cs tv
KODE5 in Moscow - Grand final. mTw.AMD wins inferno: 16-6 / nuke: 16-5

WCG 2008 Official Promo Video (6:31)

Tags: wcg tv
The official World Cyber Games 2008 Promotional Video. Visit for more info

ExtremeMasters Season 2 World Finals Review (3:22)

Tags: esport tv
CeBIT 2008 was the place for the World Finals of season 2. This video shows scenes and impressions of the finals.

ProZaC: Hit me baby one more time (1:06)

Tags: prozac eswc tv
ProZaC: Well ... this clip has a long story behind it, I was about to play Akilles on stage, and I was just being happy and singing to myself, when one of the crew asked: - 'Oh prozac you going to sing,

Preview GameFestival 2008 (0:30)

Tags: gf
More info at

Ed's Super Fix It (2:02)

Tags: ed freak
Super Service of Fat Ed

E-@thletes Trailer #1 (1:49)

Tags: esport e-athletes
The story of the greatest rivalry in gaming history

nEophyte playing at ESWC Masters O8 (4:17)

Tags: neophite eswc masters
Czech team nEophyte playing versus against All authority at ESWC Masters 2008. neophyte won 19:11.

Emulate jingle ESWC (0:16)

by Ey3shi3ld

ESWC Masters POV Mouz #12 (6:03)

Tags: ESWC Masters Mouz
ESWC Masters POV Mouz #12

ESWC Masters of Paris 2008 - matr0x interview (4:10)

Tags: matr0x eswc masters
Interview with our player done by PGS Gaming.

cypher vs av3k - eswc masters 2008 (0:30)

Tags: av3k cypher eswc masters
cypher vs av3k - ESWC Masters 2008 Semi-finals, end of game 2 Cypher comes back to win it with 1 min left in the game and a 3 frag deficit.

cyx vs MYM (0:54)

Tags: mym eswc masters
ESWC Masters 2008 Mousesports vs. MYM 17 - 13 de_train

mTw. ESWC Masters 2008 (7:33)

Tags: mtw eswc masters
mTw.AMD | MJE -.- mTw.AMD | whimp mTw.AMD | zonic mTw.AMD | ave -.- mTw.AMD | Sunder

2008 ESWC Master World Final (8:33)

Tags: eswc masters
2008 ESWC Master World Final

Anouc at ESWC Masters (2:36)

Tags: anouc eswc masters
Interview with Anouc at ESWC Masters in Paris





x6tence GameGune 2008 (0:46)

Tags: x6tence gamegune
The strongest Spanish team: x6tence in flesh.

Clips from GameGune'08 (1:05)

Tags: gamegune
Clips from GameGune'08

TBH in Bilbao (6:55)

Tags: TBH GameGune
Team Bavarian Heaven is having a good time in Spain. The Germans were defeated by our team in the first round in the upper bracket during GameGune.

MiBR in the GameGune 2008 Final (1:37)

Tags: mibr gamegune
Made in Brazil in the GG final

masalito vs. wNs.eSports (0:30)

Tags: gamegune
masalito from iNNERFiRE is hot on fire.

MoB 180 Energy Drink Promo (0:53)

Tags: mob
Advertisement of the energy drink 180 distributed by MoB Gaming Family during Nerv LAN, in Allentown in the United States.

MoB 180 Energy Drink Promo 2 (0:46)

Tags: mob
Advertisement for the energy drink 180 distributed by MoB Gaming Family.

Abmachung ist abmachung (8:41)

Tags: TBH GameGune
Revenge TBH. More:

Quakecon 2008: Interview with John Carmack (4:48)

Tags: quakecon quakelive
JC about QL and QuakeCon. In the background match with chance and carnage.

Rage trailer (2:00)

Tags: rage quakecon
Trailer Rage @ QC'08

GAME FACES: Click Click Click (0:28)

Tags: eg tv
Confessions of a Gamer: "Click Click Click.". Advertisement campaign by Intel with collaboration from Evil Geniuses.

GAME FACES: A Good Day (0:36)

Tags: eg tv
Confessions of a Gamer: "Frag you're it.". Advertisement campaign by Intel with collaboration from Evil Geniuses.

GAME FACES: Four Up Four Down (0:30)

Tags: eg tv
Confessions of a Gamer: "Sometimes you only need one shot." Advertising campaign by Intel with collaboration of Evil Geniuses.

LAN Party Massacre (0:50)

Tags: trailer

Fx vs iNNERFiRE (0:14)

Tags: fomfny fx
Tactics of Fx

Euskal encounter 2008 Quake (1:03)

Tags: av3k jibo quake3 gamegune
Final Av3k vs Jibo na GameGune 2008Euskal encounter 2008 Quake

Dreamhack VOD: EG vs SK Match (Finals) (6:40)

Tags: dota eg sk dreamhack vod
EG.DotA plays SK-Gaming in the Grand Finals of Dreamhack Summer 2008

Interview with Crash (3:43)

Tags: lol
Chorzów 2008

ESWC 2008: De dag ervoor (2:09)

Tags: ESWC
WZZRD.TV @ ESWC'08. A few clips from ESWC San Jose.

ESWC08: SK vs roccat (3:28)

Tags: eswc sk roccat

dsn vs mTw (0:46)

Tags: dsn mtw fnatic eswc
dsn owns mTw

Fx|Ben ACE AWP vs Fnatic (0:39)

Tags: ben fx fnatic eswc
Fx|Ben ACE AWP vs Fnatic on ESWC 2008

ESWC08: SK vs mouz (2:41)

Tags: eswc sk mouz
SK vs mouz by

MYM goes into the final (1:02)

Tags: mym eswc
MYM goes into the final

Teleexpres - Interview with Luq and Taz (1:52)

Tags: taz luq tv esport eswc
The victory of mYm during ESWC San Jose, documented by Teleexpres in an interview with Luq and Taz.

ESWC 2008 top frags (10:50)

Tags: fragmovie eswc
Top Frags from ESWC 2008 in San Jose, California. Congrats to MYM and all the top teams.

ESL promomovie (4:02)

Tags: ESL esport
Promotional video for Electronic Sports League.

Super Mario Rescues The Princess (2:05)

Tags: supermario
A parody of Super Mario made by the makers of Family Guy.

Korean pro-gamers put away their old shoes (4:23)

Tags: starcraft korea
ChRh (Choi In-Gyu), H.O.T Forever (Kang Do-Kyung), Qoo)CLon (Jo Hyung-Guen) - champions of starcraft put away their old boots

Warhammer Online Cinematic Trailer 2 (4:31)

Tags: trailer
Preview to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Intel Extreme Masters Leipzig Review (3:26)

Tags: EM leipzig esl
Snippets from EM in Leipzig.

Kingsurf in 8TV Quickie (10:26)

Tags: eswc dota
Vice champion in DotA from ESWC 08 in San Jose in a TV program.

ESWC 2008 San Jose (Clip) (4:18)

Tags: ESWC
Movie from guess about what.

Lord loves Rob! (0:34)

Tags: sk loordb robban fun
SK|RobbaN kisses LoordB

Insanely fast tetris (3:57)

Tags: tetris
Not bad? Polish guy.

Final of Heyah Logitech Cybersport powered by Komputronik 2008 (8:58)

Tags: hlc cybersport
Final of Heyah Logitech Cybersport powered by Komputronik 2008. Blue Expo Hall 18-19 September.

DHW08 - SK vs mTw highlight-movie (3:31)

Tags: fragbite sk mtw fragmovie
SK:s way through the grand final in the WGT-tournament on DreamHack Winter 2008. Music: Trendcase - Roxy (instrumental) Can be downloaded at Trendcase: Robin Alm (Vo

IFNG Kraków - official clip (1:39)

Tags: ifng fx esl cs
Clip from the matches of ESL Pro Series at Intel Friday Night Game, which took place September 20th in the theater Kijów

Snippets from IFNG KRAKÓW 2008 (2:32)

In the theatre Kijów.

Intel Friday Night Game - PGA 2008 by UCP.MP3store EC (7:59)

Tags: ifng pga fx ucp
Intel Friday Night Game - PGA 2008 by UCP.MP3store EC

Zeus - Gamers (3:47)

Tags: Zeus gamers
A piece on the new CD of Zeus produced entirely by him - "Zeus. Who has no equals"

The Screen Savers - Quake 3 Tips with Fatal1ty + Thresh (10:13)

Tags: fatal1ty q3 tresh
Fragment of a program "The Screen Savers - Quake 3 Tips with Fatal1ty + Thresh" from 2002 where both of the most famous gamers gave tips to viewers. Look...Jonathan still had boobs back then!

Lucifer spacecase (0:12)

Tags: lucifer lol wc3
Lucifer crashs with his chair on the NGL ONE Finals 2008 in Berlin(Teltow)

Generation Online (1:20)

Tags: esport
Preview of the first german documentary about esports, whose premier is on January 12th, 2009. More info at

E-Sport Magazine E96 (25:08)

Tags: esport tv
Korean TV program about the happenings in esport. Episode 96

Pro Gamers LLC t/a MoB Gaming Family (3:34)

Tags: MoB promo
Another great movie promoting the American team Mafia of Brothers Gaming Family aka Pro Gamers LLC.

Where the hell was Patrik? (3:46)

Tags: carn fnatic
100 days in the travels of Carn from fnatic. More on these travels can be found here:

WCG Ultimate Gamer promo (2:22)

Tags: tv. wcg
WCG Ultimate Gamer promo

That's Incredible - First Video Game World Championship (8:51)

Tags: classic tv
Program ABD TV shown in the USA on the 8th of January, 1983. Do you still think you're older than e-sport?

n0thing de_nuke wallbang (1:05)

Tags: n0thing EG de_nuke
Spectacular wallbang-headshot by n0thing from Team EG.USA against Team EG.Canada on de_nuke during Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in Montreal.

Evil Geniuses vs X3O - WCG'08 USA CS (7:49)

Tags: EG x3o de_dust2
American Qualifiers to WCG 2008. Match EG vs. x3o.

Meet gazra. (0:36)

Tags: cs gazr
The Australian from Team Immunity is known for his ADHD.

Fatal1ty <3 WoW (6:00)

Tags: fatal1ty wow
During CES '09 ZAM asks Jonathan Wendel aka fatal1ty about WoW.

Clip from IFNG Poznań 2008 @ PGA (2:07)

Tags: ifng pga fx Poznań
Clip from the second stop of IFNG in Poland, which took place at PGA on November 22nd, 2008 at the Intel HP arena.

First eSports stadium through the eye of ESL TV (8:46)

Tags: esl chengdu 2gd stadium
Reporter ESL TV James "2GD" Harding who was present at IEM shows the viewers around the first eSport stadium in the world!

ESL TV: Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu Highlights (2:05)

Tags: chengdu esl wnv wemade
The most interesting moments of the CS tournament IEM in Chengdu.

ESL TV: IFNG sezon 13 - snippets from Cologne (3:30)

Tags: cologne ifng esl
Intel Friday Night Games Season 13 am Köln.

ESL TV: wNv|Savage 1 v 5! (1:14)

Tags: esl chengdu wnv
wNv|Savage tops 5 players from Wemade Fox (ex-eSTRO) in the final of ESL Intel Extreme Masters in Chengdu. Thanks to wNv's win over WMF, the Chinese are richer by $25,000.

GamePlay TV: Cooller with a coffee (4:43)

Tags: cooller progamer moscow 1gtv q3
Anton "Cooller" Singov talks about his career in russian.

Live On 3: DJWheat about compLexity and the downfall of CGS (1:29:06)

Tags: lo3 djwheat complexity wow
Marcus Graham, known american e-sport commentator, in a radio edition of LO3, talks with listeners about the new WoW squad of compLexity, as well as the downfall of the Championship Gaming Series

Elektrischer Reporter: Daddeln als Karriere (10:42)

Tags: tv. wcg germany
German TV program from ZDF "Electronic Reporter". Episode dedicated to esports.

How Team Pandemic won Antwerp (8:00)

Tags: cod4 team pandemic
The championship squad of Antwerp eSport Festival 2008: Nabore, crzg, prank`, keithsu & skinz.

Mousesports 2008 - Ready Willing & Able (8:15)

Tags: cs fragmovie mousesports
Fragmovie of the once powerhouse German team.

Team Dignitas TV: memories from Dubai (9:50)

Tags: team dignitas dubai
A few short recordings from the trip of the English team to Dubai for ESL Extreme Masters.

University lecture on StarCraft (1:27:30)

Tags: starcraft
Lecture on the topic of Starcraft conducted at the American university of UC Berkeley.

KODE 5 2009 - Peru Qualifiers (9:59)

Tags: kode5 peru
Artyk wins the ticket to Moscow.

WCG 2008 Movie by MooN (24:22)

Tags: starcraft wcg
Compilation of the most spectacular action of World Cyber Games 2008.

MiBR World Tour 2008 fragmovie (9:03)

Tags: MiBR
MiBR against the rest of the world.

Cypher, 2-time champion of ESWC for 1GPTV (7:17)

Tags: cypher q3 moskwa 1gptv progamer
Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevsky in an interview for russian television

Beyond the Game - official trailer (2:02)

Tags: wc3 grubby sky documentary wcg
Trailer from the documentary film of the Warcraft 3 Battle between Sky and Grubby.

Dante´s Inferno trailer: go to hell (1:55)

Tags: xbox
The adaption of the famous 12th century book.

ESL Pro Series Finals in Warsaw - Preview (4:08)

Tags: esl warsaw eps
This Friday, March 13th, 2009, will be the Grand Finals of the ESL Pro Series. The whole thing will take place in club Stodoła in Warsaw. Begins at 16:00, free entrance. Finals will take place in Counter-St

Professional Gamers: xek - CS fragmovie (2:54)

Tags: cs fragmovie
22 year old Alexander "xek" Zobkov. The russian player of Begrip, EYEsports, competitor in the ASUS tournament in Moscow.

WCG Ultimate Gamer: Are You Ready to Rock? (43:50)

Tags: wcg
Entertainment program on the the Sci Fi Channel in collaboration with the World Cyber Games, in which known American gamers try their luck in popular computer games. Episode 1.

ESL Poland TV: Girls of Counter-Strike (9:06)

Tags: fantazja fx
Interview by Rafał Wasyluk with members of the female counter-strike scene. The interview was conducted in light of the stream to the first final of the first EPS season in poland. Inside you can see Frag eXec

Wolfenstein Occult Trailer (1:32)

Tags: wolfenstein trailer
New game from ID Software and Raven, taking place during World War II (+zombies:)), should release in July of this year.

Need For Speed Shift - Teaser Trailer (0:47)

Tags: NFS trailer
The next part of the cult-like series from EA Sports.

fnatic f0rest@EMIII Global Finals Mini-Movie (4:40)

Tags: fnatic f0rest fragmovie em esl
fnatic f0rest@EMIII Global Finals by unDa

Torzelan at Quake Live - compLexity competition (3:02)

Tags: QL fragmovie
The winning video of the compLexity frag movie competition from the Quake Live beta.

Official movie ESL Poland from the Pro Series Final (2:50)

Tags: eps ifng Warsaw pes cs pgs fx mym cycu solar ben
The final of the first EPS season in the form of Intel Friday Night Game. Warsaw, March 13th, 2009. Club "Stodoła"

Program OG: report from the ESL Pro Series Final (5:17)

Tags: Program OG esl eps warsaw fx mym
Report from the ESL Pro Searies Warszawa "Stodoła" in the objective of Program OG.

StarCraft II: Battle Report II - Zerg vs. Terran (22:45)

Tags: starcraft 2 vod
Showcase match showing the balance between the races of Zerg and Terran played by two workers for Blizzard who were responsible for this element of the game.

Nomadic destroys noobs in CA (QL) (9:48)

Tags: nomadic quakelive vod
1 pro > a whole clan of no-namers

Shooting in Manhattan in Iron Will (1:59)

Tags: Call of Duty Iron Will tv
Television material from cable channel Stella about the map showing a Manhattan residential district in Iron Will, in the game of Call of Duty 2.

ESWC Cheonan: GeT_RiGhT vs mousesports (0:23)

Tags: GeT_RiGhT fnatic mousesports korea eswc
GeT_RiGhT from fnatic against team mousesports. Tournament: ESWC Cheonan.

ESWC Cheonan: Counter-Strike Grand Final VOD (1:22:59)

Tags: eswc fnatic sk-gaming korea vod
SK Gaming vs. Fnatic MSI. May 5th. Grand final of ESWC in Korea. (Match begins in 10th minute of video.)

WCG 2009 China National Final Promo (1:31)

Tags: WCG chiny
Promotional video for this years Chinese World Cyber Games

Painkiller: Resurrection in action (3:18)

Tags: painkiller trailer
New PK with commentary from one of the creators in the background.

GeT_RiGhT bunnhops on stage (2:37)

Tags: fnatic GeT_RiGhT sk gaming dreamhack lemondogs
This is how Lemondogs won DH Summer'09!

StarCraft II: Battle Report III - Zerg vs. Protoss (17:44)

Tags: starcraft 2 vod
Showcase match showing the balance between races Zerg and Protoss played by two workers of Blizzard responsible for this element of the game.

Arirang TV Prime: Electronic Sports in China (11:39)

Tags: we china
Korean TV program Arirang TV Prime about e-sports in China.

German TV report about esports in Korea (7:05)

Tags: esport korea
Auslandsreport über die eSport-Szene in Südkorea.

Preview of Polish Online DotA championships (1:48)

Tags: dota
Polish championships of DotA Online by

compLexity @ WCG Quiver Shootout 2009 (5:33)

Tags: compLexity New York WCG
Look how compLexity won the WCG Quiver Shootout 2009 in New York.

King of Chinatown - preview of the movie about a progamer (2:30)

Tags: progamer
Justin Wong is the world champion in Street Fighter 4. The movie shows his professional life. Premiers in September.

E-Stars Seoul Final CC, CS: fnatic vs WF 1 (41:54)

Tags: E-Stars Seul korea fnatic wemadefox vod
fnatic.MSI vs. WemadeFOX [26 July, 2009] Game 1 @ Final E-Stars Seoul Continental Cup

E-Stars Seoul Final CC, CS: fnatic vs. WF2 (25:55)

Tags: E-Stars Seul korea fnatic wemadefox vod
fnatic.MSI vs. WemadeFOX [26 July, 2009] Game 2 @ Final E-Stars Seoul Continental Cup

Warsow 0.5 Official Trailer (1:14)

Tags: warsow esport
Warsow is a completely free FPS game which doesn't even take up 300 MB of space on your hard drive. You can download it at

World of Warcraft: preview of new addition (4:41)

Tags: wow trailer
The trailer debut was during this years edition of Blizzcon in the USA.

Project Fnatic: f0rest (3:10)

Tags: f0rest fnatic fragmovie cs
Patrik Lindberg in action!

FIFA 10 - UK TV Advert (2:01)

Tags: fifa advert
"How Big Can Football Get?

Fatal1ty confirms attendance at PGA 2009 (0:53)

Tags: Fatal1ty pga
The blog of Jonathan Wendel about his time at Oktoberfest.

WCG Vietnam National Championship 2009 PR VOD (1:00)

Tags: wcg wietnam
WCG Vietnam National Championship 2009 PR VOD

Chinese version of WCG Anthem: "Beyond the Game" (3:37)

Tags: wcg china chengdu
mp3 -

BlizzCon: An Event For Fans (10:39)

Tags: blizzcon blizzard
Amateur documentary about BlizzCon.

Cheater caught at WCG Brazil (3:34)

Tags: WCG Brazil cheater
Aspx was caught cheating during the Brazilian qualifying tournament for the World Cyber Games. His team ECO.Cobra earned 4/5 place. The rewards have been forfeitted.

Poznań Game Arena 2009 - trailer (1:05)

Tags: PGA Poznań
Poznań Game Arena 2009 - Entertainment and Multimedia convention. Biggest such convention in this part of Europe!

Information from China about Dreamhack (1:48)

Tags: dreamhack sweden
Information from China about Dreamhack

DreamHack Winter 2009 HD trailer (0:33)

Tags: dreamhack sweden
Preview for the upcoming LAN event in Sweden.

Rapha training with Cooller before Dubai (2:24)

Tags: rapha cooller dubaj esl sk
Don't be afraid to put the volume up :)

Rapha follows the draw for EM Dubai groups (6:11)

Tags: rapha dubai esl sk
He's not worried about anyone.

WCG 2002: ZeRo4 (USA) vs Cooller (Russia) (21:42)

Tags: Cooller ZeRo4 WCG
Historic group match. Commentary by djWHEAT.

DJ Leon at the ASUS-Intel booth (1:51)

Tags: ASUS Intel PGA
In the meantime Sylwia is owning some heads in Counter-Strike.

Two unpredictable rockets from Cypher (0:07)

Tags: dahang dubai esl cypher dm6
Intel Extreme Masters Tournament in Dubai 2009 - Cypher against Dahang (POV)

ESL Dubai Quake Live AGP Fragmovie (10:12)

Starring the best e-athletes: Rapha, Cypher, Noctis, Fox, Spart1e, DaHanG, Cooller, Madix, Stermy, Chance, Smoke, Spammah, Strenx, Fazz, Jibo, and L1nkje.

StarCraft movie promoting World Cyber Games (6:05)

Tags: wcg starcraft stork tossgirl korea
With participation of the stars of the Korean e-sports scene.

GameModTV: AlleGra 2K9 CoD4 (3:14)

Tags: AlleGra CoD4 pgs gamemod pga
Material filmed by GameModTV.

Fnatic CS fragmovie - Reaching New Heights (7:28)

Tags: Fnatic CS fragmovie
The best action of the current world champions with great music. Sex!

WCG 2009 Welcome VOD by Chengdu City! (0:35)

Tags: WCG Chengdu Counter-Strike
Chinese version -

Quake Live Bloopers of ESL Dubai (4:22)

A compilation of funny situations and mistakes from the QL tournament in Dubai by the best gamers in the world.

Allegra - new show about games on TV4 (0:27)

Tags: tv allegra
Tune in on Saturday's at 13:00 on TV4

Opening match of WCG 2009 - Sky vs. yAws (0:35)

Tags: WCG Chengdu warcraft sky yaws
November 11th at 18:30~19:00 (Chinese time) will geing the inaugurating match during the World Cyber Games finals.

aAa's frags collection 2006-2008 (9:00)

Tags: aaa fragmovie
A collection of frags from the top French team.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Trailer (1:32)

Tags: call of duty trailer
Preview of the newest version of the Call of Duty series.

IEF Final 2009: wNv vs. SK Gaming - Map 1 (52:43)

Tags: wnv sk gaming ief korea cs
International Esports Festival ended November 1st. The teams were awarded $10,000.

IEF Final 2009: wNv vs. SK Gaming - Map 2 (32:51)

Tags: wnv sk gaming ief korea cs
International Esports Festival ended on November 1st. The teams won an award of $10,000.

IEF Final 2009: wNv vs. SK Gaming - Map 3 (23:01)

Tags: wnv sk gaming ief korea cs
International Esports Festival ended on November 1st. Teams won a $10,000 award.

WCG 2009: Jaedong vs. Draco VOD (18:45)

Tags: starcraft wcg jaedong draco zerg protoss chengdu
South Korea against Poland at World Cyber Games 2009.

WCG 2009: Opening ceremony (1:01:41)

Tags: WCG Chengdu
Chengdu, China, November 11th, 2009

AlleGra in TV4: preview of episode 3 from PGA 2009 (0:25)

Tags: AlleGra pga tv
Premiers on Saturday 14.11 at 13:00 on channel 4.

WCG 2009: Grubby vs. TeRRoR VOD (24:18)

Tags: WCG Chengdu warcraft grubby terror
Chengdu, China, November 12th 2009

WCG 2009: Awards Ceremony (1:25:05)

Tags: WCG Chengdu Counter-Strike warcraft starcraft
Poland earned the bronze (FIFA) and gold (Counter-Strike) in China.

DreamHack Winter 2009: Final of the Quake Live tournament (59:22)

Tags: av3k z4muz dreamhack quakelive final Jönköping
Av3k (Poland) against z4muz (Sweden) in a match for 10,000 Krona's. (about 4,000 PLN)

American Christmas Light Guitar Hero (4:25)

Tags: guitar hero christmas
A less traditional decoration of an American home for Christmas.

manJu - Quake 3 fragmovie RazerJ (10:50)

Tags: quake 3 fragmovie matr0x zik jibo fox strenx cooller
The long awaited movie made by Czecha Silu showcasing the top frags from Fana "RazerJ" Zhibo.

The Online Gamer - love is a headshot (3:28)

Tags: gamer <3
A gamer who is in a relationship is not good.

Official movie - Poznań Game Arena 2009 (8:44)

Tags: pga mtp allegra
The largest video game convention in Poland filmed by 4thDimension Productions.



Angry minet spanking keyboard (0:34)

Tags: minet mtw iem de_inferno cebit anger
Most (un)famous movie from this year IEM finals. minet from mTw goes furious after being killed, after playing with some lag.

IEM IV: fnatic vs. Natus Vincere (2:04:43)

Tags: iem navi fnatic final
Relive the grand final of Counter-Strike - Team fnatic against the ukraine powerhouse of Natus Vincere.







8-bit Starcraft (3:57)

Tags: starcraft 8-bit
Did you ever wonder how would StarCraft look like if game was released in 1984?



Best Counter-Strike 1.6 Team Wins Championship (7:01)

Tags: Na'Vi fragmovie arbalet ukraina zeus edward markeloff A look at Natus Vincere, and yet another championship title over the likes of Fnatic and more at Arbalet Best of Four. Watch Markeloff show his incredible AWP put to work against the world�

ASUS Summer 2010: raZer cypher vs agentJkezooR (10:03)

Tags: cypher moscow asus qzt9
One of the most exciting matches from the winner of yesterday tournament.

cu (0:05)

Tags: abso k1llsen esl joe funny qzt9
abso fails joe wins

Rickmage! quakelive Fragmovie #1 (10:00)

Tags: rickmage fragmovie
1st Rickmage quakelive fragmovie featuring some of his frags of winter/spring 2010 period. Rickmage is one of the oldest quake italian top players still in activity. Frags comes from various online duels, clanb

WASDcn (4:59)

Tags: China QuakeLive rocketboy fragmovie
Latest China Quakers Frag Movie.

FireGamers 2010 (2:39)

Tags: firegamers fragmovie brazil
Made for fragmovie contest.

Arbalet Cup Europe 2010 by GoLoaded (5:09)

Tags: fragmovie Arbalet Stockholm
Best actions from ACE'10 by GoLoaded.

Slabi vs LocKtar @ Ownage (10:58)

Tags: locktar slabi DM2 Claustrophobopolis shoutcast
This is the Winners Bracket Semi-Final of the Qwnage #3 Duel Cup. The Game is Quake-WORLD and the Players are Slabi:) (POL) and LockTar (SWE). Commentatores are Jahar and Phil.

e-Stars Seoul 2010 voting (0:47)

Tags: Korea Seoul fx

StarCraft II TV Commercial (0:31)

Tags: starcraft 2 tv commercial
If you missed the world premiere of the StarCraft II television ad during game four of the NBA Finals, check it out.

COTD #24 : mytH (0:54)

Tags: myth de_nuke awp
Titritititi! News - 0070 (3:57)

Tags: de_tuscan WES
Learn how to play on tuscan.

Adam Gajda (2:29)

Tags: tekken gajda tv
Impossible is nothing.

EPS 16 Köln - Samstag (5:05)

Alienware Finals.

MLG Championship Sunday Dr Pepper Ultimate Highlights - Columbus 2010 (17:31)

Tags: MLG halo ctf usa
Check out the top plays and highlights from MLG Championship Sunday at MLG Columbus 2010.

ALIVE by MiXeP (3:59)

Tags: ESWC fragmovie machinima
No words... it is ALIVE.

ESWC 2010 - Trailer (1:24)

Tags: ESWC trailer
ESWC is coming!

Qewi - Follow Me (2:45)

Tags: fragmovie 8-bit
Follow Me, Follow Me, Follow Me!

Jaegarn X3 - One Last Show (9:56)

Tags: Jaegarn Szwecja
Jaegarn X3 - One Last Show

The Hax Life Teaser Trailer (0:51)

Tags: razer Korea Seoul WeMade FOX moon nada solo
Razer introducing keyboard cowboys.

ASUS ENC 2010: sixeR vs Russia (0:55)

Tags: ASUS ENC sixer Russia
Christophe "sixeR" Xia in France's ENC match against Russia.

Stermy Vs fazz T7 last minute DH SUMMER 2010 (1:31)

Tags: stermy dreamhack fazz qztourney7
Stermy 3 frags in 30 sec. to win the map.

Vuvuzela in DOOM (1:39)

Tags: Vuvuzela doom

Korean Airlines Event Doc (1:28)

Tags: Korea starcraft 2
Check the official StarCraft II airplane in this doc shot in at Gimpo Airport, South Korea!

Team Dignitas @ ESWC UK Qualifier 2010 (9:53)

Tags: zaccubus garpy eswc England dignitas
Team Dignitas attend the ESWC UK Qualiifer at The National Media museum in Bradford, England June 2010. This movie follows GaRpY as he wins and gets to represent the UK at the ESWC Grand Final in Paris July 20

Illuminance (2:31)

Tags: eswc
ESWC 2010 contest fragmovie.

DreamHack Summer 2010: zonic vs H2k (0:42)

Tags: dreamhack zonic H2k
zonic takes out five members of H2k-Gaming all alone.

ASUS ENC 2010 @ Dreamhack (3:28)

Tags: ASUS ENC DreamHack Sweden
On the 20th of June three thrilling matches from the ASUS ENC 2010 Main Round were played live at Dreamhack Summer. In Counter-Strike 1.6 Male and Female the home-team from Sweden faced Poland. Furthermore Swed

ESWC 2010: TaZ vs H2K (0:50)

Tags: ESWC TaZ H2K
n their last match, Fx faced H2k Gaming on de_inferno, one of the highlight matches in that group. Near the finish Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas delivered us this beautiful round.

ESWC 2010: H2k vs Fx (3:13)

Tags: ESWC H2k Fx rakaka

ESWC 2010: NEO vs mouz (1:35)

Tags: eswc neo mouz tuscan
Defusing bomb with 3 enemy on side.

ESWC 2010: fRoD vs Fx (0:41)

Tags: eswc frod fx
American sniper.

Quake Live Tricking 2 (10:09)

Tags: Tricking Quake Live
Tricking from Outer space.

Some tricking... (0:23)

Tags: tricking quakelive ctf
MrOllie16: tricking while chopped. yup, i know the last one probably doesnt require a 3xrj, but who cares when it looks pro.

ESL Classics: Rapha vs. Cooller (18:47)

Tags: ESL Classic rapha cooller carmac
The grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in QUAKE LIVE between Shane "rapha" Hendrixson and Anton "Cooller" Singov. Analysed and explained by rapha.


Tags: YDKME trailer
ydk?me clan movie

US@ESWC10 (3:50)

Tags: ESWC UniversalSoldiers Paris
UniversalSoldiers at ESWC in Paryżu 1.07.2010 - 05.07.2010. News - 0075 (3:04)

Tags: de_tuscan WES
A few lections about throwing out flashbangs at tuscan.

ESWC 2010: markeloff vs SK (0:58)

Tags: eswc markeloff sk navi de_dust2
Action from this year ESWC Grand Final.

Bisu vs Jaedong @ ShinHan Bank Proleague (32:41)

Tags: korea bisu starcraft jaedong

Asus ENC 2010: Edward vs France (0:49)

Tags: enc edward france
he Asus European National Championship has entered on the playoffs stage and yesterday we saw one of the main candidates to win this year edition, Ukraine against France. The match was in a best of 3 maps sy

ESL Major Series Final: the whinetrauben vs. SK Gaming (1:25:23)

Tags: avalon sk gaming whinetrauben
After they lost against SK in the semi final they fought their way back through the lower bracket with some amazing fights and some innovative tactics. And now they are facing SK once more.

fnatic PLAY Beat it: qck vs mTw (1:03)

Tags: qck mtw ninja hltv de_train
One of those matches was the Danish power-house, mTw against the Lithuanian team, iNey. In the end of the first map, de_train, we saw Manvydas "qck" Statauskas from iNey with something we don't a

fnatic PLAY Beat it: aneee vs Playzone (0:50)

Tags: anee playzone
Seems like everyone just decided to make some aces yesterday in the fnatic BEAT IT finals. In the match between dakarma and, S?ren "aneee" Runge delivered us this beautiful ace. dakarma

fnatic PLAY Beat it: Neo vs sweda (0:37)

Tags: fx neo de_dust2 : This time we give you an action in the match of Frag eXecutors against the swedish mix-team, sweda, where we saw the Polish superstar Filip "Neo" Kubski making one of the most impressiv

fnatic PLAY Beat it: H2K vs Fx (0:31)

Tags: fx h2k de_dust2
When was the last time you saw 6 grenade kills in a round? It happened yesterday in the match of H2k against FX.

ESL Pro Series UK at MCM Expo, London (2:17)

Tags: London eps esl dignitas
What a weekend saw it's last big moment only minutes ago. The MCM Expo is having it's final moments while the ESL crew is already starting to tear down the booth. Within the next hours our booth will

fnatic PLAY Beat it: FYRR73 vs mTw (0:39)

Tags: FYRR73 mtw
In the grand final of the tournament, H2k faced mTw, and one of the swedish stars, Emil "FYRR73" Karlsson performed this amazing action. A perfect 180? headshot while in the air, stunning Christoff

fnatic PLAY Beat it: TaZ vs [u.s.b] (0:51)

Tags: taz de_inferno
We have another clutch situation in this tournament, and this time Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas came on top against the Russian guys. Again in de_inferno, Wojtas managed to kill all 5 opponents, plant the bomb

ESL Classics: Cooller vs. rapha (IEM World Championship) (25:50)

Tags: ESL Classic rapha cooller carmac - Anton "Cooller" Singov, the Russian Quake legend, explains his tactics and strategy in one of the maps of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship grand final against Shane "raph

Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010: mouz|roman vs. Team 34 (0:27)

Tags: dallas arbalet roman mouz team34
Arbalet Cup Dallas - mousesports player Roman "roman" Ausserdorfer does four frags against Team 34 from USA.

Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010: mouz|cyx vs. Underestimated (0:45)

Tags: dallas arbalet cyx mouz Underestimated
Arbalet Cup Dallas - mousesports player Antonio "cyx" Daniloski does four frags against Underestimated on de_inferno.

Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010: tuBBy vs The Dons (0:37)

Tags: dallas arbalet tubby dons
It happened in the match of TAU against The Dons on de_train in Group C, when Travis "tuBBy" Bechtol had a round with 4 kills, 3 of those no-scope shots with awp.

Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010: Yoshi vs Loaded (1:04)

Tags: dallas arbalet yoshi loaded burning de_dust2
In one of the most intense rounds played on this tournament, Mahe "Yoshi" Martin from BURNING! catched's attention with this amazing round. In their match against Loaded, BURNING were lo

Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010: Kapio vs. H2K (0:31)

Tags: dallas arbalet kapio h2k de_inferno
Mouseports Navid "Kapio" Javadi does four headshots against H2k Gaming.

Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010: Edward vs TAU (0:37)

Tags: arbalet dallas edward tuscan
Edwards ace on USA top team. Oh, mister tuscan. (cool song btw. ;P)

Arbalet Cup Dallas 2010: Adrenaline vs H2k (1:27)

Tags: arbalet dallas adrenaline h2k awp de_dust2
Another solo action, but this time with AWP.

ASUS ENC 2010 in Berlin, Germany (3:00)

Tags: berlin germany slovakia - On the 26th of June the ASUS ENC visited the Tempodrom in Berlin with live thrilling matches from the Main Round. We got Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source with the participations of Germany, Den

GameGune 2010: fox vs UNIR (0:38)

Tags: gamegune fox unir
In their first match at group stage against the Spanish team, UNIR, Pacheco, known for his amazing AWP skills, performed an action that's quite difficult to do. UNIR managed to plant the bomb at B in de

GameGune 2010: Frag eXecutors beat Na`Vi (2:24)

Tags: gamegune navi loord navi neo taz pasha kuben taz markeloff zeus
Video of Frag eXecutors beating Natus Vincere at GameGune 2010.

Fx and Delta gamers at GameGune 2010 (5:06)

Tags: delta fx neo gamegune ben

GameGune 2010: aAa lose to wCrea (2:16)

Tags: gamegune aaa
match du Loser Bracket entre les francai

GameGune 2010: Frag eXecutors down fnatic (2:07)

Tags: gamegune fnatic fx
Frag eXecutors take down fnatic at GameGune 2010.

GameGune 2010: fnatic wins de_train agaist Fx (1:07)

Tags: gamegune gux fnatic fx
After two overtimes, the final score was 25:23 for Swedes.

GameGune 2010: Fx vs fnatic (4:23)

Tags: gamegune fx fnatic de_inferno neo get_right
WB match on de_inferno. Movie made by fragbite.

CnB Gaming at GameGune 2010 (2:51)

Tags: cnb gamegune

ESWC 2010 - Blow up the words (4:16)

Tags: eswc

IEM S5 Shanghai GC Intro (4:18)

Tags: Shanghai IEM
Carmac is a woman!

In loving memory of mouz|cyx (Antonio Daniloski) (1:48)

Today we have to say goodbye to our beloved friend and player, Antonio "cyx" Daniloski, one of the worlds best cyberathletes playing for mousesports. Toni had a car accident on his way back from Frank

ESWC 2010 Ace Movie (5:28)

Tags: eswc ace taz gMcizzLe
An ESWC 2010 Grand Finals Ace Movie by Greg "gMcizzLe" McAdams.

WCG China 2010 (6:05)

Tags: wcg china
Opening video of WCG China National Final showing tournament history.

WCG China 2010: closing ceremony (1:38)

Tags: wcg china
The WCG 2010 China National Final has come to an end and the closing ceremony was held in Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai on July 25.

Dandaking fragging his way to Quakecon 2010 (2:16)

Tags: quakecon Dandaking
Best Australia player will be going to QC this year. Watch his performance with oceanic rivals.

Potential (11:28)

Tags: cpm quake
Created by George'd4ncecAt'Z

ECL Liverpool 2010 (5:10)

Tags: ECL Liverpool dignitas fnatic
This is a video montage of the first ECL (european console league) Lan event which happened in the Last weekend of July 2010. Halo 3, Cod4, Fifa, GoW and SFIV were some of the games which were competed over the

gdata 27 - burnedd vs. sting - map 1 (10:09)

Tags: burnedd sting qzdm13
Semifinal match from last G data cup.

gdata 27 - burnedd vs. sting - map 2 (10:10)

Tags: burnedd sting qzdm6
Semifinal match from last G data cup.



freddyw aimbot (1:10)

Tags: aimbot
aimbot? no way

WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 2 Trailer (2:15)

Tags: wcg
Hannah Simone and Joel Gourdin host as America's best gamers battle for the title of WCG Ultimate Gamer. The contestants must first master real-life challenges, based on today's top video games, befor

ASUS ENC 2010 in Antwerp, Belgium (2:11)

Tags: Antwerp BeNeLux ASUS ENC blur
The BeNeLux event of the ASUS European Nations Championship 2010 kicked off at the Antwerp eSport Festival. Hundreds of visitors were able to cheer for their nation as the Belgium team faces Netherlands in Coun

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer Teaser (1:25)

Tags: cod multi
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer Teaser.

Dutchy - Final Halo 3 Montage (11:00)

Tags: halo
Pretty good frags compilation.

alone (3:09)

Tags: sh1ver
new frag movie from games i had with Lo while lanning this weekend. music is Ott "a shower of sparks"

Thermaltake keyboard (1:42)

Tags: commercial
Cute commercial.

compLexity COTW - EG MSI Masters Cup (4:31)

Tags: compLexity
compLexity's Counter-Strike team wins the EG MSI U.S. Master's Cup in August, 2010.

WCG Korea 2010 QuakeWars Semi Final: ET vs 2T 1 set (14:12)

Tags: wcg korea QuakeWars ongamenet
Additional tournament in korean WCG national finals.

WCG Korea 2010 QuakeWars Semi Final: ET vs 2T 2 set (10:32)

Tags: wcg korea QuakeWars ongamenet
Additional tournament in korean WCG national finals.

Hungarian media gets tricked by young gamer (5:35)

Tags: wcg Pro Clip: E-Stars Seoul 2010 - Tyloo TB vs Fnatic (Pistol Round) (0:56)

Tags: WinOut Tyloo Fnatic TB from Tyloo almost USP aces against Fnatic in the opening pistol round (gooshes the potential ace maker) at E-Stars Seoul 2010 and gets the defuse on de_tuscan.

e-Stars Seoul 2010: Interview with Neo from Frag eXecutors (3:32)

Tags: neo seoul Tyloo
We got a hold of Neo shortly after their massive win over TyLoo.

e-Stars 2010: Interview with champion kuben from Frag eXecutors (3:19)

Tags: kuben seul e-stars
Frag eXecutors and kuben won the KOTG tournament at e-Stars. Here he is, in his second English interview, shortly after the final. Pro Clip: E-Stars Seoul 2010 - Pasha, The Ninja Polish Cat (0:51)

Tags: pasha ninja seul e-stars Frag Executor's Pasha sneaks up behind WeMade FOX for a hat trick after wrapping from CT Spawn to CT Ramp to Ivy then nading one in Heaven and getting the final kill at Z Halls. Pro Clip: E-Stars Seoul 2010 - The Tyloo Tuscan Boost (0:43)

Tags: Tyloo seul fnatic de_tuscan Tyloo show off the de_tuscan boost in middle and it pays off against Fnatic as Alex takes down two of the Swedes, opening up the round. His entry frags allowed Tyloo a round against the curre

e-Stars Seoul 2010: kuben vs TyLoo (0:24)

Tags: e-stars seul kuben tyloo wallbang | kuben's wallbang vs TyLoo during e-Stars Seoul 2010.

[readmore] Fx winning e-Stars Seoul 2010 (1:13)

Tags: readmore fx e-stars seul wemade final
Frag eXecutors winning the e-Stars Seoul 2010 Championship, beating WeMade Fox at the Grand Final.

IEM V Global Challenge Shanghai (2:55)

Tags: Shanghai iem esl fnatic navi
Highlights from the tournament.

eSrael's Rage (4:37)

Tags: eSrael
Izrael clan fragmovie.

Team Dignitas @ ESWC 2010 The Movie (3:46)

Tags: dignitas eswc
Team Dignitas @ ESWC 2010 The Movie - From 1st July 2010 in Paris, France, Bergie wins Gold, Moriah Silver in Trackmania.

gamescom 2010 - rapha before IEM tournament in Cologne (2:04)

Tags: cologne iem rapha
Hear SK's rapha talking about IEM, gamesom and his expections for the tournament.

ESEA LAN Season 6 Gets LOADED (11:40)

Tags: esea loaded dallas torbull Watch Pauly, the number one fragger at ESEA LAN 6, help lead Loaded with Steno, Djibouti, Hostile and Adrenaline to a 2nd place finish. An upset over Complexity and decisive victories again

Asus ENC 2010: Markeloff vs Russia (0:34)

Tags: Markeloff enc esl
In the semi-final match of ASUS ENC 2010 Finals, we saw the favorite Ukrainians facing Russia. The winner would have the ticket for the Grand Final to face Sweden. After winning the first map, Ukraine went to d

LAN Party at Fatal1ty's Suite in Vegas. 5 on 1 on Trinity. (1:53)

Tags: fatal1ty vegas lan
fatal1ty: using a higher sensitivity than normal, more my old Quake 3 Test day sensitivity, and works great in CA! 4.5 sens, accel .1 with 500hz ms 1.1se.

ASUS ENC 2010: GeT_RiGhT vs Ukraine (0:26)

Tags: enc get_right
Clash of the titans in the ASUS ENC 2010 Grand Final as both Sweden and Ukraine had booked a slot after showing Denmark and Russia the exit, respectively. Sweden got off to an amazing start on the first map, de







Mastard by morfez (1:26)

Tags: czm
Russian player fragmovie.

The afterspray (5:37)

A frag highlight movie from the ESL European and World Championships of the Intel Extreme Masters season 4. It features frags from the very best Quakelive duel players in the world. The autor is Karol "Hel

WCG - Ultimate Gamer 2 - 201 - "Coming Out Swinging" (43:45)

Tags: wcg
Episode 1 Encore - catch new episodes Thursday at 11/10c on Syfy A heated rivalry emerges as 12 gamers move into the loft and face-off in a sky-high fighting challenge for Tekken 6. Special Guest: Actress an

gamescom 2010: Morrow vs Draco (8:33)

Tags: gamescom iem cologne morrow draco practice
Caught IEM champion Morrow practicing on day 2 of the tournament vs none other than Draco, legend of StarCraft 1.

US insider at WCG Poland 2010 (2:11)

Tags: wcg us insider warsaw
Watch how Przemek "insider" Kłosek was fragging at WCG Poland 2010.

WCG 2010 Chile (3:11)

Tags: chile wcg
And this is how it was look like in Chile.

The 2010 MLG Raleigh Bracket Show (15:22)

Tags: MLG halo usa
Hosts Shibby, Puckett, and Dmaq debate key matches and share their Halo 3 Event predictions for MLG Raleigh.

Left handed StarCraft 2 Progamer (0:46)

Tags: iem naniwa mym StarCraft Progamer
ArtosisTV: Ever see a professional play StarCraft 2 left handed? Me neither! Check out MYM.Naniwa using the mouse with his left hand, it will blow your mind!

Behind the Screens: SK Gaming - Trailer (1:25)

Tags: sk esl
Watch our trailer for the upcoming new episode of 'Behind the Screens' featuring SK Gaming. Broadcast September 9th at 7pm!

ASUS Summer 2010: Rundtur (3:45)

Tags: asus
ASUS Summer 2010: Rundtur

Team ALTERNATE.CS auf der ASUS Summer 2010 in Kiew (6:52)

Tags: alternate asus
Die Counter-Strike-Mannschaft des Team ALTERNATE nahm am Wochenende des 28. und 29. August 2010 an der ASUS Summer 2010 in Kiew teil. In dem Video zeigen wir euch einige Impressionen von dem Turnier.

ASUS Summer 2010: The ending of Lions vs forZe (4:04)

Tags: asus lions
ASUS Summer 2010: The ending of Lions vs forZe

WCG Brazil 2010: BK vs MYMIND (0:26)

Tags: wcg brazil
In the second round of the upper bracket, we saw GoldenGlory fighthing against MYMIND on de_tuscan. After some close rounds, GoldenGlory were forced into a deagle eco round and then some magic happened. Caio

ASUS Summer 2010: AdreN vs icsu (0:42)

Tags: AdreN icsu asus
In the first pistol round of the match, we saw Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev with a unusual buy, a desert eagle. After a team-worked rush into ramps, Kystaubayev manages to kill 4 oponents, with a beatif

DaHanG 2010 (4:59)

Tags: dahang
DaHanG 2010 by Justin White. Music: A Dream Within A Dream by The Glitch Mob.

ELO 2010 by SAYCOM Gamer - BENQ.Delta ham vs. GFO (3:20)

Tags: elo delta ham gfo
Mateusz "ham" Rosłon at ELO 2010.

ELO 2010 by SAYCOM Gamer - pistolero vs. GFO (2:28)

Tags: elo pistolero gfo
Gameplay pistolero (timZAUBER) at ELO 2010

ELO 2010 by SAYCOM Gamer - SAYCOM Gamer Female in action (2:12)

Tags: elo
SAYCOM Gamer Famale vs. ALSEN eSports

ELO 2010 by SAYCOM Gamer - ALSEN eSports (2:29)

Tags: elo
Last moment of this clan.

ELO 2010 by SAYCOM Gamer - Eris vs. BENQ.Delta (2:52)

Tags: elo eris delta
Gameplay Asi "Eris" Marks vs BENQ.Delta.

WCG Denmark 2010: Friis vs mTw (0:36)

Tags: wcg mtw friis wCrea
In the last round between wCrea and mTw, Michael "Friis" Jorgensen had equipped himself with the AWP, proving to be too much for mTw to handle. As mTw went for Bombsite A, going both catwalk and long,

Asus Summer 2010: AdreN vs Lions (0:57)

Tags: asus adren lions
After a shocking win for k23 in the semi-finals against Na`Vi, Kystaubayev's and his team-mates wanted definitely to show that, their win against Na`Vi wasn't pure luck. In de_dust2, k23 started attac

ESL Pro Series France - Finals Season 8 Highlights (3:10)

Tags: esl eps france
Watch our friends of ESL France at their last Event featuring the ESL Pro Series 8.

ASUS Summer 2010: k23|adren 1on5 Lions (1:14)

Tags: asus adren lions
Same action, but from other perspective.

WCG Brazil 2010: FalleN vs CNB (0:39)

Tags: wcg brazil
Good sniper ain't bad.

flying attack v2.0 (0:18)

Tags: frag
Play of the Year

Dr Pepper Ultimate Highlights: Raleigh Friday Night Kickoff (10:05)

Tags: mlg
Top plays and highlights during Friday Night Kickoff at MLG's 50th Event in Raleigh, NC.

The Online Gamer 6 (5:45)

Tags: gamer
Aaron crashes a WOW LARP with his airsoft gun!!!

Dreamhack 2010 fragmovie (4:10)

Tags: Dreamhack
The darkest QL fragmovie ever maded.

#DOKTORS THE MOVIE by nomikk! (11:30)

Tags: frag
House is nobody compare to them.

Gamescom 2010: Speedrecap (1:40)

Tags: iem
Speedrecap of gamescom & Intel Extreme Master Global.

SEC 2010: oskar vs SK Gaming (0:32)

Tags: esuba sk sec
eSuba needed to take some rounds to stay alive in this match and force it into a 3rd map, since SK Gaming won the first one, de_tuscan, by 16 to 12. Šťastný and his team-mates decided to rush in a buy round

SEC 2010: walle vs eSuba (1:26)

Tags: sec sk esuba walle
One of the favorite teams to win the tournament, SK-Gaming, faced eSuba. De_tuscan and de_inferno were the maps, and on de_tuscan SK-Gaming had to pull off their reputation. While attacking, SK's member

Team Dignitas @ i40 (3:06)

Tags: dignitas
Team Dignitas @ i40

SEC 2010: HaRts vs Power Gaming (1:22)

Tags: pwr
Right in the beginning of their de_inferno match, Michael "HaRts" Zanatta picked up a deagle and started his killing streak. He quickly got left alone by his team-mates to face 4 members of Power Gami

eden vs This isnt Quake? (0:47)

Tags: eden
Lankonvent Autumn 2010.

czm vs jovire IEM V US Qual g1 Aerowalk (10:04)

Tags: czm aerowalk iem usa
Archmaster of Aerowalk vs who is this I don't even know.

ESWC 2010 Presented by SteelSeries (6:39)

Tags: eswc
Maybe this fragmovie showed to late, but good things are worth waiting.

Oomph! - Sieger (4:21)

Tags: esl eps iem
Official song of German ESL Pro Series.

Sean "sgares" Gares: The Bombsite B Chronicles (1:11)

Tags: iem sgares loaded de_dust2 usa
Sean "sgares" Gares shows 3 separate rounds at Bombsite B on de_dust2 against mLine for ESL IEM. Despite dropping the first map in de_dust2, sgares tries to salvage it for the rest of his teammates in

History of SpawN (5:17)

Tags: SpawN
Abdisamad "Spawn" Mohamed, the best player of counter strike begins here in this video with best moments of his career.

WCG Spain 2010 (8:11)

Tags: wcg spain
And this is how nation qualification to WCG'10 looks like in Spain.

Interview with Bas Peeperkorn (Serious Gaming) - Part 1 (10:15)

Tags: basz srs rjumper
At gamescom 2010, we sat down for a chat with the man behind Serious Gaming, Bas Peeperkorn. The interview took place Saturday afternoon after the Quake Live semi-finals. Brought to you by The Rocketjumper -

Interview with Bas Peeperkorn (Serious Gaming) - Part 2 (13:48)

Tags: basz srs rjumper
At gamescom 2010, we sat down for a chat with the man behind Serious Gaming, Bas Peeperkorn. The interview took place Saturday afternoon after the Quake Live semi-finals. Brought to you by The Rocketjumper -

Still Alive (7:24)

Tags: stermy fazz

LDLC vs. Maestro (5:10)

Tags: ldlc
French CSS tournament final.

Xizt by SPECTRE (4:54)

Tags: Xizt
Lions swe player Richard 'Xizt' Landström is the focus of a new frag movie which has been released by SPECTRE. The movie, which is just under 5 minutes in length, shows Xizt in action for Begrip, H2k

Apollo in Chinesse TV (1:56)

Tags: apollo
Wakeup and play ^_^

ESPN at WCG Pan-American 2010 (6:49)

Tags: wcg brazil
Nice Yeti. We are working on adding comments system, hang on!

WCG USA 2010: sfX Awp vs POV (0:45)

Tags: sfx awp usa wcg
Jasper "sfX" Ko vs POV.

WCG Brazylia 2010: recife (4:14)

Tags: wcg brazil
Made by Thiago "snoob" Luiz.

WCG USA 2010: usp what (0:53)

Tags: wcg usa usp
Backfire vs Team WinOut

IEM V USA QL: ZeRo4 vs. dkt (10:16)

Tags: ZeRo4 dkt iem usa Hektik
An insane match in the Intel Extreme Masters American Championship between John "ZeRo4" Hill and Brian "dkt" Flander. This is Hektik, the third and deciding map for first place in the group

WCG 2002: Boxer vs Blackman (23:50)

Tags: wcg boxer blackman
World Cyber Games 2002, Semi-Finals SlayerS_`BoxeR` Yohwan Lim (Korea) T vs Z Blackman Artur Michalak (Poland) on Lost Temple Classic game from the Boxer Era when he was in top shape, pure micro victory.

NUCLEAR (5:03)

Tags: f0rest
This movie take part in "Sapphire Movie Contest".

4Kings: Path of Kings - Trailer (1:19)

Tags: 4Kings
4Kings: Path of Kings is a full production Frag Movie Presented by 4Kings Productions. Path of Kings follows the success of the 4Kings Quake Live team through the 2009 and 2010 tours, in which they grew from be

The Gate Keepers (6:57)

Tags: zeroql
Sapphire Movie Contest.

XEN Team by grid (5:22)

Tags: tf2
Sapphire Movie Contest.

WCG Poland 2010 by (1:56)

Tags: wcg Poland fx
World Cyber Games Polska 2010.

BubkeZ proudly presents de_mirage and de_engage! (7:22)

Tags: cs

Momentum preview (2:26)

Tags: ql

ERRZYx (1:51)

Tags: ERRZYx
FragXL Movie Contest Entry.

Arbalet Cup Best of Four by kle1n (2:41)

Tags: arbalet
Download >

Coloris 2 (4:05)

Tags: promode
Sapphire Movie Contest.

Av3k docu (6:05)

Tags: av3k dokument moon lyn iem basz
Polish superprogamer in Deutsch television program.

NorwegiANALized (9:03)

Tags: plazma lll
Norwegianalized by Kenneth 'plaZma' Aulie


Tags: Pacheco
In this round, Pacheco, who has been the top AWPer at GameGune for the past two years, took down all five Dignitas players, first disposing of three players in outer bombsite, and then killing the last two in t

8bit war (6:50)

Tags: 8bit
Wonderful animation.

BenQ presents Gaming is in the Details ft. HeatoN & SpawN (1:20)

Tags: heaton spawn benq presents an animation of CS legends HeatoN & SpawN taking CS gaming to the extream.

BenQ Meets the CS Legends: HeatoN and SpawN (9:21)

Tags: heaton spawn benq presents an interview of counter strike legends HeatoN & SpawN on how they became pro gamers and co-developed a gaming monitor with BenQ.

Rogga vs Caremode (0:24)

Tags: rogga
Golden pistol. GP LAN.

WCG 2010 SMC Grand Final Intro (0:57)

Tags: samsung wcg

Behind the Screens: SK Gaming (20:57)

Tags: sk esl bts bsl iem - We followed SK Gaming's Counter-Strike team to several tournaments and we will show you how they prepare for their matches. Interesting interviews with the players and exclusive footage from t

WCG 2010 - Pre-interview with ave & Sunde (10:18)

Tags: wcg mtw ave sunde
A video interview with Alexander "ave" Holdt and Christoffer "Sunde" Sunde from mTw, who during their bootcamp had time to sit down with us and talk before heading to Los Angeles.

Inside of WCG 2010 Los Angeles. Teaser by amokk (0:49)

Tags: wcg
Teaser for the biggest upcoming world cyber game event. Placed: LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, California. Dated: September 30 - October 3.

G33K - G4m3r Girls (4:20)

Tags: G33K nerd G4m3r
Katy Perry - California Girls

f0rest vs Cheap Times (0:26)

Tags: f0rest eps nordic
ESL Pro Series Nordic III.

ESL Pro Series 17: Intel Friday Night Game Berlin (3:33)

Tags: ifng eps berlin
Und schon geht sie weiter, unsere Tour durch Deutschland. Dieses mal in Berlin mit an Board Teams wie, ESC oder auch die Spieler Cloud und Insolence.

Danish WCG 2010 qualifier in Illum (5:42)

Tags: wcg mtw wcrea
A short movie about the danish qualifier for WCG 2010 Grand finals in Los Angeles, USA.

COD4 | SoCLoN (2:00)

Tags: cod

WCG 2010: NZ trip 2 LA (2:31)

Tags: wcg
They will be playing instead Greece team.

WCG 2010: team DK going LA (2:13)

Tags: wcg danemark usa
In same plain with Fx?

WCG 2010: EG`Lurpis (1:48)

Tags: wcg
Short inteview.

WCG 2010: Full-Gaming vs ENTiTY (2:19)

Tags: wcg danemark usa
Macedonian team made upset agaist Danemark.

WCG 2010 - Opening ceremony (5:22)

Tags: wcg
Video of the opening ceremony from the 2010 World Cyber Games.

WCG 2010 - ENTiTY beat Full Gaming (1:32)

Tags: entity wcg
Video of ENTiTY beating Full Gaming 19-11 at World Cyber Games 2010 in Los Angeles.

compLexity Brazil vs. Forze @ WCG 2010 (1:25)

Tags: wcg complexity forze de_tuscan
compLexity Brazil takes on Forze on de_tuscan for the WCG Grand Finals, September 2010, Los Angeles, California.



WCG10: Behind Lions versus Team EG part 1 (4:44)

Tags: wcg eg lions filmar bakom Lions i deras gruppspelsmatch mot EG

WCG 2010: face vs ATE Gaming #1 (0:47)

Tags: wcg face ate
We move on with a round being performed by one of the SK-Gaming stars, Johan "face" Klasson who was one of the keys for the win of SK-Gaming in their first match of WCG 2010 Grand Finals against ATE G

WCG 2010: RobbaN vs. FX (0:11)

Tags: wcg robban fx sk
SK would eventually go on to win tuscan 16-14. Daft Punk - Aerodynamic

GGK na Cybersport Games Festival Łódź 2010 - Sobota - Film 1 (4:28)

Tags: cybersport
Materiał video z Cybersport Games Festival Łódź 2010 wykonany przez portal

WCG 2010 - compLexity fight back against FX (4:03)

Tags: wcg complexity fx
Video of compLexity winning the second map against Frag eXecutors in the 3rd/4th place decider at WCG 2010.

WCG 2010 - Frag eXecutors defeat compLexity (2:04)

Tags: wcg complexity fx
Video of Frag eXecutors taking down compLexity 2-1 in the3rd/4th place decider at WCG 2010.

n!faculty im ZDF (4:02)

Tags: faculty reportage Germany
Eine Reportage des "Heute-Journals" über das Counter-Strike Source Team des n!faculty e.V.

SK Gaming @ SEC 2010 (4:04)

Tags: sk sec zmx
Frag movie created by ZMX about SK Gaming Sweden at SEC 2010!

Tomek "Pokjut" Wrzesień zaprasza na Szczecin GameShow 2010 (1:07)

Tags: szczecin fx sgs pokjut
W ramach Szczecin GameShow 2010 Tomek "Pokjut" Wrzesień organizuje turniej w CS'a. Oto zapowiedź turnieju oraz ogólne informacje.

We Are Trackmaniacs (13:40)

Tags: trackmania
The best Trackmania divers in the best video by Shark and Lopflop.

compLexity Brazil @ WCG 2010 (9:15)

Tags: wcg complexity
On September 30th to October 3rd of 2010, took to Los Angeles, California for the WCG 2010 Grand Finals. 26 teams battled it out for a shot at the gold and the glory of representing your nation among the

WCG 2010 - CS Medal Ceremony (5:26)

Tags: wcg navi mtw fx ceremony
1. Ukraine. 2. Danemark. 3. Poland.

1/3 Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport - Episode 1 (9:25)

Tags: eurosport esl document iem fnatic china shangai cyx
The first episode features the Global Challenge Shanghai event and follows the Counter-Strike team fnaticMSI as they try to knock Natus Vincere down from the position of the #1 team in the Intel Extreme Masters

2/3 Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport - Episode 1 (5:35)

Tags: eurosport esl document iem fnatic china shangai
The first episode features the Global Challenge Shanghai event and follows the Counter-Strike team fnaticMSI as they try to knock Natus Vincere down from the position of the #1 team in the Intel Extreme Masters

3/3 Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport - Episode 1 (10:07)

Tags: eurosport esl document iem fnatic china shangai
The first episode features the Global Challenge Shanghai event and follows the Counter-Strike team fnaticMSI as they try to knock Natus Vincere down from the position of the #1 team in the Intel Extreme Masters

Damage Incorporated: The New Counter-Strike 1.6 Team (1:00)

Tags: damage usa
http://GO-DINC.NET Welcome the new North American Counter-Strike 1.6 team consisting of Steno, pauLy, Evolution, quas and sgares. They will make their debut as Damage Incorporated at ESL IEM in New York City.

Cool aka Fruit Dealer GSL Highlights & Music Video (3:45)

Tags: FruitDealer gsl
One of the only Zerg players remaining, Cool (Fruit Dealer) beats TOP, InCa, LiveForever, and Rainbow to win the GSL. This is the highlights and music video brought to you by IEM NYC Day One Montage (Lurppis, Evolution, Steno, pauLy, dboorN, sgares & More!) (1:34)

Tags: iem NY winout An assortment of footage from the first day of IEM NYC featuring the likes of EG's Lurppis, pauLy, Nepo (in the background!), Hazard, evolution, dboorN, sgares, DINC huddle and more. Hig


Tags: reporatege wcg complexity

FnaticMSI IEM4 CeBIT 2010 (4:33)

Tags: cebit fnatic ponderosa iem cooller zr0 Hamburg spart1e l1nkin
FnaticMSI at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals - CeBIT 2010. Edit by Valentin "VILLAGE" Dragomir.

compLexity Brazil @ IEM America 2010 - Day 1 (3:47)

Tags: complexity iem NY
compLexity Brazil attends the Intel Extreme Masters American Finals in New York City, October 2010. This is frag footage from day 1.

GameAche recap of NYCC Day 1 (1:47)

Tags: iem ny
Recap of GameAche's first day at NYCC.

DaHaNG vs. czm Showmatch (5:55)

Tags: iem ny czm dahang aerowalk showmatch joe carmac - Some footage of DaHaNG taking on czm for a showmatch in Quake Live in Day 1 of the Intel Extreme Masters. Sean "sgares" Gares vs. Complexity @ IEM NYC (0:40)

Tags: sgares ny iem complexity de_train awp Quick and dirty collection of the best key frags from Sean "sgares" Gares of DINC and formerly of Loaded, Finesse, Ruins and Frag Dominant. His AWP was on fire and overcame FalleN&#

IEM5 American Championship: FalleN vs Evil Geniuses (0:33)

Tags: iem ny fallen eg complexity n0thing lurppis
Video of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo of compLexity taking down four Evil Geniuses player at the IEM5 American Championship.

Rapha vs DaHang IEM America Grand Final Map 1/3 (10:13)

Tags: iem ny rapha dahang final
Rapha [POV] vs DaHang in the Intel Extreme Masters US Finals at ComicCon New York. First map - Lost World.

Rapha vs DaHang IEM America Grand Final Map 2/3 (10:14)

Tags: iem ny rapha dahang final
Rapha [POV] vs DaHang in the Intel Extreme Masters US Finals at ComicCon New York. Second map - Aerowalk.

Rapha vs DaHang IEM America Grand Final Map 3/3 (10:13)

Tags: iem ny rapha dahang final hektik
Rapha [POV] vs DaHang in the Intel Extreme Masters US Finals at ComicCon New York. Third map - Hektik.

WCG 2010 - Na'Vi's winning moment against mTw (2:51)

Tags: wcg mym mtw navi final usa
NaVi's winning moment against mTw at the World Cyber Games 2010 Grand Finals held in Los Angeles, California.

GameGune 2010 - mouz |doNmartinez 4men spraydown vs NOD WEB.Gala (0:17)

Tags: gamegune doNmartinez mouseports
Martin ''doNmartinez' 'Lump does 4 kills against NOD WEB.Gala.

EPS Nordic 3: f0rest vs SK-Gaming (0:33)

Tags: eps nordic f0rest sk
First pistol round of the match, on de_nuke, fnatic started defending with Lindberg in the inside bombside watching the door. SK-Gaming decided to rush from the outside into the inside bombside, and Lindberg ap

EPS Nordic 3: prb vs fnatic (0:36)

Tags: EPS Nordic prb fnatic
After a very close 8-7 first half, .no, previously known as Online Kingdom, increased the tempo in the second session and managed to win the match against fnatic 16-12 to pick up three precious points in the le

IEM5 European Championship: Friis vs HEADSHOTBG (0:45)

Tags: iem friis
Video of Michael "Friis" J?rgensen of Full Gaming taking down four HEADSHOTBG players at the Intel Extreme Masters 5 European Championship.

IEM5 European Championship: spin vs Iron Will (0:47)

Tags: iem spin
Video of Ari "spin" Raimi of winning a 1on4 situation in the Intel Extreme Masters 5 European Championship match against Iron Will.

ESL Pro Series 17: Intel Friday Night Game München (3:36)

Tags: eps
Es ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen nach München zu kommen, erst recht, wenn einen feinsten eSport in Kombination mit dem Oktoberfest erwartet. Sehr hier die Highlights von dem Intel Friday Night Game aus der b

WRYYYYYYYYY - CoD 2 fm (12:09)

Tags: cod
WRYYYYYY is a swedish cod2 mixteam since late december 2009 consisting of several familiar names in the CoD-community. Starring in this movie: bengan, dawnk, fuffen, kebbe, nidler, chippy, rawban, tidde, TPR, w

IEM5 European Championship: F_1N vs Playzone (1:11)

Tags: f_1n playzone iem
Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov made sure to display breathtaking action in form of a clutch situation during yesterday's match. After killing the first opponent at the upper bombsite, Kochugov sees himself

WCG 2010 - Korean commentators goes emo (1:28)

Tags: reming korea wcg
Korea won golden medal at WCG in LA.

IEM5 European Championship: kHRYSTAL vs mythiX (0:51)

Tags: iem khrystal mythix
Video of Frej "kHRYSTAL" Sjöström of Lions getting an ace against mythiX in the IEM 5 European Championship.

IEM5 European Championship: zonic vs Millenium (0:29)

Tags: iem zonic millenium
mTw, who placed 2nd at the World Cyber Games 2010, faced the French team Millenium. First map was de_inferno, where we saw mTw starting out as CT. Right after the start of the first round, we saw Danny "zo

IEM5 European Championship: minet vs Millenium (0:41)

Tags: iem minet millenium mtw deagle
Video of Oliver "minet" Minet of mTw taking down three Millenium players with Desert Eagle headshots in the IEM5 European Championship.

IEM5 European Championship: hellzERk vs n!faculty (0:28)

Tags: iem hellzerk
In a group B match, the Norwegians leaded by KF3, fought against one of the German teams in the tournament, n!faculty. de_inferno was the last map, as teams were tied to 1, and in the second pistol round, .no m News - 0100 (4:51)

Tags: wes
WES news #100!

rAdix vs Playzone (0:24)

Tags: dreamhack radix playzone
PlayDH DreamHack Winter 2010 Qualifier.

eliotth playzone (0:24)

Tags: dreamhack eliotth playzone
PlayDH DreamHack Winter 2010 Qualifier.

EGUkubuh by kubuh (2:02)

Tags: egu
EGU Frag Movie contest.

EGU 2010 Fragmovie by Maro (2:05)

Tags: egu
EGU Frag Movie contest.

stay with us on EGU by tony (2:42)

Tags: egu
EGU Frag Movie contest.

Charlotte by Oui (2:08)

Tags: egu
EGU Frag Movie contest.

IEM5 European Championship: walle vs TBH.ASUS (0:40)

Tags: iem sk walle tbh
Video of Dennis "walle" Wallenberg of SK Gaming killing five TBH.ASUS players in the IEM European Championship.

ESL Pro Series 17: Intel Friday Night Game Essen (3:44)

Tags: esl eps ifng essen | Die Ruhr 2010 ruft und auch wir sind im Ruhgebiet unterwegs, allerdings in Sachen eSport. In der vollen Grugahalle gab es Highlights in Form von Counter-Strike 1-6 sowie Source und geballter Fu

Jace Hall - Street Fighter (3:33)

Tags: jace wong
Another music video about game :]

Juggling with QPAD products (2:00)

Tags: qpad
Practice session with Niels Duinker & DJ Emerald.

compLexity Brazil wins IEM V America Championship (3:17)

Tags: complexity ny iem usa
compLexity Brazil wins the Intel Extreme Masters American Championship over Team EG in New York City, October 2010.

DSRack LAN #3: Delpan vs Full-Gaming (0:54)

Tags: dsrack lan delpan full
Video of Marcus "Delpan" Larsson sniping down four Full-Gaming players while representing Lions at DSRack LAN #3.

DSRack LAN #3: wazorn vs fnatic (0:38)

Tags: dsrack lan wazorn fnatic ak47
Video of Jack "wazorN" Henriksen of Full-Gaming killing four fnatic players with his AK-47 at the Grand Final of DSRack LAN #3.

DSRack LAN #3: karrigan vs fnatic (0:27)

Tags: dsrack lan karrigan fnatic awp
Video of Finn "karrigan" Andersen of Full-Gaming taking down four fnatic players at DSRack LAN #3.

Komplett Gamer Challenge #2 - Full-Gaming celebrate win against mTw (0:33)

Tags: full mtw lan win
It might be short, but this displays great emotions by Full-Gaming when defeating mTw at Komplett Gamer Challenge #2.

n!faculty 16 - im Norden (13:11)

Tags: document Germany Berlin Bremen nfaculty
"n!faculty 16 - im Norden" ist eine Dokumentation über das Counterstrike 1.6 Teams des Kölner eSport Club n!faculty. Das Team wurde im Mai 2010 auf dem iFNG Bremen und dem Kode5 National Final in Be

Komplett Gamer Challenge #2 - fnatic's winning moment (2:27)

Tags: kgc lan fnatic get_right win
The Komplett Gamer Challenge #2 was finally concluded yesterday, seeing fnatic revenge their loss from earlier this week against Full-Gaming to win the tournament and cash in ?13,500 plus five shiny new graphic

IEM5 European Championship: Fox vs DELTA (0:37)

Tags: iem fox mym delta
Video of Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov of Meet Your Makers sniping down four DELTA players in the IEM 5 European Championship on Sunday.

IEM5 Quake Live American Finals in New York (3:05)

Tags: iem ny usa rapha dahang vo0 czm chance vamp1re dkt ziel
Song: "Empire State of Mind" - Jay-Z & Alicia Keys.

Natus Vincere (Na`Vi) CT vs. Power Gaming T @ inferno IEM5 Round 2 (6:00)

Tags: navi power de_inferno iem wem
Na`Vi are facing best finnish team on IEM5 EU Championship while bootcamping before WEM.

Natus Vincere (Na`Vi) T vs. Power Gaming CT @ inferno IEM5 Round2 (4:44)

Tags: navi power de_inferno iem wem
Na`Vi are facing best finnish team on IEM5 EU Championship while bootcamping before WEM.

EPS Nordic III: kHRYSTAL vs mTw (0:24)

Tags: eps nordic khrystal mtw lions
Video of Frej "kHRYSTAL" Sjöström killing four mTw with headshots in the EPS Nordic league.

EPS Nordic III: coloN vs fnatic (0:22)

Tags: eps nordic colon fnatic
Video of dakarma's Morten "coloN "Johansen killing two fnatic players with a scout shot in EPS Nordic III.

Pro Quakelive Duel - dkt(POV) vs chance (0:28)

Tags: dkt chance
Music: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The Shard.

IEM5 European Championship: zonic vs DTS.chatrix (0:30)

Tags: iem dts zonic
Danny "zonic" S?rensen taking down five DTS.chatrix players last night, for the IEM5 European Championship. Pro Clip: Fnatic Stopping Full-Gaming's Long A Rush 2 vs. 4 (de_dust2) (0:35)

Tags: fnatic
Fnatic's Carn and f0rest stop a full out Long A rush by Full-Gaming on de_dust2 at KGC #2. Although the team leader for the Swedes, after helping stop the rush, goes down early a heads up and final flashba

IEM5 European Championship - mTw.Sunde 1on4 RAGE-Gaming by (1:12)

Tags: zotob rage sunde
IEM5 European Championship - mTw.Sunde 1on4 RAGE-Gaming by ,

ESWC 2010 (11:31)

Tags: eswc
Electronic Sports World Cup 2010. Counter-Strike 1.6. This movie gathered the best moments from ESWC 2010. Frags by: Neo, danzer, markeloff, sixeR, face, dboorN, Edward, taz, CosMo, Kapio, peri, RobbaN, fRoD

WEM2010 Promotion Video (0:40)

Tags: wem fx sk china
Attenders list.

Spart1e playing ZOTAC #24 - HighLights (3:49)

Tags: spart1e
Spart1e playing ZOTAC #24 - HighLights

WEM 2010 - Venue Outside (2:42)

Tags: wem
Navi guys haning out.

WEM 2010 - kuben for (5:06)

Tags: wem fx fnatic kuben
About win against fnatic.

WEM2010 Tyloo vs Na'Vi (10:56)

Tags: wem tyloo navi

SK face vs Na'Vi @ WEM 2010 (0:29)

Tags: wem face sk navi

SK face vs Na'Vi 2 @ WEM 2010 (0:23)

Tags: wem face sk navi

DarKFoRcE Is he happy by lapdance (6:49)

Tags: take tv starcraft szwecja darkforce
We had a big Starcraft II War to cast last friday between germany vs Sweden and beside that we booked a GOGO girl for a few hours and DarKFoRcE got a free Lapdance - but did he really fell comfortable? You can

mTw.DeMusLiM playing Live vs Draco in Ladder (10:55)

Tags: demuslim draco mtw
Benjamin Baker was at my place and did commentate the GO4SC2 Monthly Finale Oktober after this he played some ladder - he is 2550 high ranked Terran player and i guess known for the most people. I filmed him wh

QHLan 14 - flintheart playing and ruling (1:19)

Tags: qhlan
Doesn't this map seems familiar?

Call of Duty: Black Ops TV Commercial (1:00)

Tags: tv Commercial cod
"There's A Soldier In All Of Us"

FPS Trainer - Trailer (0:47)

Tags: astz trainer fps

WCG 2010 Presented by SteelSeries (6:47)

Tags: wcg
Produced: e-Motion Productions Directed: Arsalan 'SK' Khan

MIBR vence a DreamHack Latin America (3:19)

Tags: mibr dreamhack
Brasilian team won DH qualification in South American and they are going to Sweden tournament.

Presenting Rush3D as MYM partner (0:25)

Tags: rush3d mym
Moscow internet cafe is now "home" of the MeetYourMakers team.

WGC 2010 - SC2 tournament (2:34)

Tags: wgc

WGC 2010 - Qpad Territory (10:00)

Tags: wgc qpad

IEM5 European Championship: SHOUW vs Power Gaming (0:37)

Tags: shouw pwr iem

IEM5 European Championship: BASiC vs k1ck (0:56)

Tags: iem k1ck basic

3ulu4 (9:27)

Tags: frag

Sixteen (2:32)

Tags: dreamhack
MSI Beat It! Quake Live Tournament Participants.

DH Winter 10 - rapha vs stermy (1:33)

Tags: dreamhack stermy rapha
what you were thinking bro?

Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport: Episode II - 1/3 (7:16)

Tags: iem eurosport cologne cooller rapha mouz joe gc sk document
The second episode features the Global Challenge at gamescom. The show will deliver 25 minutes of exciting eSports, but also take a behind-the-scenes look at the players routines and challenges.

Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport: Episode II - 2/3 (8:11)

Tags: iem eurosport cologne cooller rapha mouz joe gc sk document
The second episode features the Global Challenge at gamescom. The show will deliver 25 minutes of exciting eSports, but also take a behind-the-scenes look at the players routines and challenges.

Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport: Episode II - 3/3 (9:42)

Tags: iem eurosport cologne cooller rapha mouz joe gc sk document
The second episode features the Global Challenge at gamescom. The show will deliver 25 minutes of exciting eSports, but also take a behind-the-scenes look at the players routines and challenges.

MLG 2010: FnaticTT1 vs LiquidJinro (1:13:10)

Tags: mlg fnatic tt1 liquid jinro day9 djwheat
The 2010 MLG StarCraft 2 National Championship Finals match between FnaticTT1 and LiquidJinro.

StarCraft 2 (1v1) - ElkY vs Didi - FJV 2010 (12:59)

Tags: elky didi
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier playing Starcraft 2 (1v1 exhibition match vs Didi) during the Festival du Jeu Vidéo 2010 held in Paris, France.

Diagnos (5:28)

Tags: frag

Twisted syndicate - pita & Delpan fragmovie (5:42)

Tags: fnatic pita delpan
Watch Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson and Faruk 'pita' Pita dominate opponents like mTw, FX, SK Gaming and Team Ukraine in this new fragmovie made by Igor 'SPECTRE' Ivanov.

ESL leaks (0:41)

Tags: esl carmac
2010-12-17; cam 0, 3, 7 & 8

Cataclysm Global Launch Event Footage (3:07)

Tags: Cataclysm
This video features footage from the official World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launch events, which kicked off the worldwide expansion release at midnight on December 7.

Joe Miller makes stupid bets with dangerous people (2:31)

Tags: joe carmac rotterdam esahara fx mtw sk iem
Joe Miller promises to commentate topless if his favourite team does not go through to the playoffs in the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship (January 20-23, 2011). Recorded during a live group drawing

SpawN Skilled 'n Ready! (2:47)

Tags: spawn
MattFreemaN movie for the 1st Teamplay movie contest. Sponsored by Zowie. Soundtrack: RTPN - Venom News - 0121 (5:04)

Tags: fx fnatic wem wes
Fx vs fnatic @ de_nuke /WEM 2010.

FX NEO Clever Play (0:27)

Tags: fx neo
superfast throw

IEM5: evening before the tournament (6:42)

Tags: iem - Intel Extreme Masters 5 European Championship Finals

IEM5 European C'ship Finals: Walk around the venue (3:30)

Tags: iem cyberarena
Video of a quick tour around the Kiev Cybersport Arena at the IEM5 European Championship Finals.

CyberTV: Golios vs LIKWIDACJA at QPAD Winter Cup (0:43)

Tags: Golios likwidacja qpad cybersport
Golios four colt kills vs Likwidacja at QPAD Winter Cup by EDIT by Maciej 'Mientos' N.

CyberTV: kub vs LIKWIDACJA at QPAD Winter Cup (0:28)

Tags: kub likwidacja qpad cybersport
kub four colt kills vs Likwidacja at QPAD Winter Cup by EDIT by Maciej 'Mientos' N.

CyberTV: lkz vs h5f at QPAD Winter Cup (0:52)

Tags: lkz h5f qpad cybersport
lkz 1on3 try vs Happy five Friends at QPAD Winter Cup by EDIT by Maciej 'Mientos' N.

Still Alive 2 [HD] Quake Live Movie (8:44)

Tags: titan ctf
Still Alive 2 a quake live community movie created by titan

IEM5 Kiev: Loord vs mousesports (0:19)

Tags: loord mouz fx iem
Eco ace made by FX star Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski against mousesports at IEM V. /

IEM5: Av3k vs girl (0:36)

Tags: av3k iem

IEM5: Fx vs mTw (10:48)

Tags: IEM5 Fx mTw

CyberTV: Snax vs FF at QPAD Winter Cup (0:28)

Tags: snax qpad
Snax four frags with funny usp kill vs Fear Factory at QPAD Winter Cup by EDIT by Maciej 'Mientos' N.

CyberTV: drive vs US at QPAD Winter Cup (0:34)

Tags: drive us qpad
Drive four colt kills with 1on2 situation vs Universal Soldiers at QPAD Winter Cup by EDIT by Maciej 'Mientos' N.

CyberTV: Golios#2 vs Likwidacja at QPAD Winter Cup (0:31)

Tags: golios likwidacja qpad
Golios vs Likwidacja at QPAD Winter Cup by EDIT by Maciej 'Mientos' N.

ClanBase EuroCup X: Neo vs The Titans (0:42)

Tags: neo titans pentagram clanbase europcup
Filip "Neo" Kubski of Pentagram takes down four The Titans players with USP headshots in ClanBase EuroCup X.

MLG Pro Circuit Behind the Scenes (3:09)

Tags: mlg
Join members of Triggers Down for a behind the scenes look at the MLG Pro Circuit.

skye vs bbmix ace @ de_nuke (0:25)

Tags: skye
music: KOSHEEN - (Slip And Sl) by sashe

The Road to Sweden - A tiny story about Dreamhack 2010 and the Team. - Part 1 (54:59)

Tags: Dreamhack
Roadtrip nach Schweden. Genießt die Landschaft, die Menschen und den Spirit der Dreamhack. Schweden 2011 wir kommen!

The Road to Sweden - A tiny story about Dreamhack 2010 and the Team. - Part 2 (53:32)

Tags: Dreamhack
Roadtrip nach Schweden. Genießt die Landschaft, die Menschen und den Spirit der Dreamhack. Schweden 2011 wir kommen!

IEM World Championship V Schedule (2:07)

Tags: iem
IEM World Championship Schedule presented by Joe and Kevin

IEM5 European Championship - Presented by SteelSeries (7:08)

Tags: iem cyberarena
Capturing the outstanding highlights of the Intel Extreme Masters 5 European Championship in Counter-Strike, at Kiev CyberSport Arena in Ukraine.

Suicide Hall (1:47)

Tags: trailer
Polish movie.

Strenx 2010 (3:32)

Tags: Strenx
Quake Live movie about fnatic.MSI QL squad player - Kevin "Strenx" Baeza Directed and edited by Dmitry "MMd" Lomonosov Live Footage by Pierre-Emeric "l1nkje" Portier (and few fro

Walk through the venue of IEM World Championship V (11:40)

Tags: iem joe cebit
Extensive walk through the venue of IEM World Championship V

IEM5 WC - Day one opening video (4:26)

Tags: IEM lions
We bring you a the first video from the IEM5 World Championship, showing you a little action from the first matches as well as a look around the tournament area.

IEM5 World Championship: Frag eXecutors beat fnatic (2:46)

Tags: fx fnatic iem
Frag eXecutors progress to the IEM5 WC semi finals with a 2-0 victory over fnatic.

IEM5 WC - Neo & kuben interview (6:14)

Tags: iem neo kuben
Interview with Filip "Neo" Kubski and Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński after winning the quarter-final at IEM5 WC against fnatic.

IEM5 World Championship: Neo vs fnatic (0:49)

Tags: navi fnatic iem neo
Filip "Neo" Kubski of Frag eXecutors takes down four fnatic players with an AWP at the IEM5 World Championship.

IEM5 World Championship: kuben vs fnatic (0:53)

Tags: kuben fnatic fx iem
Frag eXecutors' Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński kills four players from fnatic with the USP at the IEM5 World Championship.

IEM5 World Championship: Neo vs fnatic #2 (0:41)

Tags: neo fnatic iem fx
Here's another frag video highlight from the Frag eXecutors star Filip "Neo" Kubski in his match against fnatic on the Quarter Finals of Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship in Hannover.

IEM: fnatic vs Frag eXe, the final seconds (1:06)

Tags: fx fnatic iem
We have filmed the final moments of the IEM Global Finals Quarterfinal match between fnatic and Frag eXecutors.

IEM: FX vs SK - the last seconds (1:43)

Tags: fx iem sk
In the Semifinals Frag eXecutors were facing SK-Gaming. We captured the last moments of this match.

IEM5 World Championship: pasha vs SK Gaming (0:55)

Tags: fx iem sk pasha awp
Frag eXecutors' Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski takes down four players from SK Gaming with an AWP at IEM5 World Championship.

IEM5 World Championship: f0rest vs Frag eXecutors (0:55)

Tags: fx fnatic iem f0rest
Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg of SK Gaming takes down four Frag eXecutors plays with the USP at the IEM5 World Championship. Song: Blue Stahli - Doubt

IEM5 World Championship: f0rest vs Frag eXecutors #2 (0:49)

Tags: fx fnatic iem f0rest
This time with an action performed by Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg, the former fnatic star, now playing for SK-Gaming. In his match agaisnt Frag eXecutors for the semi-finals of the tournament, who saw SK

Frag eXecutors winning over SK Gaming Intel Extreme Masters 2011 (2:32)

Tags: qpad fx iem sk
The final sequence when FX beats SK Gaming in IEM 2011. Screams, Happy faces and some tears.

Strenx insane LG on to Cooller (ESL IEM WORLD 5 FINALS - T7) (0:47)

Tags: strenx cooller shaft iem

IEM: VIdeo-Impressions of the StarCraft 2 Final Ace vs Moon (2:32)

Tags: Ace moon iem
In a finale battle the two Koreans Moon and Ace clashed to decide who will take home IEM Season 5 trophy. We captured some moments of the games.

IEM5 World Championship: trace & minet vs SK (1:05)

Tags: sk mtw iem trace minet
Martin "trace" Heldt and Oliver "minet" Minet take down four SK Gaming players with Desert Eagles at the IEM5 World Championship.

IEM5 World Championship: kuben vs Na'Vi (0:50)

Tags: kuben navi iem awp
Here's the first frag highlight from the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship grand final, where we saw Frag eXecutors facing Na'Vi for the big trophy. In a rare moment, Jakub "kuben&quo

IEM5 World Championship: Neo vs Na'Vi (0:43)

Tags: fx neo navi iem
We continue delivering frag video highlights from the grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship in Hannover, Germany. Here's a nice moment from Filip "Neo" Kubski, the Frag

IEM5 World Championship: RobbaN vs mTw (0:47)

Tags: robban mtw sk iem
SK Gaming's Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström kills four mTw players with the AWP at the IEM5 World Championship. Song: The Luna Sequence - I Eat Your Heart

IEM5 World Champioship: GeT_RiGhT vs mTw (0:35)

Tags: GeT_RiGhT mtw sk iem
Here's another piece from the consolation final between SK-Gaming and mTw in the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship performed by one of the new SK-Gaming stars, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Al

IEM5 World Championship: dennis vs Frag eXecutors (0:34)

Tags: sk fx iem dennis
It isn't indeed an action from the grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship, but it's an action that indeed deserves to be highlighted. Song: Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii New Ge

IEM 5 Na`Vi vs Frag eXecutors (0:31)

Tags: navi starix fx iem
Intel Extreme masters 5 world championship pistol round #2 (-2usp) starix vs Frag eXecutors

IEM5 World Championship: ave vs SK (0:45)

Tags: ave mtw sk iem
Like we promissed, we're back with more video frag highlights from the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship, which ended yesterday with the victory of the Ukranian team, Na'Vi. In the match o

IEM5 World Championship: face vs mTw (0:55)

Tags: face mtw sk iem
Here's another frag highlight from the Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship, where we saw Johan "face" Klasson making this nice 4 man action against mTw during the clash for the 3rd place m

IEM5 World Championship: Edward vs Frag eXecutors (1:00)

Tags: edward navi iem fx
4 frags from Ioan "Edward" Sukhariev in IEM5 World Championship final versus Frag eXecutors on de_dust2 Song: Chemical Brothers - the Block Rockin Beats

CS : pornstrike! / mn pride vs djuse (1:01)

HQ download : ENGLISCHE : hey, its my movie for mn pride battle vs djuse. it can be low because i had only 5days and bad demos (: but i did the bes

Short Starcraft 2 Movie (4:33)

A short movie i've been working on for some time. Due to some problems I was forced to end the video after just one track. The original plans where to make it with 2, so it did not really turn out the w

Lag (1:24)

Tags: lag
lag in real life

"On the way to victory 2 - ESWC 2010" (4:40)

Tags: eswc navi
The second movie about Na`Vi's road to victory and their second major achievement - Electronics World Sports Cup [ESWC] 2010.

OverDrive (5:39)

Soundtrack: Rage Against the Machine - Testify Take 3rd Strike - Flow Heat Limp Bizkit - The Propaganda Download: HQ MEDIA

Blizzard Retrospective (48:11)

Tags: Blizzard
Did you know that Blizzard Entertainment was originally founded under a completely different name? What is the significance of Jawassic Park in the context of Blizzard Entertainment's art culture? Whatever

Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport: Episode III - 1/2 (11:21)

Tags: iem eurosport
This time the filmmakers focused on the StarCraft II stars at the continental finals of America and Europe. See the best players from New York and Kiev trying to qualify for the World Championship taking place

Intel Extreme Masters on Eurosport: Episode III - 2/2 (13:13)

Tags: iem eurosport
This time the filmmakers focused on the StarCraft II stars at the continental finals of America and Europe. See the best players from New York and Kiev trying to qualify for the World Championship taking place

Duke Nukem Forever: Boss Battle Gameplay - PAX East 11 (0:57)

Hands on Duke Nukem Forever gameplay straight from the new game at PAX East 11. No giant alien is going to keep Duke from his field goal.

Krakow Game Fusion 2011 Teaser (0:43)

Teaser promujący nowy, innowacyjny projekt Niezależnego Zrzeszenia Studentów Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie. Krakow Game Fusion to ogólnopolski festiwal gier i fantastyki, który odbędzie się na

League of Legends Invitational Grand Final CeBIT 2011: aAa vs. MyRevenge (58:17)

Tags: lol aaa shushai
League of Legends Invitational Grand Final CeBIT 2011: aAa vs. MyRevenge at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2011.

Arenas Season 1 (1:08:32)

Its Arenas in a full length 70 minute feature with bonus footage not available on the separate episodes.

Natus Vincere vs. Frag eXecutors - Counter-Strike IEM 2011 Grand Final 1/2 (1:01:54)

Tags: navi fx iem
Relive the Grand Final in Counter-Strike at Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2011 CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. Get more videos in High Quality at

Natus Vincere vs. Frag eXecutors - Counter-Strike IEM 2011 Grand Final 2/2 (1:13:30)

Tags: navi fx iem
Relive the Grand Final in Counter-Strike at Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2011 CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. Get more videos in High Quality at

ESL Toxicity Fun Cup: (UB) Kronic vs Ath (12:07)

Tags: ath kronic esl
ESL QL Duel Fun Cup on Toxicity

ICSC7 Finals: sozik vs Na´Vi (1:01)

Tags: sozik navi icsc
KerchNET's Vjacheslav "sozik" Sazonov two Na´Vi players with the AK-47 and then two with the AWP at the Intel Challenge Super Cup 7 finals. Song: Blue Stahli - Mystique

ICSC 7 Grand Final: markeloff vs Frag eXecutors (0:58)

Tags: markeloff navi fx icsc
An incredible round from Yegor "markeloff" Markelov in the grand final of Intel Challenge Super Cup 7 in Ukraine. de_inferno was the last map of the match. Result - 15-14 for Na´Vi and markeloff does

Intel Challenge Super Cup 7 Finals (5:01)

Tags: icsc
Frags from the LAN Finals of Intel Challenge Super Cup 7. Featuring Natus Vincere, Frag eXecutors, DTS, KerchNET, USSR, and Iron Will. Alter Bridge - Slip to the Void (it's just the quiet part at the be

Neo IEM5 World Championship Highlights 2011 (3:41)

Tags: neo iem
MVP of IEM5 World Championship: Neo. Edited by kab Produced by Music: Emika - Double Edge (GeRM Remix)

Next please.. by cRot (5:41)

Directed and Edited by cRot

The best of Neo (3:49)

Tags: neo
Watch the best best frags of Neo since he's FX. Song: Lost Tribe - Gamemaster

IEM Hannover - neo & Av3k (4:11)

Tags: neo av3k iem
9.3.2011 - Interview with Filip "neo" Kubski and Maciej "Av3k" Krzykowski, top Polish Counter Strike 1.6 and Quake Live players. Intel Extreme Masters, Hannover, 2011

Pasha Unreal (0:28)

Tags: pasha
Pasha is crazy!

Watching people play a computer game (4:07)

Also known as Starcraft 2.

Get_RighT - Insane Skill by cass (5:57)

Tags: Get_RighT
~ Movie Name: Get_RighT - Insane Skil ~ Directed by: Carlos"cass"Augusto ~ Produced by: EIGHT BITS ~ Starring: Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund ~ Codec: XviD ~ Size: 332 MB ~ Length: 00



CB NationsCup XIV: Neo vs France (0:54)

Tags: neo
Neo 1vs5 against France in CB NationsCup XIV. Music: Kid Koala - Slew Test 2

QL: COOLLER 2010/2011 (8:16)

Tags: cooller
Presenting a movie featuring one of quakelive's greatest duelers ever - Anton 'Cooller' Singov.

PBCS 2011 (1:03)


Counter-Strike im Zentrum der Macht: Die Bundestags-LAN (5:49)

eSport im Zentrum der Macht: Am Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011, erfolgte ein großer Schritt für die Aufklärung über Videospiele und damit auch für die Akzeptanz des eSports. Nach vielen Aktionen wie der Eltern

StarCraft Returns to Consoles (1:09)

We're proud to present the next step in the evolution of the StarCraft series... and Blizzard Entertainment's long-awaited return to the console scene. Check out our new game information page for all

The Best Of: IEM5 World Championship - Presented by SteelSeries (6:48)

Tags: iem
A compilation of highlights from the $80,000 Intel Extreme Masters 5 World Championship, which took place at CeBIT 2011 in Hannover, Germany.

GALLONS - An IEM5 Frag Retrospective (4:00)

Tags: iem
IEM5 World and Euro Finals Frag Retrospective

EPS Poland II: destru vs DELTA (0:46)

Tags: eps destru delta
In our first action from the ESL Pro Series Poland II, we bring you an action from the Gameburg match against DELTA on de_train. Gameburg started as CT on the match that everyone thought it was an easy match

Online Match: grims vs Nordic Division (0:34)

Stefan "grims" Gross of 2easy kills all five Nordic Division players in an Online Match. Song: Godofekeios - Olaf's Dreams

90 seconds with Xizt (1:30)

Tags: xizt fnatic
editor: Dmitry "MMd" Lomonosov starring: Richard "XIzt" Landstrom music: La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)

EPS Germany Summer 2011: NeOn vs BOTPARY (0:48)

Tags: eps
One more highlight from yesterday's match. It was ESL Pro Series Germany Summer Season 2011 again and this is the match is between two German teams Hardware4u and BOTPARTY. This action happened on the l

Xperia PLAY 2011: Delpan vs smiley (0:24)

Tags: delpan
We actually don't sleep that's a fact and we keep delivering you the best moments from day 1 of the Xperia PLAY 2011. Here's an action from Marcus "Delpan" Larsson from fnatic in their

Xperia PLAY 2011: Xizt vs face! (1:02)

Tags: xizt face
In our first video frag highlight from the Xperia Play 2011, we bring you an action from a well known player, one of the newest stars from fnatic, Richard "Xizt" Landstrom. In his match against fac

Xperia Play 2011: Fox vs TCM-Gaming (0:44)

Tags: fox tcm
We continue our highlight series from Xperia Play 2011. This time in the spotlight is Sergey 'Fox' Stolyarov from Moscow Five. Stolyarov makes an ace versus his opponents TCM-Gaming. After the firs

Xperia Play 2011: H^N vs Lions (0:36)

Tags: Lions
We continue our highlight series from Xperia Play 2011. This time our eyes are on Hannu 'H^N' Pohjalainen from Online Kingdom. Pohjalainen makes four headshots against Swedish team Lions after pick

CPH Games: fnatic vs Lions (3:27)

Tags: fnatic lions
In the group of death fnatic edge past Lions in a close Swedish derby

CPH Games: Reason vs. mTw (3:55)

Tags: mtw reason
A crunch game in the groups that ended 15-15... We catch the highs and lows for both teams

CPH Games: Moscow 5 vs TCM (1:27)

Tags: tcm m5
Footage from the match between the Russian hopefuls of Moscow 5 and the local heroes of TCM

Xperia Play 2011: Neo vs mousesports (1:16)

Tags: neo mouz xperia
The match between Frag eXecutors against mousesports has a nice amount of great moments, the match ended with a tie mainly because of this action. The usual suspect, Filip "Neo" Kubski in a 1 versus 3

CPH Games 2011 CS1.6 Winners (1:13)

Tags: fx sk mtw
Copenhagen Games 2011 presenting the Counterstrike 1.6 champions.

Xperia Play 2011: pasha vs mTw (0:37)

Tags: pasha mtw
One of the biggest guys in the world of Counter-Strike 1.6, Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski gave us this nice moment, one of many I would say, in Frag eXecutors match against mTw, which ended in a epi

CPH Games: FX Wins (1:34)

Tags: fx
The moment when Frag eXecutors emerged victorious at Copenhagen Games 2011

ESL Pro Series 2011 (0:32)

Tags: esl eps
ESL Pro Series Opener 2011

WCG 2003: SpawN vs Team 3D (0:29)

Tags: wcg spawn
Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed of SK takes down three Team 3D players with an AK-47 in the Grand Final of WCG 2003. Song: Michael_Jackson - Hollywood Tonight (DJ Chuckie Remix)

ESEA 8 Finals: dizzaman vs (0:57)

Tags: esea dizzaman
In our first highlight from the ESEA 8 Finals, here's a fantastic ace from UMX Gaming.US player Dustin 'dizzaman' Dilyerd in their match against on de_tuscan. Music: The Bloody Beetroo

Behind the scenes MLG Dallas - Team Dignitas (21:59)

Tags: mlg zaccubus sjow naniwa select dallas dignitas
Behind the scenes MLG Dallas - Team Dignitas, Zaccubus follows team mates NaNiwa, SeleCT and SjoW at the Starcraft II tournament April 2011.

EMD QL Duel Qualifer #2 GRAND Final - Walter vs. ZeRo4 (14:36)

Tags: Walter ZeRo4
Catch the exciting finale to our second duel qualifier in the $1200 Everyone Must Die QL Series! Underdog and fan favorite walter takes on oldschool Quake 3 legend ZeRo4. -- Recorded live on - http

Haxball Promo Trailer (1:07)

A small, energetic trailer for Basro's flash game "Haxball". Go to to play, you won't regret it. Music: Flogging Molly - Swagger To everyone expecting another Minecraft mov

Spot EGU 2011 (15s) (0:15)

Tags: egu
East Games United, więcej info na

Zeus vs. mTw @ IEM5 GF (0:39)

Tags: zeus navi mtw

Grubby at MLG Dallas 2011 (4:20)

Tags: mlg dallas grubby
Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen, professional StarCraft II player, and arguably one of the most popular RTS gamers in the World, attended his first StarCraft II grand slam event on US soil, at MLG Dallas

NEO vs fnatic @ (0:33)

Tags: neo fnatic

Neo Xperia Play 2011 highlights (3:59)

Tags: neo Hello, gentlemen (mostly)! We would like to introduce you a new movie about Filip 'Neo' Kubski. This guy from an Eastern Europe c

ICSC 8: Neo vs RG-Esports (0:30)

Tags: neo fx rg icsc One more action from a match between Frag eXecutors and RG-Esports. Filip 'Neo' Kubski destroyed RG-Esports players' plans to rush center.

Na`Vi raids Asus Spring 2011 - Official Gangster Movie (2:41)

Tags: navi asus
Powered by Song: Dizzy Gillespie - You Wanna Be Americano

Edward vs Lions @ DreamHack Summer 2011 (0:36)

Tags: edward navi lions dreamhack
Powered by Song: Prodigy - Feed Me - 'The Spell'@Public Enemy Vs Zinc - '138 Noise'

FYRR73 vs Millenium [DreamHack Summer 2011] (0:41)

Tags: FYRR73 lions qpad millenium dreamhack
Music : Flux Pavilion - Digital Controller

A day at DreamHack (1:03)

Tags: dreamhack
DreamHack has got a lot of possibilities to entertain yourself. A little sneakpeek of what happens on a day at DreamHack.

OL Final4 2011: f0rest vs fnatic (0:51)

Tags: iol f0rest fnatic sk
n the group stage of the IOL Final4, SK Gaming had their first meet against fnatic with their new lineups. Without any doubt, Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg from SK Gaming, was the MVP of that match, not on

DreamHack Summer 2011: Fox vs fnatic (0:35)

Tags: dreamhack
Here's the first video frag highlight from the DreamHack Summer 2011, and we bring you an action from Sergey "Fo" Stolyarov from Moscow Five in the match against fnatic, we he kills 4 opponents w

DreamHack Summer 2011: ed1k vs playArt (0:33)

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Here's another frag bite from the DreamHack Summer 2011, where we saw Eduard "ed1k" Ivanov from Moscow Five performing this nice 4 man action against the Brazilian team, playArt. Music: Armin

markeloff vs ek1 @ Adepto BH Open 2011 (0:57)

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Powered by Song: Benny Hill - Main theme; Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go

DreamHack Summer 2011: kalle vs Na`Vi (0:37)

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Kategoria: Gry Tagi: wwwhltvorg cs dreamhack summer 2011 esc kalle navi natus vincere train m4 m4a1 colt 4kills addone

compLexity CrossCounter @ Shadowloo Showdown in Australia (12:49)

Footage of compLexity CrossCounter ("") leaders Gootecks and Mike Ross attending Shadowloo Showdown in Melbourne, Australia, June 2011.

Counter Strike - Natus Vincere by Sofi (11:12)

Tags: navi
movie about Natus Vincere directed and produced by Sofia Lavriv as a student assignment Kyiv 2011 email:

DHS'11 (2:43)

Tags: dreamhack

eSport Universe Online Qualifier - Best moments (1:07)

Music : Justrock - Head Off (Original Mix) demos used : only playoffs

League of Legends - Season One Blooper Reel #2 (2:08)

Tags: lol
Play League of Legends FREE at:

EPS Poland II: Neo vs Fear Factory (1:08)

Tags: eps fx neo ff
Music: Baron - Decade

14 hours before ICSC 8 (2:06)

Tags: ICSC

ICSC8: SK.f0rest playing against Frag Executors (6:16)

Tags: ICSC8
POV of SK.f0rest playing against Frag Executors in ICSC8 semi-final.

Edward: Pistol KING -by approx- (1:39)

Tags: edward navi

Esenin vs ESC Gaming @ GameGune 2011 (0:37)

Tags: esenin esc navi gamegune
Powered by Song: Hypersonic - freedom-mycel Download video:

SteelSeries KoTH: zE- vs Onlinerz (0:45)

Tags: zE- Music: In Flames - Where the ships dwell

BRINK Championship Semi-Final : sGs vs Rush-Zone (1:15:03)

Tags: brink
Since its release, BRINK's biggest competition has the been the ESL BRINK Championship. Today we will see sGs take on Rush-Zone in a battle to claim the first spot in the Grand Final which will take place

IEM GC Cologne Drawings - gamescom 2011 (19:50)

In almost exactly one months time, the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in Cologne will take place to kick off the sixth season of the Masters. Tonight we will draw the Groups for both StarCraft II and Le

Warsow - Frag run durring KotH Duel (1:31)

Tags: vicek
July 23rd KotH: After not playing for a while, I got to my PC to see the weekly King of the Hill being setup. After helping to convince players to play, vicek who hadn't dueled for over a year, decided to

SteelSeries at MLG Columbus 2011 (3:30)

Tags: mlg
Leading up to this weekend's action at MLG Anaheim, we present our frontline re-cap of MLG Columbus. We set out to capture that special MLG vibe and got up close with Tsquared, Fnatic.Kawaiirice, EG.Machin

coL.MVP DRG vs Liquid.TLO - MLG Anaheim 2011 (5:19)

Tags: mlg
compLexity.MVP's DongRaeGu takes on Liquid.TLO at MLG Anaheim 2011

QuakeCon 2011 Highlights (2:33)

Tags: QuakeCon
A quick look at QuakeCon 2011 from setup to the finals party.

ASUS Summer 2011: pasha vs fbgaming (0:38)


ASUS Summer 2011: sonamed vs a2g (0:27)

Tags: sonamed

ASUS Summer 2011: ANGE1 vs Na'Vi (0:57)

Tags: ANGE1 navi

ASUS Summer 2011: Loord vs DTS (0:39)

Tags: Loord DTS

Dota 2 Gamescom Trailer (1:55)

Tags: dota
The new game coming from Valve for the PC and Mac! Dota 2 promises to take the unique blend of online RTS and RPG action that has made Dota popular with tens of millions of gamers around the world.

hyvlarn vs DTS [Asus Summer 2011] (0:35)

Tags: hyvlarn
rise against-under-the-knife (

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Trailer (0:59)

Coming 2012. CS:GO

Evil Geniuses: Rivals Shall Unite (3:24)

Tags: idra huk eg
The rumors were true. Chris "HuK" Loranger joins Evil Geniuses.

LoL: Dominion - complete match with commentary (29:43)

This is off-screen footage from Gamescom 2011

k23 - Never Say Die by Versus (6:47)

Tags: k23

e-Stars Seoul 2011: GeT_RiGhT interview (4:15)

Tags: GeT_RiGhT
Videointerview with Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund at e-Stars Seoul 2011. For full coverage visit

e-Stars Seoul 2011: ave vs SiZ (0:36)

Tags: e-Stars Seoul mtw ave

e-Stars Seoul 2011: Neo vs TyLoo (0:51)

Tags: e-Stars Seoul neo fx tyloo

e-Stars Seoul 2011: pasha vs Na'Vi (0:57)

Tags: e-Stars Seoul pasha fx navi Song: Black & White OST - Black & White

Strenx: Long way to Dallas (8:13)

Tags: strenx quakecon dallas
Quake Live Duel / TDM Movie about fnatic.msi player - Strenx, who placed 2nd in duel and 3rd in tdm at QuakeCon 2011 tournament

What is eSports? (2:27)

Video gaming has come a long way in the last 15 years. No longer is it a pastime of the those locked away in their bedrooms. Now there is a whole world of video gamers playing with friends, and play against oth

Generación Gamer - Trailer (2:45)


StarCraft according to Valencia (0:58)

Tags: dreamhack
Another commercial of DreamHack Valencia :)

South Korea: The e-Sports generation (2:55)

Tags: korea starcraft
It is not track and field but computer games that capture the imagination of school children in South Korea. Al Jazeera's Andy Richardson explores the e-Sports culture from the 2011 World Championships

Life of cArn Episode 3 (17:15)

Tags: carn fnatic
The life of cArn episode 3 is finally here. cArn takes you through his workout sessions and also shows you the fun he had in Korea at eStars.

GameburgTV - AmaroW vs. iMba [Tembakan2011] (3:04)

Tags: Tembakan AmaroW fx imba
Wywiad z graczem League of Legends reprezentującym drużynę Frag eXecutors.

Supremacy (10:44)

Tags: dm6
Supremacy is a Quake Live fragmovie, starring over 20 players from the QL community. After many months of gathering demos, finally here it is. Enjoy the epicness.

Intel Extreme Masters GC New York Teaser (0:35)

Tags: iem

ESWC Polska 2011 - Electronic Sports World Cup - CS 1.6 (3:50)

Tags: ESWC
Copyright - 2011 Adam Michał Ziaja. All rights reserved.

Samsung Euro Championship 2011 (6:56)

Tags: sec
Frags from the Samsung Euro Championship event. Featuring teams such as Frag eXecutors, Natus Vincere, WinFakt, SK-gaming, eSAHARA, Fear Factory, Moscow Five, and more. Limp Bizkit - Why Try Fozzy - Revival

Counter-Strike Global Offensive: America vs. Europe (1:04:18)

Tags: iem csgo
America: Ksharp - volcano - n0thing - fRoD - Storm Europe: cArn - GeT_RiGhT - trace - zonic - lurppis Brought to you by ESL TV with Joe Miller and midway at Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge New York.

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